Thursday, December 1, 2011

I Love Teacher Books And I Hate Animal Movie Trailers...

I do!!!

I really do.

I love books about boarding schools that are normal or paranormal.

I love books about high school students.

I love books about academies and colleges and universities.

I can't wait to read this book.

It's a first sound amazing...a teacher who " succumbs to temptation ".

I love books about people who succumb to temptations.

I am saving it for the holidays.

And speaking of holidays.

I cry every time this trailer for War Horse is shown.

How can anyone sit through that movie dry eyed?

I will never be able to see it.

The trailer haunts me.

I cried when I saw the Broadway fake horse puppet on the Tony Awards.
I don't think this movie has a happy ending.

This horse is brave and beautiful and stalwart...I love the word stalwart.

This horse will probably do anything to get back to his owner.

Movies like this one...a Stephen Spielberg movie...are awesome.

And I will never be able to see it.

I can't read Water For Elephants, Black Beauty, Dewey the Library Cat, Marley and Me,  and the book about the poor pit bull.  Oogie?

Is there a book or movie that is so sad you are not able to see it or read it?

I can't be the only one...

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Some Logs And A Saw!!!

I just found this beautiful blog...called Home Frosting!!!

It is amazing how clever people are...I love this reindeer. This lovely blogger has directions on her blog.

I want to make this...but...

I don't have logs, a saw scares me, I am afraid to drill through his head, and I would be outside wandering around forever to find just the right twiggy antlers.

Oh well...I will admire him from afar...

Has anyone joined Pinterest?

Highly addictive for people like making scrapbooks without the mess...

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Slow Motion Reading...

I love this book...truly I do...but I feel as though I have been reading it forever.
I think perhaps because I started it at Thanksgiving and thought that I would finish it in a day.  Then when I didn't even open it up at my sister's...I thought I would read it for 6 hours on the way home.
But then I slept all the way home.
So now I am still reading it.
And in the meantime so many other books have poured into my Kindle and my mailbox.
I love love love winter reading.
Take today.
It was raining all day long.
I baked chewy oatmeal cookies.
I read my book all day long.
And I am still only 65% finished...according to Kindle.
Something must be wrong with my Kindle fuel gauge.
I am finishing it tonight no matter what.
After Glee.
I am finishing it tonight...
I am...really I am...unless...

This Is My Must See!!!

I think that this is one of those movies that needs to be seen at the theatre.
As soon as we can break away!!!

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

We Are Home!!!

It takes about six and a half hours to drive from our house to my sister's house.
Not that far but far enough.
We left at fourish in the morning today.
We were in our house showered and unpacked and totally exhausted by elevenish.
Lucy and I slept the entire way back.
Holidays are exhausting.
Fun but exhausting.
We have so far managed to do nothing but flop on the sofas.
And nap some more.
Holidays are truly exhausting.
Did I say that already?
I don't know why I always think I can read tons of books on a trip.
I did not read tons of books on this trip.
We have no food, no energy and no dinner plans.
I wish I could think far enough ahead to actually plan for returning from a trip.
I should have tucked something away for dinner.
But I did not think past a car snack.
One of us will have to go fetch something.
All we have munched on all day are itty bitty Japanese crackers.
My sister Paula single handedly made 5 pies, a huge Thanksgiving dinner, watched her daughter's three tiny children at the drop of a hat, and cheered for all college football...
especially Ohio State. her spare time she hosted a huge party for the Ohio State Michigan game on Saturday, had her son's new puppy...Winnie around her house for Thanksgiving and her daughter's dog, Izzie, resting after hip surgery.  Carried around an 8 month old because he only wanted her...and in her spare time we took walks with Lucy and she taught me how to knit an eternity scarf.
I bow my head in shame and in awe of what she does.
And...she is packing today for a week in New York!!!
I am so unworthy.
She will pack in a ton of fun with her husband...shows, dinners, jazz clubs and more.
And come home ready to babysit some more.
Again...I am so unworthy.
I hope everyone had a wondrous holiday.
I love going home for Thanksgiving.