Friday, August 28, 2015

Skipped Thursday And Jumped Right To Friday!

I didn't post my blog yesterday! I started my post on my iPad mini...then had to charge it and totally forgot about posting it...also I thought my blog in progress would show up on my big iPad so that I could finish it there..but it didn't...a little blog glitch.

Wednesday was Hair Day. Our one hour one minute trip to Skippack, PA. It's another quaint Pennsylvania town filled with cute shops, restaurants and our salon which is in the old Skippack post office. Notice the brick walls...

Our appointments were at 2:15 and we weren't finished until 5:30...our drive back took almost two hours...traffic...we were exhausted and hungry but well coiffed...heeheehee!
I got about three inches cut hair was way too see my line of gray? That's the closest my stylist can get to my scalp...she literally foils my color in...then I use Madison Reed brush on root stuff to make the grays go really works well...I have not done the other side in this photo. I had no reaction at all...and a great night's sleep due to Benadryl.
The weather has been so beautiful here. Yesterday I set the deck up for outside reading...kitty tent , comfy pillows in the kitty tent , my really great book...and then for the next hour I was up and down...Lucy did not seem to want to go out so I put Roxie in the tent and settled down with my book. In minutes I heard Lucy screaming to come I got her, put her in the tent where Roxie jumped on her and they both started fighting...not real fighting...fake kitty irritating fighting...Lucy always thinks that she should not have to be in the tent...she wants to sit in the big chair but if I allow that Roxie paces and cries from the tent because she wants to be in the big chair, too, and neither of them are allowed to be free on the deck...sigh...kitties can be complicated! It's almost impossible to ignore them because Lucy screams and Roxie chirps and I can't relax. If I put them both in and sit outside by myself they still see me from the sunroom...they climb up on the kitchen counter and look out the window...I can't hear them but I can see their little mouths moving plaintively...sigh! These two are never far from my side...
Me? Me? Scream?
Roxie is far too busy checking out coffee cups to fight with Lucy! Ha!
I love this book but it feels as though I have even reading it forever! But it's so good...a missing child investigation that is just getting more and more complex...the writing is beautiful...chilling...sad...I suspect everyone!
So...I am out of here until Monday! I check blogs and comment on yours but I love not blogging on my weekends!




Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Almost Wordless Wednesday...

The back of our house from across the pond...

Part of what Den mows...
Morning naps...
An amazing book...
Happy Wednesday!




Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Waiting For Billy!!!

We have literally found a gem! A savior! A trash hauling knight in a shiny Zebra striped truck! Hi ho Billy!

We spent a few hours in the basement today going through big stuff that there is no home for...weight benches, Nordric track stuff, our first skis, old desk top computers, weights, an old big TV, a massive cage we had for our baby geese, bird cages...literally all of the stuff that no one wants...Billy takes it all! Luggage, tools, is ready for Billy. We don't even want to know what he is doing with it...we just want it gone. Once it's gone...we can really get organized...papers, bins, clothes...we will go through it all and trash it or donate it...we are taking control of our massive bin filled basement! Yahoo!!!
This book is sooooo good...Ben and his mom and their dog are walking in the park...Ben begs to run ahead to the rope swing...when his mom gets to the swing...Ben is not there...the rope swing is swinging and...the nightmare begins...I almost can't put it down!
If Den and I weren't under the spell of Bachelor In Paradise...I would have finished it! Hee hee! Tears, backstabbing, crabs and's so good!
Off to wait for Billy!



Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday...And Here I Am Again!

This was dinner on Saturday night. It was called a Bloody Mary Steak Salad...oh my goodness it was soooooo good. The recipe is on both Epicurious and Bonappetit. The salad part was made with a dressing that has horseradish, Worcestershire Sauce, champagne vinegar...not too spicy but with the distinct tang of a Bloody Mary! I had fresh local tomatoes in ours which made it even more delicious!

Reading Middle Grade and one all Grown Up!
Both really really good!
Some new books!!! Love new books!!!
Have a great and wondrous day!