Saturday, October 27, 2012

Let's Be Happy!

I have been so stressed and busy with hurricane prep that I almost forgot about this!

It's my Literary Blog Hop Hurricane Tropical Storm Sandy Giveaway!
Leave a comment and will choose a winner!
Amazon gift card for...$15.00!

Lucy wishes you the best of luck...any prayers for us would be greatly appreciated!

Oh Me Oh My!

I am trying hard to forget that a nightmarish hurricane is heading right towards us!
Doesn't it look like an ear? We are where the bad stuff hits at 10:30 at night on Sunday.
I am wondering if I can put on headphones and sit in a corner until it all goes away?

Anyway...I am reading this...or trying get me through this chaos...mysterious, thrilling, scary...good!

Happy Saturday!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Help! Hurricane Heading Right To Our House!


We own every toy known to man but we have never bought a generator!

Guess what? There are no generators left in the world! Except for one and it lives near my sister in Niles, Ohio!

And...guess what? We bought it and were prepared to drive 12 hours total to get it on Den's birthday!

Until I got the brilliant idea of a courier and frankly I don't even know how I know that word...but the courier was going to charge us $1,008.00 until I really but almost...anyway they are picking it up...putting it on a truck...and we have to be in Harrisburg tomorrow morning to pick it up or 4 ish in the morning!

So hopefully we can flush toilets and our basement won't flood...once Den figures out what to do with everything...and that is a whole other story...we were at Home Depot and men were telling us a million things to do...get a cord as thick as my wrist and plug in into the dryer outlet...yikes...put a marine battery on our sump pump...and more!

We also bought a saw...the kind that buzzes!

There are fun things to buy at Home Depot if you truly look hard enough...I bought headlights to wear for all three of us but Lucy's will be more of a saddle light...I bought glow in the dark crack open light sticks and at least 500 batteries!


Wish us well!

Say a silent prayer that our generator actually gets here!

And also say a baby prayer that Den will not actually have to use his giant saw!

Happy Friday!

Happy Birthday, Den!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Smartypants Geese!

We are overrun with geese! I love them but they land, fight, swim, fight, fly away, fake fight, fly away...only to come back again. The pond is a sea of feathers...even the flock that lives here seems to huddle closer to our deck and look at the intruders with shock and awe!

Oh me oh my!

Our house is so close to the pond that we hear every little feather rustle.

We have sometimes tried gentle ways to try keep them off of all of our yard...scarecrows...worked for five line tied to stakes to force them to land elsewhere...they learned to walk around them. Our neighbors have coyote cutouts in their yard...the geese sleep next to them...we had those beribboned twirly things...the geese seemed to like them.

Oh my goodness!

Platoons, battalions, herds, and flocks of heavy ungainly geese fill the sky and land off and on pretty much all day long. I usually don't even notice them any more...but this week I am being forced to notice them because of someone else commenting on them nonstop. This someone else moans, groans, comments and runs outside to chase them away. And researches other ways to move them out of the yard...all of which I veto vehemtly.


Still reading this...

Next up this...

Finally watching this...

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bits And Bobs

Reading this...a brother and sister inherit a house...the brother is gay with a not so nice author friend...the sister and brother get along but not so much when the friend is around...I just started it but it's really good.

Staycation news? We stayed home yesterday and today but watched movies and caught up on some house stuff...I think we are going to drive to Rehobeth tomorrow...a beachy town not far from us...or Fenwick Island...another beachy place not far from us!

Now that it's midweek...I have a clearer idea of this staying at home thing...although it was the right thing to do for us now...I don't think I would do it again...Den is having way more fun than I am...I am always on a staycation! He is really loving every minute of it! Lucy and Patty? Not so much!
Oh well...

Live and learn!

Some very cool books came my way this week! I love surprises in the much.

Happy mid week day!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Day One...Staycation!

We weren't going to go anywhere yesterday...we were going to stay home and do yard work and get the house in laundry...but...we didn't. We went to The Whip for lunch...a neat old tavern with tons of different kinds of beers, a very horsey crowd...everyone pops in with boots and helmets and riding crops. The Whip has the best food in the middle of horse country. Den had Beef On Weck...I had a Ploughman's Lunch...half of which is in our refrigerator. We also had a Scotch Egg.

And that wasn't all for Staycation...Day One. After lunch we went to the MilkHouse...

and I got him...

and her...

And our day was not done yet! After the MilkHouse we were off to the orchard...for apples, apple cider doughnuts, veggies, goat petting and goat feeding. You have to wash your hands and have tons of quarters to buy corn...the goats know when you are by the corn machine and they wait for corn...they very gently take the kernels from your hands. Goats have very soft mouths.

The only sad family member was Lucy Grace...she stayed home while we were out playing. If we were in Maine...Lucy would be in her stroller with us all day long. She isn't really speaking to either one of us right I think she really wanted to go to Maine!

Plans are being made for Staycation...Day 2!

Staycation...Day One!

Lucy enjoying her far.

At the almost very last minute we cancelled our trip to Maine. We are asking ourselves why...when we love Maine so much!

But...we didn't feel like leaving our house...we didn't feel like packing...we didn't feel like moving the birds to our friend's house...we didn't feel like driving for seven hours.
Lucy did not feel like being in her doggie crate for 7 hours...often sharing her opinion with us about being in her doggie crate for 7 hours. Loudly...and did I say often?

It feels as though we just got back from Colorado and Den has been traveling nonstop...hopping on a plane every Monday. He is exhausted and we still have trips in November and December.

So...we aren't even sad about our feels good to stay home. We are either going to take the train to Washington or NYC...overnight for lunch or dinner or go to the aquarium in Baltimore...or to the aquarium in New Jersey...movies...out to lunches and though we are on vacation...and lots of walks!


Reading, warm, an opposites attract kind of book...I love it!

Have a great Monday!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday...Fun day!

It is such a lovely Fall Day here! We were sipping coffee on the deck...listening to birds, watching the vultures on our neighbor's roof and talking to a squirrel who wanted to sit on the deck with us! This is the across the pond view...those two structure were the dairy farmer's house and barn...

This is another view from our deck...the house way back there was the model home for our is the first house we saw when we were first moved here...and after looking at a million others...what we ended up building...

The dairy barn was white when we first moved here...we always wish we would have bought it! We are short sided when it comes to seeing things as they can came with 2 acres...and has this lovely long driveway...oh well...

When the barn was white...artists would come and sit by the pond and paint it. This was painted by our friend and neighbor...J.Wayne Bystrom. It is really lovely and almost everyone on our street owns it. I taught his children when they were in 2nd grade. Don't you just love this painting? It's exactly how the barn looked when we first moved here...including the spring house. to read...hopefully everyone is enjoying a relaxing Sunday!