Friday, June 2, 2017

This Weekend...

I said to myself yesterday that I needed and wanted and craved fantasy...and then I grabbed my flashy new Kindle...touched a book cover and got absorbed in this book. It's not even close to a fantasy but rather it is a gritty English crime drama which I can't put down. And if Mary Kubica loves just sort of know it's yummy!

Plus I just checked and I did read this author's first book which was also unputdownable...I hope that's a word!

So...this weekend is going to be about books and plants and mulch and rest! Talking with family...binge watching something Italian...getting stronger...and taking in all that I have to be thankful for.

Many hugs...

Until Monday...



Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Sun Was Out!

Actually...for about an hour and now it's not out any more...I think it's going to be an in and out kind of sunny day.

I actually skipped my post yesterday...I fell asleep as soon as we got home! And pretty much stayed asleep...zzzzzzzzzz!

Here was my view most of the day yesterday...Den gets his snacks out almost as soon as we get there and remains hungry almost the entire time we are there. I fell asleep for a little bit which kind of helped our long day...our last long day. Den will be mad at me for this photo but I kind of love it.

I am not sure how I feel today...sort of happy and sad at the same time. I start an entirely new routine and the thought of having hair soon makes me absolutely giddy.


I think I need fantasy so this is what I am about to's supposed to be based on Swan Lake so that alone sounds intriguing. I just want to be swept away for a while...the cover mesmerizes me!

Den is out getting us lunch...a delightful turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing concoction called a Bobbi! Chips and pickles are always on the side. Yum!

Have a wonderful day!




Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Another Un Sunny Day?

I can't even believe it! It's cold and dreary and we have three flats of zinnias to plant. We keep making excuses about trying to plant them in such un pretty weather. We haven't planted zinnias in forever but this year we felt like putting zinnias everywhere! Who knew it would be so hard? We are planting State Fair as well as Cut And Come Again! Hopefully today is the day that we actually get them in the ground!

Finished and loved this...

Up next...not sure...tomorrow is potentially my last Big this is a week of enduring Neulasta and metallic tastes and joint pain and tears and feeling afraid...and hopefully healing and getting strong again...I don't know whether I need something light...

Or intense but YA...

Or scary fantasy...

Or fun mystery...

I don't even know if reading will distract me this week. Den says look at all we have faced this year. I know I have to stay strong and get even stronger and pray for as much strength as I can. But I have to admit to feeling really scared...really really scared.

Very big hugs...




Monday, May 29, 2017

It Really Is Memorial Day But...'s cold and damp and very unsunny! We are in a very un planting fact...we came downstairs to plant and decided to make bread and turn on the heat. We are kind of freezing! I am still fascinated with the breads from Bread Toast Crumbs.

Den and I are making the cinnamon one today. Actually it makes two...

And we mixed up the Peasant Bread, actually makes two, too!

We are binge watching new Dr. Who's while we wait for it to rise up to the tippy top of the bowl...which it does very quickly!

I took a quick glance at my real book stacks...I am so fascinated with my new Oasis that I don't know when I will read these! Scary! But I will!

This is what I am reading's fun and light and serious and has just the right amount of quirky dysfunction. It has a fair amount of people you love to hate in it, too plus tons of foodie references. And a six year old who loves cinnamon toast which is probably why I needed to make cinnamon bread today. I seriously love this book! It's a perfect summer reading experience!

So...that's our day...reading and binge watching and bread making and trying to stay warm!

This is when I love my flag collections!