Saturday, January 2, 2016

Santa Knows Me Well...

I have begged for...yearned for...plotted over...schemed about...this book. I have been promised it and yet it never came...but...thanks to Santa...I finally have it and it's mine all mine and it's beautiful and I love it!

I asked for this book, too, a really special cookbook!

Just to rest everyone's minds about my tooth divet...Heeheehee...I actually think it's a piece of bonding...and not my tooth. I will be camped out in Dr. Cummings parking lot on Monday morning so I will know more then...

Happy Saturday!



Friday, January 1, 2016

I Did Not Deserve This!

Ok...I chipped my front tooth on a lobster claw today! I am so sad! I am obsessive about my teeth! I brush...I floss...I whiten! I wore braces twice! Wires and rubber bands once and Invisalign once! I am forever checking my teeth! And now I did the worst thing ever...I am sooooo sad! Seriously!

I have an emergency email as well as a phone call in to Dr.Cummings and I am praying that he can see me and fix me ASAP! Or else I can never smile again? I am so careful...but one slip and I messed up my mouth! Oh woe is me...I have been sad all day!

See these teeth? Forever changed! There is a ding in the bottom of one of them!

Just finished this...soooo good! English, drama, dysfunction and an evil stepmother! I loved every word. It kind of meanders back and forth in time...but in a good way...a real way.
I already changed my mind about what I am reading next...I think this might be YA...boarding school is mentioned!
Happy first day of 2016!
Sadly...because of my dinged front tooth...



Finally...A Decision Has Been Made!

I finally settled on my first book of this new it is! Can you hear the ta das...the drum rolls and the cheers?


All I had to hear were the words " big chill" and I knew it was meant to be!

Last night...we went to dinner at 7:00 ish...came home at 9:00 ish...played chase with Roxie...ate our Wegman's Fruit Tart...put on Jammies...prepared to watch the New Year roll in...and promptly fell asleep. I woke up at 3:00 ish...wired! I grabbed my fave smooshy pillow and wandered down the hall to a guest room to watch TV...I woke up to Lucy staring at me and Roxie balancing on the top of a very thin TV!

Happy New Year! Just finished eating my 12 better count!

Hugs from Patty!


Thursday, December 31, 2015

Stay Safe Out There!

This is how I found myself last appears as though Roxie and I are snuggled and safe while Lucy watches over us. The contented look on Roxie's so precious to me...Lucy checked us both and then she fell asleep, too. They both smell so good...lavender and my perfume and Den's cologne...all mixed together on them...they seriously always smell heavenly.

I don't really think about the year ending...I just kind of like to blend into the new year...I like to cook tons of good luck foods...we are having greens and black eyed pea salad and a roast of pork and braised cabbage. We are eating 12 grapes each to help us be prosperous in the new year...and that's it...we are eating little bites of lobster salad, shrimp and lobster claws for lunch tomorrow...I can't eat any more good luck than that!
Have a safe and lovely time tonight!



Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Tuesday Never Happened...Sort Of... I have no clue what happened to my blog yesterday...but I deleted it and drafts and anything connected to is a new day...Lance...the CEO of Blogsy...the platform I use and love...really tried his best to help but I think it was totally me...I was trying to put things in the center and I think I tapped one too many bad! When I looked at my drafts they kept doubling at a very rapid I just deleted anything that had to do with Tuesday...

I did write about my new Christmas oversized beanie that I wanted to wear. It has...much to my dismay...Santa Den...a real fur pompon which Roxie got a crush on and tried to drag away!

And I wrote about this's different and unique and is about being able to step into "rifts" of time. It's about a sad broken family, too. It's quite captivating.
Today...and part of yesterday...Den and I binge watched Fargo...Season Two. Based on a true was unbelievable. At first I did not want to watch it but then I could not stop watching it.
Wasn't she Spider-Man's girlfriend? She is in Fargo! Wasn't she in a vampire series, too? is what I am reading...
Description from Amazon...

"For fans of Kate Morton and Sarah Waters, here’s a magnetic debut novel of wrenching family secrets, forbidden love, and heartbreaking loss housed within the grand gothic manor of Black Rabbit Hall." I think that at least 99% of the books I read have wrenching family secrets!


So...we are still in a very holiday mode...we are either working out and going out to dinner or not working out and going to lunch...hmmm...
Have an awesome Wednesday!



Monday, December 28, 2015

A Plethora Of Books?

Just a quick assessment of books I have read over this past week...

I loved this book...Poppy was the character that I loved to...well...not love!

I loved this book! The four Plumb siblings...were messy, dysfunctional, funny and kind of sad at times but this book was everything I needed it to be!
Oh my...this book gets high ratings from almost every reader but it was not a good choice for me. I think I got Lucrezia Borgia confused with Lizzie Borden...teasing. One used poison...the other used an ax? I do not like this period in history. This was not a good choice for me.
Love these authors but this collaboration was lost on me. I now know that I don't like books written by more than one person. Seriously...readers also loved this book but I just didn't.
Ok...don't hate sister, her daughter and I have this thing for really good vampire books. It must be genetic. My niece found this series... which has been around a while. I just started's soooo good. Christmas always makes me want to read a vampire book...and this series has everything. I am finishing up Blood in's crazy good. There are about 21 books in this series...yum! Long red hair, fair skin, a hulking muscular vampire Prince, hunters, a vampire city called The Shade...and a destiny that needs fulfilling for Sophia and Derek. It's like a vampy soap opera!
Plus I don't really count these books in books I read and review...I read these on my help me have a peaceful night! Ha!
Reading was first on my Paperwhite...from Edelweiss...I started it and it's really good.
Off to tidy and clean...toss in some laundry...roast two baked potatoes for lunch and make lasgana for dinner...fulfilling a promise to Den...but I am using no boil pasta so it's actually easy!
Have a lovely Monday!