Saturday, April 23, 2011

There Is Something To Be Said...

There is something to be said about reading a book without actually writing a review for it.  I love writing reviews...I really do...but while we were away...I just read without a purpose.  It was what I used to do.  I read book after book after book and did not think about reviewing them.  I actually just wrote one liners for them on GoodReads and then went on to the next was a luxury!!!

But now I am back with my laptop and my lists and my dates of things do...and I love that, too, but there is something to be said about reading a book just for the pure simple pleasure of it!!!

Do you feel just a teeny bit guilty when you read a book for pure pleasure and joy?

It is probably just me!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I'm Back!!!

I missed everyone!!!  I missed my blog!!!  I missed  reading about what everyone is up to and I missed adding amazing books to my TBR collections.
We were in Colorado to chillax and visit family.  It was really a long week end...we left Friday afternoon and just got back last night.  My husband's dad is 91 years old and living in an assisted living home.  He is fragile but lively...a bit of a short term memory issue but he feels safe and secure living where he is living.  We actually surprised him on Saturday while he was having lunch.  Apparently nothing...not even a visiting son...could deter him from his Saturday afternoon Bingo game husband played Bingo with his dad and the other lively guests while I relaxed in the corner with my Kindle. 

We stay in Golden...the home of Coors a lovely inn.  We see family during a part of the day and then have the evenings to ourselves.  Sections of downtown Denver are very very cool...we had dinner at some new fabulous restaurants.  My favorite one was called Root Down and is totally sustainable.  We sat in a booth lined with old telephones in an amazing array of colors...loved it.

I read and read and read. 

I am so happy to be back home!!!

Lucy was under the care of our wonderful catsitter but I missed her!!!

Did you miss me?

I am sorting through email and getting back into my blogging groove.  I haven't commented on anyone's blog or really done anything with mine.  It was just too hard to keep up while we were away. stated earlier...I'm baaack!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Wonderful Day In The Neighborhood!!!

It is an amazingly beautiful lovely incredible springy day here today!!!

Everything outside and inside just smells really good. 

Taxes are prepped and sent off and we can finally breathe again for another year!!!

I hate tax time!!!

Do you feel easier mentally when tax prep is done?

I have read at least 3 books since last Saturday...I read Falling Under by Gwen Hayes and I read Simon Beckett's new book...The Calling Of The Grave...and I read Wings by Carrie Ryan...each of them fascinating in their own way.

I am about to start a new book but the delicious part of that is that I have not chosen it yet.  I am about to peruse my Kindle collections and choose something yummy or perhaps...purchase a new one?  Hee hee hee...

I am long does it take you to get into a new book after finishing do you decide what to read?