Friday, May 30, 2014

It's A Sloppy Sort Of Friday!

Den and I love Sloppy Joe's! We particularly love them on a Friday with baked French Fries or Onion Rings! This has been our meatless week so we want to dive into these...with a chilled drink...I am using Brown Eyed Baker's can find the recipe here...I am still figuring out linking from my ipad so if this is blank...I am so sorry!

Den and I are having "salad in a jar" for lunch today...I packed 6 different veggies inside so we don't have to eat any more serious vegetables today...we can have fun ones for dinner! These are from The Yummy Life.

This is from The Kitchn...but mine look just like this. Den takes a plate with him...dumps it out...adds dressing...and voila! Yummy salad! I usually make four at a time...they look so pretty in the refrigerator!

Finished this...I did not love this book.

Reading this...not sure yet how I feel!

Lovely new books from NetGalley and Penguin!

And NetGalley and Atria...

That is all I have! Have a happy lovely Friday and weekend! I am taking the weekend off!

Back on Monday with more new books!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

OMG! Free Dresses...Almost!

I freaking love store credits! There is this little shop in Camden, Maine called Cotton Garden...that I love...and Jane...the awesome. I love wearing these dresses in the summer...they are comfy, cool, inexpensive and fun! Jane takes photos and sends them to me. The sizing is easy so they are always perfect.

This is the first batch...I got the two on the bottom but I am thinking more and more about some of the top ones! Their size is ONE they usually always work! Again...comfy and summer style! Oh...and I had a store credit! So exciting!

Loved these and they are mine! All mine!

Finished this...Menamon, Maine, lobsters, blueberries, a small town protest that turns bad...very bad! But I loved Leah and Hank...and Quinn...main characters! Plus there were recipes in the back of the book! Yes!

Reading this now...loving it...quirky characters and I love quirky!

That's all I have! Happy Thursday! Deck furniture is coming today! So excited!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

They Tumble And Fall!

We had a nightmarish thunder/wind/rainstorm most beautiful deck plant was blown overboard. For the past few days it's been such a delight to just look at its pink and green loveliness...but even though Den raced outside to pick it's kind of a sad! I even matched it's green spiky things to my new deck sectional...I am really sad! I love it! But I have to admit to being afraid of summer storms...we lost power for a few minutes...the wind was...way too windy! My grandmother always lit a few little votive candles during a storm...I usually do that, too.

What was funny was that last night I made my grandmother's chicken for dinner! It's all made in one pan...chicken pieces and little baby potatoes and carrots and onion slices...maybe a few garlic cloves...that just get sautéed in a big pan...although I microwave the baby potatoes first...and I only use skinless organic chicken thighs...but it gets brown and crispy...Den loves it...and when the pan is mom or my grandmother would take a slice of bread and wipe out the pan...and deliver that to my dad...I do the same thing but I deliver it to Den! He loves this chicken!

Hopefully I can save my plant today!

Finished this...utterly fascinating but I am beginning to devour historical/quest/fiction!

Reading this...Maine, lobstahs, relationships...yum!

I have already separated these two...Lucy is in a time! They look angelic now but they were popping each other minutes my lap! Sisters! Den thinks Roxie is the instigator but that is not always the case.

That's all I have! Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Stormy! Hot! Busy!'s going to be in the high 80's here today and then drop to the 70's and the 60's later in the week! Weird and rumbly weather patterns...probably not a lot of deck time...which will leave these two princesses grumbly! They love deck sitting! Tents, pillows, water bowls...I sometimes feel as though I am packing and unpacking for a caravan! We just bought a cool sectional for the deck...and I can't wait until it's delivered and on the deck! The weather has been so awesome that sitting out on the deck is delightful!

Still reading this...and really enjoying it!

I need to read these this order...and I am determined to keep this order...LOL...actually I have until June am off to finish cleaning and read!

Real Kindle!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Monday! Grilling, Chilling, Planting!

Planting big pots everywhere!

Making this...from Food's the kind of pasta salad where you can sort of add anything you like! I am adding artichokes and feta and olives and other stuff!

Grilling these for dinner...from Food 52!

Making these for dessert...we do this every Memorial Day. Den calls them Farmer's...I call them root beer floats...we use a small brewery artisanal root beer and awesome vanilla ice cream! Lucy and Roxie get some foam! This photo is from Food & Wine!

Finished this...really really scary creepy good!

Reading far mesmerizing! I am really loving certain historical fiction!

Have an awesome one! More books tomorrow!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Pre-Memorial Day Festivities!

Dinner with friends...check!

Fireworks at Longwood...check!

Coffee on deck with kitties...check!

Breakfast with biscuits...check!

Newspapers in family room...happening right now!

Finished this...sooooooo good! I cried...I laughed! I loved it! This wasn't sad...just extremely sweet and touching. One of my faves so far!

Reading this...almost reminds me just a bit of The Lovely starts off so sad but it's so good! I guess I am reading sad stuff for a while!

Happy Pre-Memorial Day!