Thursday, February 2, 2017

Sheer Random Selfish Thoughts...

These books have caught my eye, piqued my interest, drew my gaze and I want them...but so far I don't have them! Sigh!

I am hungry for a fish sandwich!


I am hungry for this soup! From bonappetit!

I want these! From Golden Bear in Vail! But I might already own them. I need to check my stuff!


Really interesting pants! Harem! From Free People!


Our country butcher makes Bone Broth! We bought some yesterday.


Roxie ate chicken salad last night. Mine! Not the grapes, though!


Thank you for bearing with me and my selfish random thoughts!





  1. I'm so glad to see clothes on your blog again. That's a sure sign you're feeling better!

  2. So many tempting things! I downloaded Behind Her Eyes yesterday...It's Always the Husband looks good.

    And the food. Yum!

  3. The Shreve book looks interesting. I know for the sake of time you probably skip it but I would love it if you included links to the recipes for some of the yummy stuff you post.

    1. Ti...I am so sorry about the links...I cant link any more. Blogsy...the service I paid for...went down and nothing works any more...I have to figure out a different way to link.

  4. Ooh! I want some of that Waldorf salad. Yummy! And that soup and fish sammie. Right up my alley. I really like those harem pants; they look so comfy. And that first book I added to my TBR.

  5. Wow! You really seem like you are feeling good! Books, hungry for foods, jewelry, clothes...I am so happy you are happy! BIG HUGS!

  6. Happy to see a new Anita Shreve book... haven't read her in a few years, but always enjoy her stuff.