Friday, October 23, 2015

Random Thoughts!

This is the first day this week that I have a totally unscheduled day! Den is at the office...I am doing laundry, playing with kitties, reading and tidying!


I finished this...I thought it would be more like Beth Revis's work but it wasn't.

It was more of a Science Fiction Mystery Thriller...if there even is such a genre. It was good/ok.

Up next...these...I love football weekends! They are perfect for reading!
Love these sweater/shirt extenders...from Grace & Lace...turns any short dress into a longer dress! I love comfy quirky clothes! these...l'amour des pieds shoes...the bottoms are cool and they are comfy! I love comfy quirky shoes!
That's it! I am signing off...have a great week end! I will be back with even more random thoughts on Monday!


Thursday, October 22, 2015

Adventures! I Love Them!

Today was a TOTAL HAIR DAY. Den and I drove one hour and one minute to our salon. My entire head gets foiled so no color touches my scalp. So far it works...foils and Benedryl...and I have no reaction! Plus I got another patch test for a new organic far no reaction to that either.


We actually did go to the pizza place that I wrote was amazing! We had wine and pizza! Did I ever mention that I have an allergic reaction to red wines? I can only sip this one and a few organic ones. I think my body is getting weird!

The pizza was so yummy. The gentleman sitting next to us dropped his entire pizza on the floor! He swooshed his hand and down it went!
We made peace with these two...
We ate pumpkin whoopie pies! These are from Martha...
Finished this...loved this book!
Reading this...
Time for bed!


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

What's Going On?

I seem to be incapable of making a decision lately. I am also waking up at 1:00 in the morning...wandering down the hall to the guest room that is at the end of the hall...turning on the tv...pulling a quilt over me and promptly falling asleep. I can't fall asleep in our room when I wake up in the middle of the night like that. Oh...and I always wake up with one or both of these two with me...they seem to sense when I am not in our bed and locate me. I usually have really good sleep patterns plus I used to love reading in bed when I did wake up but I am out of the mood for that so I wander down the hall...sigh! I think I am suddenly falling asleep too early? It is colder, our bed is so snugly...I fall asleep reading and then wake up wired!

This book that I am reading...other readers either love it or not love it...I am not sure yet...where I am with this book. The cover is so plain and yet it is so interesting.
That's it for me...I actually fell asleep this afternoon...after nails and lunch!



Tuesday, October 20, 2015

All Sorts Of News!

Coloring News!

I just read an article that said that coloring can take the place of meditation! Soft music...a relaxed kitties pushing stuff off of the table or sitting on my coloring books!

My favorite books are ones by this author. I color really hard so I like thicker paper and the drawings on just one side!

Pizza News!!!

We have pretty much lived all over the country but the one thing we have never truly found any where is really good pizza. We particularly have an issue with the pizza around's has strange tasting sauce...too sweet...too herby. But...all of a sudden there's some buzz about a new pizza guru nearby.

So...he has a pizza oven that was made in Italy. The restaurant is only open at the end of the day. There is no take out because he believes the pizza is best as soon as it's baked. And when he is out of dough...the shop closes!
We need to try this soon! Supposedly a line forms as soon as he opens! Camping out for pizza!
Book News!
Finished Ashes...kind of eerie, confusing, yet good. But I keep looking around for "Twisted Things" that fall from the sky!
Up next?
A thriller...

Science Fiction...
Interesting! I actually am looking forward to this one but I can't read it out of order...
That's it!
Have an awesome day!






Monday, October 19, 2015

Because It's All About The Books!!!

I am back...I can not tell you how refreshing it is to take the week end off...I love it! I read everything I said I was going to read over the week end...I love football season just for this reason. I hauled out more pumpkins. I bought this really primitive kitty on a stick...I will show you tomorrow...and we even stomped in a few leaves!!! Oh...and I got addicted to Magic Jigsaw Puzzles! Why does every photo I take have a cat toy in it? Hmmmm...

All descriptions are from Amazon!

By the New York Times bestselling author of The Bone Clocks and Cloud Atlas | A Publishers Weekly Literary Fiction Top 10 Pick for Fall 2015.

Michelle Gable's I'll See You in Paris winds together the lives of three women born generations apart, but who face similar struggles of love and heartbreak.

Need to take a break from the stress of your daily life? Then Anne's tranquil haven is just where you need to go.

In this new novel from the acclaimed author of Secrets of a Charmed Life, two women working in Hollywood during its Golden Age discover the joy and heartbreak of true friendship.

When Lucy’s secret is unearthed, her world begins to crumble. But it may be the best thing that has ever happened to her...

Every once in a while I do a body cleanse...I am totally fascinated by this book which is a sort of a mind cleanse!


Reading this...a yummy dystopian fantasy filled with twisted things!

We zipped to Wolf's Apple House this morning for apples...big yummy juicy Honeycrisp local apples...


But their specialty is...

OMG! So good! The kind of doughnut that has that cinnamony sugary exterior and is so bad for you!
Love this season so much!

Happy Monday!