Saturday, December 21, 2013


Love Saturdays!

I am getting nails done at a new nail salon...appropriately called...Polished. My salon stopped doing nails full time, my second nail place was really far away and only had three colors of polish because I was the only person there getting shellac nails. This one is my last's not a life crisis but I love getting my nails's so relaxing!

Den is dropping me off and heading in the opposite direction for his hair appointment.
Then we are meeting back in town for lunch...I think!

This is a great little place in our little town! Notice that everyone is excited about the mushroom drop on New Years Eve! Lol! We love the sign...Half Moon!

Then wrap, clean, make cookies and watch college football! Sushi will be dinner!

But since we always change our minds...we have dinner reservations, too. If we go to lunch we won't go to dinner and sometimes it's infinitely more fun to be in jammies with the girls watching a movie...munching a cookie or two! These were on Pinterest and are from a blog called Priscilla. My cookies will not be as pretty...sigh! Priscilla's cookies rock!

Happy Saturday!

Friday, December 20, 2013

The Mall...

It's unavoidable...we always go to the King Of Prussia Mall at least twice at Christmas. Once to shop and again to return...sigh!

But we go early in the morning...Nordstrom's opens at 8:00 in the morning and it's far far least 45 minutes. Then we take ourselves somewhere special for lunch. We went to a fab place today for yummy Caesar salads. We split an order of mussels in red sauce. I decided that I don't really like mussels in any sauce...too weird of a texture for me.

Now I am hungry and I have no energy to even think about dinner...another sigh!

Plus all four of us fell asleep at 2:00 this afternoon. I was reading and then it was 4:30...I hate when that happens!

Reading this...again it's excellent...

We are simply staying in tonight...relaxing...watching the tree sparkle and enjoying the moments! That's the

Happy Wrapping!

Thursday, December 19, 2013


Reading's a translation by the author of Snow White Must's so good already!

Making this for dinner...from Everyday's simmering away in the slowcooker.


Making these...from Cookistry...little loaves of bread! The dough is rising in the sunroom now...unless Roxie sits on it.

Cleaned out closets...this is ready to giveaway...

Exhausted...I am showered, in comfy clothes, reading and tv watching. I am finished with reviews until 2014.


Happy Resting!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

It's Books Not Bins!

St. Martin's Press and NetGalley granted me some yummy mysteries this week. I love reading mysteries over the holidays. As soon as I finish my last Amazon Vine book which will be any moment now...I think Bad Wolf is calling my name...I read Snow White Must Die by this author and loved it!

These aren't exactly mysteries but...they both look disturbingly good!

Do you know yourself so well when you choose books that you rarely read anything you don't really like? That's me...I am awesome at knowing what I!

Den is on his way back from a work event at the Borgata in Atlantic City...a combined work party and business. Everyone had to dress sort of Gatsbyish...Den looked charming! He wore a double breasted pin stripe suit, vest, sort of baggy trousers...and had a gold tie and pocket hanky.

Happy Reading! Have a wonderful day, Peeps!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Still Working On Bins!

I am seriously still unpacking bins! I was in the crawlspace yesterday. I hate being in the crawlspace. But every bin is surprising and holds a memory from our travels, our families and our friends. June asked me how I got so many's the thing...tons of my ornaments and Santas and snowmen came from students...even when parents were asked to not get teachers presents...they still would. So over 24.61 years of teaching primary aged children...I have lots of holiday stuff! I am loaded with favorite teacher!

We are trying this year to not put out everything...but every time I open a new bin...something precious grabs at me...sigh!

Next topic! Lol...

Look at these cookie houses! I just really want for me and one for Den! They are the fab idea from a blog called Sauce Daily! I seriously have to try these as soon as my bins are unpacked!

This is my idea of Peace On Earth...they are doing this more and more and longer and longer every day!

Reading this yummy book...sort of YA, a rumor of witches and a death! Oh...and a lovely midnight blue dress...hmmm...

Oh Happy Day!

Monday, December 16, 2013

What's Up Today?

That's about as far ahead as I can manage because it seems as though Christmas just hit me in the face...full on!!!

I am still unpacking bins!

Plus I thought that Den was going to be off all of this week and I had a list of Christmassy fun trips planned but he is working!

I wanted to go to the aquarium in Baltimore to see it decked out!

I wanted to go shopping in New Hope...quaint, cute, unique!

I wanted to go to Manayunk...quainter, cuter, even more unique!

I wanted to go to Hershey Park to see Christmas lights!

I wanted to go to Lancaster to shop!

I wanted to go to Reading Terminal Market!

I wanted to get homemade pasta and calimari salad at the Italian Market! I am not sure why I want calimari salad but I do! This one is from Epicurious. My mom never made it...but I think it's a Christmas Eve Italian tradition?

So sad...none of this is happening! I am the Queen Of Day Trips and we are not day tripping sad!


Finished this and it is so of my most favorite fantasies ever!

These are on my mind this week...I have to read them by the 19th or else! Lol!

Girls, small town, issues...

Body image, going too far to be perfect...

Sweet lessons, fulfilling wish lists...

Happy Reading!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Missed Santa Again...

Every year Santa surprises us by driving down our street in a huge firetruck. Every year we are seconds too late to get a photo. Every year we think it's a fire. Every single year since we have lived here...we go through sad! We hear the firetruck and we look at each other and we that Santa? We grab cameras and race to the front door and never get there in time. This year we were closer than we have ever been but we couldn't get the front door open! So sad...

Still reading this...and it is still so good!

Still unpacking bins and Santas...endlessly!

I just found this guy at the bottom of a bin...he hasn't been out in years!

Hello Forgotten Santa!

Happy Sunday! Happy Reading! Happy Almost Christmas!