Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Own Fairy Garden!!!

Melissa from the blog...The Inspired Room...has step by step directions for this project.

The question is...can I do this and how much of it will Lucy eat? Look at the little baby birdhouse...that alone challenges a cat to attack...what am I thinking?

It will be a cat attack just waiting to happen!!!


But isn't it lovely?

My husband has been in that hotel that has the ducks and boats...they have had tornado evacuation drills twice already...he is on his way home now but United has been calling here every 15 minutes with news of a flight delay...

every 15 minutes...



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Friday, March 2, 2012

Finished!!! Reviewed!!! Moving On!!!

So cute...gushing!!!
Adorable fun premise...everything in this little cat's life connects to an up...
Even when he falls down...he still lands up...when he scratches a chair...he covers it up...
This is an adorable read aloud for toddlers...
Lucy gives it her kitty stamp of

Loved this yummy YA has everything...brave admirable girl heroine, horses,
and a world of Centaurs...yep...half horse half man...kind of weird to imagine this but the story was awesome...and was not at all similar to any book I have read before...

Loved this book...not at all like other beach books...just a lovely and mystical story.
Cheating husband...a daughter who blames everything on her mother and this beautiful island...lots of descriptive sea food dinners...freshly caught crab and freshly picked blueberries...and tons of beach only regret is that I didn't save this for summer.

Thanks to NetGalley and AmazonVine for these yummy books.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Good Things Come In Threes!!! Or Fours!!!

Here is my first good thing...

How awesome would it be to have an outdoor screened in bedroom...somewhere warm...of island? This is from a green organic store called Terra Viva.

My second good me this is the perfect little black's from a site called Zara.

My third good thing...shouldn't we all own a pair of red shoes?
These are from Anthropologie...pssst...for less adventurous girls...these come in black, too!!!

Although I like these even more...also Anthropologie...

Enough said!!!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gotta Have...Gotta Make...Gotta Love!!!

First my gotta have...

It is a kitty cross body bag...big enough to hold an iPad and a reader and... hmmm...
mints and Eclipse gum!!! It's actually called "The Tiniest Tiger Hipster Bag". If you click on that it will take you right to the site.  They are having a contest, too!!!

It was one of the giveaway bags at the Oscar's. helps wildlife...especially big cats!!! There is a lovely story about how th*-e bag came to be...and buying one helps all kitties.

Lucy insisted so one is on its way to me...I actually got it today and I love it...perfect for shopping and travel when you don't want a big bag and you want arms free.

Now here is my gotta make...

I saw these on Pinterest...individual bites of cheesecake?
It's almost not a real belongs in the fruit category...don't you agree?
Lindsi from...Books, Sweets And Other Treats posted the recipe on her lovely blog...
Just click on the blog title for the recipe.'s supposed to be easy to fill strawberries...they have a natural hollow inside?
Who knew?

Finally here is my gotta little family...

Have a lovely Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

An Affair...An Island...And A Mystery!!!

I am in the middle of this book and it already has lots of best bits.  The story is about
Nora and Malcolm who met in law school and have been together raising two young daughters until Malcolm was unfaithful and the entire world found out about it.
Thus we have...
A cheating husband who just happens to be a political figure.
A return to an island in Maine to escape press and prying eyes.
Seals and dolphins.
One of those great aunts who is wise and has needed answers.
Beachy white washed cottages.
Rhubarb muffins and good strong coffee.
A cove near the cottage that is just meant for swimming.
Troubled daughters.
A mystery surrounding Nora's mother's death.
 A mysterious sailor who appears on the beach after a storm...out of nowhere.
Sea glass everywhere...
polished and worn in shades of white and blue and green.
Tons of beach to explore.
Italian honey make the honey to put on the rhubarb muffins.
It's a lovely lovely book.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Can't Wait To Read These!!!

I am learning that it's not just about having these amazing and beautiful and lovely books on my iPad2 or on my shelf...I have to make a reading plan...who knew?

Just teasing...but I am really better off with a chart...finally...and dates...and virtual them except that I can't make them pink.

I can only read a book at a time but I read fast...I write a book talk about it as soon as I am done and post it where it needs to be posted. And now...I have a note on my iPad with the dates that the review can go on Amazon...if I've read the book before its actual release.

I am so proud of me that I can't stand it.

The only real flaw in my plan is that I am a few weeks behind my plan and there is no real way to catch up...

But at least I am organized...sort of?

With that said...these should be on my agenda this week...but they are not...


Love coming of age novels like this one!!!

One planet...two worlds...humans and ??? I could fall into this one right now!!! I love books like this one.

Thank you, NetGalley!!!

I read everything this author writes. This one is about a custody battle over a little girl in 1960's London...I am thinking Twiggy? The Beatles? Fish and chips?

I read everything that this author writes, too. I have been reading and loving Jane Green books for a long time. This one is about a woman marrying into a ready made family...yum!!!

My thanks to AmazonVine for the last two books.

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Movies And Cars And Books...And Sushi!!!

Today is sort of a double header for opposite events at our house...
some obscure car race is apparently going on in Florida and the Oscars are on tonight!!!

The best part of the Oscars is watching Joan Rivers later "discussing" who wore what.

I am fiercely reading NetGalley books before they expire but that is actually something I love about NetGalley.  Almost like borrowing library books...and it really does help to keep me on task.

I finished this...from NetGalley...YA...and really good.  I loved it.  Totally witchily private academy
soulmate kind of stuff...but again...delicious!!!

New York setting, powers, evils and again...some bad demony and the other just a mad envious teen.

Good stuff.

And this...from AmazonVine...
also YA...also really good.  Great characters...a teeny bit of a sizzling romance and a life lesson.

This is my weekend book.

But before I started my weekend book I squeezed in one more NetGalley book.

Yum...vampire...vampire hunter...Van Helsing...horses...disappearing girls...overly protective brothers...horses...Rika and Sali...horses...

And if you are in a mystery kind of authory friend Scott Nichelson is giving this away to Kindle owners on Amazon.

I think that today might just be the last day to download this trilogy for free!!!

Happy Sunday!!!

Take away sushi is on for dinner tonight whilst we watch the Oscars that are most likely boring but fun!!!