Saturday, September 21, 2013

It's The Week's End!

Den is racing to get the lawn cut for two's going to rain any minute plus there are about a million college football games on all day today plus his alma mater CSU is on at 6:30...and he is so excited he can't contain himself! Whew!

It's a whirlwind of a day!

My girls...had a good week of almost sharing!

I finally figured out that this is my pink iPad cover making that blotch!

But Lucy always seems to be saying...Why me?

This book is so good!

Happy Reading!

Happy Saturday!

Friday, September 20, 2013

End Of The Week Random Totally Miscellaneous Stuff!

Saw this last good! Plus it had the actor who plays in BBC's Sherlock Holmes in it...I loved it! Now I want to go back and see the first one! Again!

Want to make this...and I can't even figure it out! It's a pizza pull apart bread from Just A Taste.

Want to read this and it's not even out yet!

Watched every episode of this...totally hooked! I have no excuses it is just scary good!

Want these boots...slouchy and worn...from my beloved Free People!

Want this bag...slouchy...worn...and hands free cross body! From Free People! Of course! Actually I have this and it's yummy...lots of zippered hidden pockets...and's hands free!

So that's it! I almost hate to say it but the weather is fall fabulous today...I zipped to the orchard yesterday for Honey Crisp local apples and gourds to fill one of my baskets and a pumpkin custard pie...the pie was a surprise! And a few more Brandywine Heirloom tomatoes for a few last toast and tomato sandwiches! Fall just feels like such a blooming fun season for me! I love it!

Oh...almost forgot...
Reading this and it is magnificent!

Happy Reading!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

These Days Are So Lovely!

Fall on the East Coast is so lovely. The air is crisp...I am starting to see pumpkins and cornstalks and apples everywhere. Fall banners and flags are popping up, too. I bought this one from Amazon.

Windows are open and our house just smells fresh and clean...we eat apples daily that often have just been picked and placed in bins a few yards from the trees. I love every second of it.

I went back to the farm today for butternut squashes and white sweet potatoes...the white sweet potatoes are incredible. They have a uniquely different taste that is really addictive.

Reading this...

But I miss this...have you ever missed the world of a book you were reading...I think I read the last few pages of this at a hectic pace and now I miss it...sigh!

It's 8:51 in the morning...the table is set, the house is tidied, veggies are prepped for a country vegetable soup to be made when I get home...and I am free!

Happy Reading!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

We Are Having A Mid Week Staycation!'s the thing...yesterday was our anniversary so I wanted us to do something special so over a month ago I booked dinner at a restaurant called VOLT.

The cool thing about Volt is that it is owned by a Top Chef...Bravo...Top Chef...the TV show!


We wanted to eat dinner that looked like this...

We were so excited...but...we didn't go...we cancelled everything.


2 hour drive one way...midweek...bad timing...hotel was booked.

Sigh! We wimped out and went to dinner closer to home. Then Den decided to take today off and we were going to go to a midweek movie but it's 4 o'clock and we are still here. We wimped out again...but it's sort of fun to stay home and I rescheduled VOLT for Den's birthday...which is on a Saturday...and the hotel is not booked!

And we won't wimp out!


Now to this...OMG...I loved this book...London 2059...clairvoyants...evil...a caste system...this author has an unfreakingbelievable imagination! A love interest a million times better than Edward and ending that left me numb! But that's only my and Warden forever!

I can not wait for the next book. I was lost in this world and I didn't even think I liked this book at first!

It was amazing...

Next up...

Happy Reading!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Simply Amazing Stuff!

This pasta...I have been seeing it around and apparently it originated from Martha Stewart. It's a Rigatoni Cake!

This pumpkin...I want to make this! This blog is one of my favorites!

My girls! They were very close yesterday. It's the chilly mornings! Roxie starts out here and rolls herself to Lucy...hoping that Lucy won't notice!

Lucy always notices.

This is the end result of 15 minutes of rolling and maneuvering. It lasted for 10 minutes until they both huffed off! Sigh!

This book! It is simply amazing! I will finish it today but it's been so good! I am sad to see it end!

Happy Reading!

Monday, September 16, 2013

I Am Having A Lazy Morning...

It's dark out...a bit gloomy...and I am deep into The Bone's a Today Show Book Club pick and made the NYT Bestseller List yesterday. The author was on the Today Show this morning and stated that she writes obsessively. I am reading this book obsessively.

Today is a do laundry, tidy the house, pop something in the slow cooker kind of day. We are having this for dinner. It's called Slow Cooker Honey Garlic Chicken and it is from a blog called Just A Taste. I love this food blog! We can't wait for dinner!

Back to The Bone Season for a bit...

Happy Reading!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

It's So Close To Fall!

It's almost fall and when we saw pumpkins yesterday...well...I just could not resist. The orchard we go to has a pumpkin called a "Field Trip" pumpkin that was so has a long stem for little hands to hold...and it's just the right size to carry on the bus without dropping! Here it is!

I didn't buy that one but I bought this one! It's a little more exotic.

Then we did this...

And this...

And added these...

And planted more mums...

Happy Sunday!