Saturday, July 14, 2012

Rain...I Hope It Rains All Day!

Finished this...really good. Creepy...chilling...scary!

Reading this...lovely...sad...set in Maine!

Waiting for this...

Happy Saturday!

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Friday, July 13, 2012

It's Not Easy Being Peely!

Yesterday's field trip was awesome. The Milk House is really a big old white barn that is literally full of stuff! And...much to my surprise not everything was peely white!
Some things were peely pink...a dresser that I loved...made of the palest lightest pink. I didn't think to take a photo but this is really close to what the dresser looked like.

Some things were peely blue!

And some things weren't peely at all! My new pet! Not the pig...the seahorse! I needed this blue seahorse! I did!

More proof of my love for pink peely!

I bought two seashells...welk shells from the Atlantic for Den and one for Lucy. They both listened to the ocean!


And I had to buy one peely white came from an old porch rail. It's now a candle holder!

There were also plants and trees and herbs to spite of our hot dry weather they were lovely. And of course there were amazing wagons and peely plant stands and old white bathtubs filled with flowers and arbors...amazing ones, of course!

It was actually a tiny bit overwhelming...I need to go back and see it again! But my friend Jane and I leisurely walked through and looked at stuff and chatted about it all. The displays are creative and fascinating. We found beautiful old things used in creative and unique ways...can you tell that I loved this place?

And my friend Jane knows about this stuff...she is a great collector. I mean I was looking at a basket filled with different shaped conical metal things...not a clue what they were...when Jane said...those are old garden hose nozzles! And now I want a basket filled with old garden hose nozzle things!

Who knew?

Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

What's Going On...

Started reading this...cute, funny, clever the end of each chapter there are the funniest oddest questions. I was really getting involved with it but it was acting weird on my iPad! It had to go back to Edelweiss's virtual book store to get fixed!

Reading this...I am at the point where I just know that the good guy is about to become the weird bad guy! And...every single time I read about someone with OCD...I think I have it...or a tiny bit of it.
Uh oh...

Look at this!
Front and back!
It's a Chan Luu bracelet!
I love Chan Luu!
I love quirky, Indie, unusual stuff!
But you already know that about me!
This would be so much nicer if someone bought this for me as a just because I love you sort of gift!

Are you listening, Lucy?
Is Lucy sneering at me?

Happy Thursday!

I am off to The Whip for lunch and The Milk House for shopping...with my friend Jane. I have no clue how to get to either of these places so Jane is picking me up. In Pennsylvania...I can get lost in two seconds!
We are near lots of farms and horse farms and mysterious windy roads that end up all over the place! I get lost here all of the time! I have great adventures just trying to get back home from places just because every road is sneaky and looks different.
And I second guess myself way too much. And if you do make a wrong turn it's always at a 7 way stop with railroad tracks at a roundabout that was never there before. It's like driving in England. Den says I don't pay attention...I just say what?

Anyway...the Milk House is the kind of place I love! The quirky me loves all of this peely white stuff!

The Whip is in the heart of horse country...a tiny place that is always crowded and every one who walks in looks like they just hopped off of a horse...because they did.
Amazing fresh local foods...

That's my adventure for today...what's yours?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bits And Bobs...

I walked in the house yesterday and glanced into the sunroom. This is what I saw!
A big blue heron was actually sitting on the deck railing and another one flew past him!
So close...the sunroom window was between us...if not I could have touched him...he seemed to be studying my little zebra finches inside.

I raced to get my camera but of course when I was ready, he was gone!
I can't imagine that he will ever do this again!
He has never done it before!
And in case Den doesn't believe me I have some blue feathers and big white puddles on the deck to prove it!
Reading this...English mystery thriller...starts off with different characters in different years which is always confusing until you get to know which characters are saying what...

Lucy got a hot rock massage yesterday! Not only did she love the massage...but she became very possessive of her hot river rock! My friend JoEllen showed me how to do it! That face seems to say...MY ROCK!

How is your Wednesday rolling?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I Am Up Early...Way Too Early!

I am sitting here...sipping blueberry coffee...hmmm...I know that might sound awful to coffee sister Paula, for example. When she comes to visit we have to have a separate coffee maker just for her and her plain coffee. And if she gets a whiff of whatever we might be drinking...oh me oh my she is a terror! But she also eats Cheerios with her banana on the side the way she has since I have known her!

Back to my heavenly blueberry blueberry coffee is a pop it into a Keurig machine and each cup is perfection! So I am not drinking a huge pot of blueberry but rather one perfect cup! See!

Yesterday...Sam The Amish Man was here...the one who looks like a cross between Robert Redford ( The Way We Were ), Curtis Stone ( famous chef ) and Ray ( my high school heart throb )...his white teeth flashing and blonde bob...well...his blonde bob doesn't have to really do anything except be check out the roof. Lots of screens were ripped and he wanted to take them to get he took ones that we ripped and wanted done sweet is that?

He and I worked our way through the house...taking the screens out. I broke one newly done nail but it was worth
I think I must examine this oddly unsettling attraction I have for my roofers. Yikes!!!
I thought I was over it until Sam's smiling face was at the door.
I will work on this!
Here's a thought...
Did you know that most Amish men don't like cats? Horses and dogs are their faves...Lucy drops in front of Sam in a relentless pursuit of petting but he ignores her!

Oh no! Lucy is smitten, too!!!
She is not usually ignored!

Back to books...finished all of yummy...

Starting this one now...

Today's agenda?

A tiny bit of house tidying, a pedicure, deck sitting and reading with Lucy, watering plants, laundry and Den is bringing home really good Chinese food for dinner...fresh, lightly sautéed, healthy and MSG free!

What are you doing on this glorious day?

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Lots To Read For Sure!!!

Have you ever distracted yourself while you were reading a perfectly wonderful book to pick up yet another perfectly wondrous book and start reading it too?
I never do this! I am a one book at a time kind of reader. But now I started reading this one.
It's sad and sweet. a family tragedy. A ton of dysfunction. Marriages on edge. Overwhelming sorrow.

So I find myself reading the above book while I am reading this book. And it's odd because I only really really really like reading one book at a time. Ever.
What have I learned from this one? If you want to live to be 114 or more...drink a cup of hot water with a squeeze of lemon and a drop of olive oil in it every day!
This book is a saga of a family of women who live on an olive grove. So good!

New books this week are lovely ones...from Mary E. Stone...and Shelf Awareness.
I will give you very brief summaries.
Gardening with a serious twist and a surprise visitor...

Corruption, dysfunction and reclaiming a son?

Stories about the mythology of the American West?

And from new NetGalley rival...
A magical city, a rebellion and love?

Twins, inventing and fun?

Wife catching and witches?

Four women facing their past?

I really have no clue what to read next...
But this one is tempting me...and about to expire on NetGalley. I love this author's work.

Which lovely book would you choose?

Sunday, July 8, 2012

So Much Fun...Who Knew?

The Romantics...then...


We had so much fun!!!

This group has been together since 1977. There was really only one song I really recognized in addition to "What I Love About You" and that was "Talking In My Sleep". The venue was small and there was space for moving around and dancing...and people were crazed with dancing!

Den and I had a high top table for front of us and surrounded by other tables was open space...or the playground for dancers. The music was insanely good...the dancing was bad...seriously bad...funny bad...wildly bad.

But again...I am a toe tapper...I would not hop off of my seat to dance for any reason...and I was surrounded by uninhibited dancers...fueled by drinks.

I grouped the dancers this way...

pulp fiction dancing...lots of finger pointing and thrashing,
stand alone and foot pound while shaking entire body dancing,
in your own zone fist pumping dancing,
grab someone and try to dance together dancing,
the basic twist with extra added moves,
and finally slow dancing in the middle of all of the chaos dancing.

Whew...I think I categorized it all.
The ages of people in the theatre? I think all over the place but most of the crazy dancing was done by...hmmm...older people?

This is such a neat old historic theatre...called the Wilmington, Delaware.
It's not far from our house and they are bringing in an eclectic group of artists. You can have dinner or snacks before the show...the food is scary good...drinks are, too. Den loves that they have Guinness on tap? Draft?
We usually go in early and get a starter. We had hummus and pita bread and veggies last time and sweet potato fries. We had soft yummy house made pretzels with a cheesy dip last night...we were going to have eggplant fries but we were too full.
Oh, we did share goat cheese cheese cake with berries that was top notch!


I had an icy cold's just a funky Indie quirky kind of place...we love it!

Tickets for most shows are not expensive at all...and the seating is always changed to suit different performers...the menu changes, too.

A fun time was had by everyone...
except Lucy!

We found her sleeping in the middle of our bed surrounded by toys when we got home!

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