Friday, February 22, 2013

The Distance Between Two Tonkinese Kitties Can Only Be Measured By...

I know I have talked far too much about my week with Lucy and Roxie and my efforts to get Lucy to accept Roxie...I don't know if it's because they are Tonks...purebred and incredibly smart. Breeders have said that living with Tonks is like living with a two year old...forever! There are rules about the way you introduce these cats...we brought Roxie in under covers. She was supposed to stay separated for as long as it took for Lucy to show interest in her...I finally realized that Lucy was going out of her way to pretend Roxie didn't exist...there was no curiosity, no looking at the shut door, no sniffing...and Roxie just cried...she was not used to being alone...she had never been alone...I woke up at 2:45 every morning this week because I heard her cry. It didn't matter that we were in and out of the room with her...she just wanted out! It broke my heart!

So...yesterday I gave up...Roxie is out all of the time...Lucy is hissing but they are playing. They raced through the house this morning...Lucy alternately growling but still looking for Roxie. A friend of mine...who knows cats...especially Tonks...said to look Lucy in the eye and say...this is our Roxie! She is a good girl. She is going to stay with us forever. She is your forever friend. I love her and you will love her, too!
If I am holding Roxie and Lucy walks away...that is her choice...if she wants me badly enough...she will come back...and she has!

With that said...we all fell asleep in the same room last night. We aren't totally happy yet but we are getting there!

So...the distance between my two girls is getting smaller and smaller day by day!


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Want These! Now!

The recipe is on's cheesy and crispy and not that fattening!

My kind of outfit! I love Eileen Fisher! I could live in black and gray forever...hey...wait a minute...I do!

Don't laugh! I love these...more Eileen Fisher!

I have to have these shoes...they are Patty Perfect! Eileen Fisher...thank you!

On the kitty no news good news? Is this a kitty stand off? Look at those faces...the problem is that both of my girls want me...but not at the same time!
Who knew that this adjustment period would be so all consuming? Thank God we live in a big house...they can go for days without running into each other!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Stuff I Love!

My girls...

Roxie is on top of Lucy! Progress! Lucy likes Roxie as long as she doesn't have to look at her!

Fried noodles...from Saveur...

This bag...Nordstom's...I love cross body bags lately...doesn't it look like a saddle bag?

This book...

This book was a picture perfect family saga. It had everything...lost love, confused love, misplaced love, and misguided love. It was a book about a group of people who somehow were lost and yet were able to either find their way back to themselves or each other. It was a book where sad choices ultimately led to doing the right thing even if that included making another hard choice.

It was magical and lovely. It was maddening at times I was silently screaming over choices made but at the end...cheering everyone for doing the right thing!

It's a must read, Juju!

Reading now...yum...this is the second book in the Lunar Chronicles...just after Cinder!

I am hoping for a peaceful day!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Caternity Leave! Cat Nanny! Cat Sitter!

I can't wait for Den to come home...I am promptly handing off Roxie to him! My life has turned upside down with this new addition but today is better! We are still doing upstairs and downstairs feedings. Lucy is still hissing at the top of the stairs and refuses to walk past Roxie's door but Roxie is out more and Lucy is getting used to her. I think! I still have a litter box in the middle of my picture perfect living room. I think I am even used to that...sigh!

On the other hand...there are sweet moments. Lucy's eyes as she saw Roxie for the first time...Roxie's eyes as I held her up to the finch cage. Roxie's first time going up and down stairs. Roxie hopping to new room after new room. Lucy cuddling in my arms watching's all good. Some day my girls will love each other...this I know. Lucy needs a soul mate when I am away and Roxie is that soul mate. I know this, too!
This is Roxie but that is not Lucy. But it's why we wanted Roxie...she loves her an older! Lucy just doesn't realize yet how much Roxie is going to love her...probably loves her already. Roxie's breeder told me that Roxie loves taking care of her other kittens...we fell in love with her face and the way she leans into this other sweet!


Still reading this...extremely good!

It actually feels good to toss a reading schedule aside and just's delightful. Our family room tv just died so the girls and I were downstairs listening to music and was quiet and's rainy and icy and cold...and peaceful...did I really say peaceful? Yeah!
Day Three of the Roxie Blue invasion...Lucy looks relatively peaceful...doesn't she?
We won't take any trips soon...we won't leave them alone for a while but we are quite ...peaceful!

Monday, February 18, 2013

I Am Caught In The Middle!

Well...Lucy and Roxie are not yet the best of friends...they are not even close!

Lucy's tactics are to pretend Roxie doesn't exist. Roxie...well...she just wants out of her room!

My house is always picture perfect but now I have a litter box in the middle of my living room...Lucy is boycotting the entire upstairs. We have a bonus room upstairs that Lucy's litter box has been in...but it is a door past Roxie's room and Lucy isn't going anywhere near there. Before my girls are BFF's...I will have a litter box in every room!


Oh...and Lucy is none too happy with me...she alternates between hissing at me and
kissing me. I cried like a baby when she hissed at me yesterday. I feel as though I am negotiating a peace treaty.

Can't we all just get along? Apparently Tonks have an elevated sense of diva ism!

And the worst thing another Tonk can do is step on Lucy's turf! Tonk territory is not negotiable!

I am in the midst of a project that I have to finish soon...I am not even reading the way I normally do...and I am exhausted!

My sweet yet separate girls...

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hello Roxie Blue!

Patty, Lucy Grace, and Den are happy to announce the newest member of our little family!

Hey Roxie Blue! She is also a Tonkinese kitty but she is a Champagne Point. She is in a guest room upstairs...for a day or two...she is scrumptious!

So far everything is perfect because although Lucy might be suspicious...she has no proof that she even has a sister...we snuck Roxie in and in a day or two we are simply going to pretend the stork brought her!

Keep your fingers crossed!