Friday, March 25, 2016

My Day!

This been a really boring week...I apologize for it's ingrained in me...thank you, Mom...that Good Friday should be quiet and low key.
This is my low key day! Thank you to Trish who hosted this!

6:45...I am still sort of sleeping but entering into fake sleeping because I don't want to get up for the kitties.

7:15...My plan worked...Lucy is sitting on Den...staring at him intently. It's like that superman stare where he can burn/see through walls. I am still fake sleeping but I have one eye open. I can't let Lucy see me or she will come and stare at me. We have tried putting them out in the hall and shutting our bedroom door but they just throw themselves against the door and now the door doesn't shut all the way. We have also recently realized that Roxie now does everything Lucy does...


8:00...I wake up and find myself alone! Den is downstairs feeding kitties and making plan worked perfectly!

8:15...Den comes upstairs with coffee for both of us...he puts on the Today Show...the girls are relaxed and wandering around before they settle down for a nap. Roxie wanders more...she wants to play...she wants to look out the window...she tackles sweet Lucy...Lucy screams...pops her on the head...they tussle...sigh!


8:20...I am sipping coffee and reaching for my Kindle to read...I sort of sleep with it.

8:30...I am still in bed...reading...I have a nail appointment at 10:00...Den has a business call soon...Lucy is in my lap...I am her only protection against Roxie. Den brings me a siggi's and a second cup of coffee. I put my half empty siggi's down and Roxie eats the rest of it.

9:00...I start flat ironing my hair...get bored...only do a few pieces...I should have awakened earlier and walked or hit the treadmill but it's misty outside and I am not in the mood today...

10:00...Nails...getting freshened up for Easter...between the time we woke up until my nail appointment we talked about moving, clearing out the basement, getting the house inspected, yard work, my huge ficus tree in the sunroom, Virginia wines, if we sell and move can we move my big ficus tree in the sunroom, why are we doing this, taxes, Den's closet, what to have for dinner, why we don't want to stay here and should we rejoin Costco. I have a headache.

My nails are matte...I kind of love it...why do my hands look so wrinkley?


11:10...Den picks me up because we need to go the discussion centers on where should we go...Weggieman's...they might have a version of the nut roll my mom made for Easter, Trader Joe's...they have the jelly beans we love but don't really need or Whole Foods which is near Harvest where we could have lunch...but if we have lunch we won't want dinner and the plan for dinner was clams and linguini or fish stew. Sigh!

11:30...We decide to hit Wegman's for fish for a red based fish stew for dinner. Halibut, scallops, clams simmered in a red broth...that's what's for dinner tonight. Thank you Elise from Simply Recipes! Plus Weggieman's had freshly made lobster salad and yummy cheeses and the bread that my mom always made.

12:30...Home...lobster salad and shrimp salad and tuna salad for lunch...kitties want their lunch...Lucy gets her HBP pill and we all scatter. sister...calls to tell me what she's been reading...and how awesome my last four recs to her were! She is in Florida for a few months. Her daughter is moving into my sister's house while she is gone. My sister is building a house next door to her original house. I question my sister on how they are going to all live together until the fall. My niece has a big dog and FOUR kids...the youngest is a baby! My niece is buying my sister's house but there is an overlap time while my sister is building. My sister has a lake house about an hour away so there is an escape when she needs it. I would be overwhelmed by who is cooking dinner and how do you figure out who is buying what and how do you ever get away from everyone? And what if what you wanted to eat was eaten already by someone else! Paula's house is big but how do you hide from one year old Henry who always wants Paula to hold him! My sister is so good about this stuff...nothing phases her! Her daughter is moving in right now! I can't even imagine this!

2:30...We watch American Idol and I read...we split a cupcake from Wegman''s totally yummy but we are also drinking Kombucha to cleanse so I think we cancelled our cleanse out. We are drinking a bottle of this every day! Yum! Mine tastes like apple cider vinegar.


3:30...I set the table and prep for dinner...Fish Stew And Crusty Bread...yum...

4:30...Den's turn to vacuum the kitchen while I shower.

5:30...We meet in the family room for more reading and a yummy glass of wine.

6:30...I throw together the Fish Stew...


7:30...We clean up the kitchen and relax in the family room for a bit...with TV, books and iPads.

8:30...Lucy comes downstairs and begins to round us up to go upstairs. In the cat world it's called "herding". Roxie comes down, too, but she herds quietly. Lucy yells, walks around the family room a dozen times, yells some more, and waits for Den to click off the TV...then Den gets us ice water...the girls and I are already up in our room...Lucy waits to get brushed...Roxie waits to play chase...the kitty games begin! Our goal is to tire Roxie out for the night! Once that's accomplished...and she is brushed...and their teeth are brushed...we all go off to our beds. The TV is on and we are both reading. Den is reading and loving Sweetbitter.

9:30...We are both still reading but Den is fading...I stop reading and play some games on my iPad...bad to do before bed but I love doing this...I am hooked on a card game called Freecell.

10:30...Lights are out...everyone is sleeping but me...Lucy jumps in bed with us and settles in my's holding a panda bear...within minutes Roxie jumps up next to me, too. I think she misses Lucy but then Lucy starts frantically kissing her and then they fight, get mad and both leave. This happens every night...but they settle back down in their own beds again. I fall asleep while reading on my Kindle. I wake up again at and fall asleep again...and then it's 6:45 AM again! And another Lucy wake up call!





Thursday, March 24, 2016

Miscellaneous Totally Random Wants!

A spring roll bowl from Pinch Of Yum!
Roasted asparagus with panko from Lovely Little Kitchen!
Quiches from Bon Appetit!
This reading nook from someone on FB!
This new book!
This spinach!
These wine slushies!
These flatforms! Tevas!


It's in the seventies today! It's beautiful!




Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring Cleaning...

We were back in the basement again today...or rather Den was...sorting through paperwork...while Den sorted paper I worked on an upstairs closet...I ended up with over 100 dresses, skirts, tops, blouses and jackets to give away. If I didn't love it I put it in the giveaway pile. All of my things are so gently used that I hope my stuff will make others really happy.


I needed my next book to be a dystopian fantasy...I am so happy I chose this's perfect for me! Dark cities...light cities...doppelgängers...and magic!


We are having BLT's for dinner...ugly tomatoes provide a taste of a summer tomato and avocados help, too!

Off to read...and I am kind of watching a TLC marathon on this amazingly patient doctor who does weight loss's definitely an appetite killer...this sweet but really overweight lady just asked him if she could have a carrot for a snack and he said NO SNACKS EVER!!! She used to eat a bag of candy for a snack twice a day!






Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I Twisted Up My Words!!! Again?

We don't live in two different states. We just pay taxes in two different at tax time we deal with Pennsylvania, Delaware and the Feds! I think that's what I meant to say. If we move this year it could be three different states...yikes! We do live in the "tri state area." And if we wanted to we could literally drive from PA to Delaware to Maryland probably in an hour! How 'bout that you Californians? Heeheehee!

But after googling this I just learned that there are lots of tri state areas! Who knew?

Obvi I was clueless!

I am exiting discreetly out of my geography lesson. If my friend Bill ( retired 5th grade teacher with mad map skills ) reads this he will straighten up my mixed up thoughts about this.

Thank you, Bill!

Read this...good but way too fluffy after Sweetbitter and's all Pandora charms and forgetfulness and loons on a lake. Ice cream, too!

I probably needed some kind of intervention book before reading this sweet Lake Michigan novel. Fudge and blueberries and rhubarb coffee cake vs wine and uni and drinking at 3:30 AM...what was I thinking?


Den has wrestled Sweetbitter from me and is anxious to start...I guess I drew him into the dark side of restaurants! Can I just say that he just finished Flight Of Dreams? We actually talk books sometimes but it's more me asking him what page he's on and Den yelling at me to not say anything about the book.


I am off to get some stuff done! After I watch Teen Mom 2.0...I am bizarrely drawn to this series.

Reading these...yum!


"Retellings of beloved classics are tricky, but here, Dickens' overall plot and major characters translate effortlessly into this intriguingly imagined setting. Lucie and Ethan are more complex than their rather insipid Victorian prototypes, and Carwyn retains all the bad-boy fascination of his charismatic counterpart."


"A strong, well-written female protagonist sets this coming-of-age novel apart."―Kirkus Reviews

Have a great day!




Monday, March 21, 2016

Books, Basketball And Bouncy Hair...Taxes, Too!


I read Shelter over the weekend. Shelter...what a trip! The son...Kyung...the son of Jin and the master of bad choices. He is in so much debt...a second mortgage on his home as well as maxed out credit cards is forcing him to sell his home and even that move isn't really going to help. Kyung had a nightmarish childhood. He lives blocks from his parents but rarely sees them until a home invasion forces them to come and stay with him. It was one of those books where you are caught up in the mess of these lives and can't stop reading even though nothing and no one in this book went to a happy place. But the book itself is so good...sad but good.

Almost finished with this's a restaurant book but most certainly not about the happy parts of running a restaurant...more the deep dark parts...the drains no one wants to touch, the staff issues, the training.'s another book that is sticking with me...I even think about it when I am sleeping. I don't think I will ever taste wine or figs or even an apple the same way again. So far I don't like anyone in this book. I want to stay far away from them. But the book is gripping...engaging...raw.


We had bits of snow and windy weather and kind of cold temps over the weekend. We had a low key weekend because Den was literally exhausted.

But that doesn't stop us from watching basketball games and checking and groaning over b-ball pools.

Today Den is finishing up tax prep to send off to our tax person so the girls and I are staying far far away from his study. Really far far away.

New stuff!

I am in love with this shampoo and conditioner. My hair can get wild...that's why I get keratin treatments but with our new salon being an hour and a minute away and keratin taking more than four hours I would have to spend the night! Yikes!

I hate blow drying and flat ironing for hours, too! So...I washed my hair, did not blow it out, did not flat iron it and got this result...which I can live with!

A few flat iron run throughs and I am good!
It works for me!

So...that's my Monday...mostly all I am doing is keeping the girls away from Den because now he has spread out about a million papers all over the big kitchen table...I hear moaning and groaning, too. This is such a painful time of year...because we are working...not working...and living in one state but working and paying taxes in two different states...this is really about as painful as taxes can get!

Lucy was a big help keeping her baby sister entertained!