Saturday, June 29, 2013

I Have Been To The Desert...

Or at least I have been to an AMERICA concert! They were funny, entertaining, and sounded amazing. I love this group!

So much fun...even with the idiot woman clapping her hands over her head for most of the concert...I could see her out of rhythm arms clapping wildly even though she was way far annoying.

Dinner was awesome...we played $20.00 on penny slot machines and worked our winnings up all the way up to $26.85 and when we cashed out we had 2 cents! But it was still so much fun!

Our concert was at the Borgata Hotel in Atlantic City...we park our car...and stay there until the next morning. Dinner at Izakaya, slot machines, concert, bed, Starbucks and home by 11:30 the next morning...we had a great room...a great view...we steer clear of the is so relaxing to just walk up to our room after the show...and go nighty night!

Exhausted today but I read a ton of my yummy book yesterday! Almost done!

Buona Lettura!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer...I Love It!

Reading summery...I can't see straight. I love this kind of girls not getting along but forced to spend the summer together in a family house in Nantucket kind of book! One bedroom is soft shabby pink quilts and peely white furniture...another is filled with seashells...OMG...I want to be there! Thank you Edelweiss or NetGalley...not sure where it came from...I can't find it on either might have been magic! Even better!

I have not been this happy reading a book in ages...I want lobsters and Cosmos and fried clams and I want to bike down a sandy rugged path and I want a drippy ice cream cone as I hop off of the ferry! And a tuna fish sandwich...just threw that in!

I think I just might have an author crush on Nancy Thayer. Oh my!

Off to read!

Buona Lettura!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Life's Small Victories!

For Den...getting the lawn cut before more rain falls.

For Roxie...getting to sleep next to Lucy even for a few moments.

For Lucy...getting to establish...yet again...her supreme superiority and dominance over Roxie.

For Patty...getting this...Rachel Pally top. I hate how clothes crazy I am. Not.

Finishing this up...not out until September...soooooo good!

Next up? This...I of other chilling stuff!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Still Wildly Wicked Weather...

Yesterday was so steamy hot that it was amazing...I shopped for groceries...replaced a plant that died in an outside pot and then I was literally exhausted!

There was no deck deck deck ice tea sipping! Today there is a heat advisory in effect and storms are rolling in yet again!

Roxie Blue is sitting by the deck door...forlorn and sad...she misses the ducks...if I set up the tent it will be for a matter of minutes...oh me...oh my...not sure what I will do...if we go out it won't be for long...

Reading's the kind of book I love...a little time travel...a little mystery. The niece of Sherlock Holmes and the sister of Bram Stoker become involved in finding missing "society girls". Yum! This book is good!
It's the perfect book for a steamy time on the deck...whew!

The only good thing about this steamy stormy weather is that I don't have to water anything!

Off to steam and read!

Buona Lettera!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Wildly Wicked Weather!

It seems as though this is a week for scattered thunderstorms, periods of sunshine and amazing humidity. Ick!

Last night Den and I both had weird pressure headaches as the storms rolled in...flashes of lightning around us, trees down and I heard that a transformer exploded. At times the rain sounded like hail...all we could do was read or watch The Bachelorette much fun...but then I watched The Dome...seriously good!

Finishing this up...a YA that takes place in Japan...and is about inky drawings coming alive? Seriously good...

Read a few pages of this...but I need to finish Ink first...I just can't do more than one book at a time...but this one will be good...I know it!

I am never uncertain about what to make for dinner but today...I have no clue...sigh!

This? Potato, zucchini, gratin something or other from The Kitchn?

These little frittatas from The Kitchn! With a salad?

This pasta from Food 52?

So many choices...too many choices! But so much fun!

Buona Lettura!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Just Hangin'...

Roxie Blue and I spent a good part of this hot humid steamy Monday out on the deck...reading this little gem...nothing earth message...just some good summer reading...mostly takes place in South Carolina, a sweet edgy romance...I loved it. Roxie Blue was in her tent duck watching while I read...Lucy Grace chose
not to join us...she preferred the cool house. Lucy has always been a wise little kitty.

Now we are reading this...yummy from the start!

Den is working from home supervise the this is a not normal day...for me...when he calls it a day we will watch Mad Men and Falling Skies...and then have dinner and wait patiently to watch the disaster that is The Bachelorette...I love dysfunction on TV, too!

Dinner tonight is sort of a revised one from my mom used to make something that we called "Big Fat Hamburgers" for dinner...we loved this dinner. It was really kind of soft meatloaf like hamburgers that my mom cooked in a monster pan on top of the stove. There was gravy in the pan and we always had mashed potatoes with them and Del Monte Blue Lake Green Beans...which are still my fave green beans...ever.

We are having big fat turkey burgers sautéed on top of the stove with fat free turkey gravy in a jar...fresh green beans and baby Yukon Gold potatoes...smashed. Still yummy...I hope!

Photos from the web...ours aren't made yet!

Plus I a made banana bread! Mine is still in the oven!

Time for Mad Men! More dysfunction!

Buona Lettura!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Long Day!

We are exhausted...seriously...Mike The Tile Guy came early this morning and put in our "stones from England"'s not quite done has to dry and be sealed...and I do still have tons of kitchen stuff in the basement BUT I have cleaned out the pantry and truly organized the kitchen...we have to paint the island and we are changing out the floors but I need a floors will get done in the Fall...whew!

Between now and fall we are getting the house painted and the driveway redone...the joys of owning a lovely home! But we love our house and try to take really good care of her...she takes very good care of us! See the pond?

Finished this...did not like it that all!

Reading this...we will see...I am starting to DNF books if I am not into them after a hundred pages...too much out there to read and really enjoy!

Buona Lettura!