Saturday, June 7, 2014

Saturday Stuff!

Waiting for's in pieces from Savannah to Philadelphia!

Want these...Nordstrom's and their shoes!

Bought these...cute and comfy!

Playing with them...notice how Roxie just wants to hold a little piece of Lucy...the tip of her tail...and Lucy is so irritated!

Reading this...scary good...someone is attacking pregnant women...and Claudia's new what she says she is...

Off to the fish market...for soft shells and dinner tonight! Fishes on the grill! We grilled soft shells on Monday...amazing!

Happy Saturday!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Too Much Gelato? Too Many Books? Not A Chance!

I am kind of rehashing my groupon thoughts...forgive me!

Ok...I have a love/hate for Groupons...we have used most of the ones I bought but I have a small yet scary stack of expired ones...I know that the restaurant is supposed to always honor the amount you pay...but that kind of scares me...and I don't even really feel that comfy using the I am not buying any more. But...last night was our last chance to use a Groupon and it was a lovely experience!

We had dinner and gelato at Cafe Gelato! Yummy and fun! We have wanted to try this restaurant for a long time but it's far enough away and...smack dab in the middle of the University Of Delaware make it almost too far. The front of the restaurant is a gelato just go in and get gelato...homemade on sight gelato...yum! After dinner I wanted Creme Brûlée Toffee gelato which they were out when I was almost finished with my salted caramel and strawberry gelato...two scoops that did not touch until Den smooshed them...our server...lovely Laurel brought me a scoop of the toffee one! OMG! So good...we will go back!

Gelato, amazing food, great wine...we loved it!

After...too full to finish! Plus the gelato melted into each other!

I hate when food touches! Have I ever shared that I actually only buy oversized plates so food does not touch? And...I have a set of Crate And Barrel divided ceramic plates! They look like cafeteria plates! I love them! Am I going bald?

Not a care in the world that he smooshed my gelato!

Reading this still...a tragedy infuses the lives of Hallie and Gus...the night of their prom...this will affect them forever! Really enjoying this book!

Today I think we are taking a drive to Wyebrook Farms...for an organic, sulfite, nitrate free corn dog? Now that's a quest! It's a beautiful day here...perfect for a quick little drive and that hot dog!

How are you relaxing today?

Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Books! And Spaces!

Reading real book format!

Reading this...on my ipad2 while I am on the treadmill...and at night on my kindle when I wake up wired at 3 AM ish! It's so good but so sad...really sad...a very sad family story...

Reading this soon...I love books like this!

Here’s a blurb:

WARNING: This book will seriously damage your funny bone. The poorest boy in school has just inherited £1 million. But there is a catch: If he can hold on to his cash for a whole year he will earn ten times that amount. Enter Felicity MacKenzie, the ugliest, sweatiest, vilest, cruelest, hairiest mother in the western world. When she steals her son’s money and goes on the spending spree to end all spending sprees it seems that Johnny Nothing will stay poor forever. However, Johnny has a plan – he will imprison his parents and force them to do homework and go to bed early as punishment. Join Johnny Nothing, Bill and Ben the bouncer men, Ebenezer Dark and a cast of literally dozens in (probably) the funniest book you will (most likely) ever read in (some of) your lifetime. Learn why solicitors like handbags; why dead people are windier than the North Sea; why parents dislike electrocution; and what happens to you after you die. Johnny Nothing: Book 01 in a series of less than two from best-selling author Ian Probert.

Here's the book!

All plants are potted except for obvious things that we forgot! I need some winding, curling up trellises things for trellises in the yard...I want some hanging winding curling things for the bluebird houses and some bright flowy flowers for the double bench we have by the pond. Sigh! Today it's rainy and looks like winter outside so...planting is on hold. I think I want a big herb pot, too!

Off to the treadmill...Happy Day!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Apologizing! Reading! Planting! Eating!

If you received an unedited half started blog post from sorry! Den distracted me and I touched publish rather than save! Sigh!

Reading this...this author wrote Three Junes...which I read years ago but some of those characters are in this book. It's about a jobless father of twins on a quest to solve the mystery of his father's identity. Cool!

Planting...we got rained out yesterday...our backyard is a plethora of pots and plants and gardening implements! We zipped to three garden stores looking for a fern for the front porch one has ferns! Why? I always put a fern in a green pot on the green wrought iron bench by the front door. This can not change! Ever! Finally...we went to fave store ever...and adopted a lovely fern! Terrain is a combo kind of store of restaurant, classes, furniture, gifts, coffee shop, plants, and pots. It is simply put...lovely! It's owned by the people who own Free People and is kind of an Indie plant shop. I think they even have weddings there! When I am there alone...I just wander, touch, look and

I need to not cook tonight so we may be doing a midweek dinner! We'll see! Here...I am really going for the homemade gelato!

Happy Day!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Adventures! Plants! Books!

We were off to get flowers to fill all of our pots yesterday...our Monday field trip! We were about halfway there when we turned at a red light and heard a jarring noise! Den pulled into a parking lot, got out and discovered we had a wiry foot long spike in our back tire...with at least three inches actually in the tire. Oh my! Our car shows the air pressure in the tires on a little screen while you we watched while we drove...trying to decide what to do...what we discovered is that the air in that tire was going up...not down. So...being the scaredy cats that we are...we drove to the dealership where the great guys there took off the tire and checked it out...washed the car...and happily sent us on our way. We stayed in the inside lounge and munched popcorn while everything was done. Then...we went to get flowers for pots! And we actually potted them!

Today we are "assessing bare places"...and probably potting a few more pots...I am a whimsical potter...I love the way a plant trails all over the pot and onto the ground...I only love blues and pinks and purples and whites...with splashes of yellow...Den is a more precise planter...he likes things edged and straight up in the pots...ick...that's why I plant and he places. My only concession to him is that other than big plants...all flowers are in pots...with pretty spiky things in we don't "mess up the mulch." Sigh! Plus...Den likes taking pictures of what we did last year so we can replicate...I like wandering through gardening stores and choosing what looks like it would have fun in the pots! I do want one of these for the deck...a desert pot! This one is from "Margaret at A Way to Garden." I want to do this NOW!

Reading this...quite yummy! Lots of ballerinas and dysfunctional characters...I loved her first book, too.

And...just to re-emphasize...I freaking loved this book! Loved it! I loved the cover when I got it and I loved the insides even more.

That's it for me! Have a happy day!

Monday, June 2, 2014

I'm Baaaack!

It was lovely having the week end off! Den worked at his office for the past two weeks so we were on our usual schedule! We spent the weekend relaxing. The weather was georgeous. We sat on the deck. Kitties in their on our big comfy chairs...impatiently waiting for our deck sectional to come...reading, grilling, plotting...we are plotting brief summer getaways, concerts...we are going to see Keith Urban...and Den is worrying about my reluctance to leave Lucy and Roxie alone with a trusted sitter who will visit twice a day. Yikes! I seriously think I have a problem...I have travelled so much and I love it and Roxie Blue was supposed to make leaving them at home easier but it's harder and I seriously have a problem...sigh! I need a kitty nanny! Yikes!

Read these...the first one...ok but lacked excitement.

This one! OMG...freaking amazing! Three dead amazing little girl named Picasso...North Carolina...sweet minty tea! This is movie material!
The wives are all long haired blondes...Gwyneth, Reese, and the cigarette smoking wife on Mad Men? Yum! Reviewed from Amazon Vine and it's not out yet but it will be on June 17th! I loved this book!

New yummy books...reading about tons of great books that were at BEA...I really need to attend at least year!

NetGalley Buzz Books are Edelweiss...thank you for these and more!

What to read next? Every one of these!

Happy Monday!