Saturday, July 16, 2016

A Really Good Book...

For some reason I totally hate the cover of this's something about those black frames...they bother me...they really bother me...but this book was good...great writing...fascinatingly evil characters where you really don't know which one was more evil...and then you are totally gob-swiped at the ending. But I still hate those frames...




Not sure what I am reading next...probably one of these...

Thank you, Mary!

I am still not feeling well but at least now I know what is going on with my body...I will need surgery...yikes and freaking out...and I will end up taking a bloggie break and missing all of you!

I have tried keeping up with everyone but I may have a few days when you don't hear from me...not yet, though...I will let you know when!

These two are always watching over me! always...remains my strength!


Until Monday!





Thursday, July 14, 2016

Book Thoughts...

I have read some really great books I stated yesterday...this one started out really good for me...six college roomies...20 years later...but I simply became tired of the ending! I wanted them to solve their problems quickly! And they refused a quick fix!

I am just about to start this one...The Washington Post says this...

"Beautifully written...sensationalist...thrilling, graphic, and compulsive."

We shall see...

Have a lovely Thursday!




Wednesday, July 13, 2016


This book started out really good but it's getting less fascinating now that I am in the middle of it...sigh!

One of my comfort kitties...she is so sweet and long as she is next to me she is happy!

Another comfort kitty...she loves to hover over me! I am surrounded by good kitty vibes!

Have a great day!




Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Just A Thought Or Two...

So...this was a book about a big Jewish family...their cousins and siblings and friends...their holidays and finances and children and started off so fresh and good and interesting but by the last quarter of the book I just wanted to be done with it...seriously done! I can focus on this book...which is really good!

Den wanted to shop today...I was not in the we turned him loose on Trader Joe's and Costco and Walgreen's and The Farmer's Market!

Armed with a list for every store...he had fun!

Off to watch the depressing will that be?




Monday, July 11, 2016

Sweet Books!

I feel compelled to tell you again that this book was amazing! I loved every single word! Loved the Berkshires setting, loved Mass Moca, loved Care and her sister Ruby...I loved it all!

Just finished this one without as much love. This one sounded so exciting but for me? It was as flat as a pancake!


Now reading takes place near Penn...University Of Pennsylvania...which is not far from me...and it's about roomies...20 years later...I so love books like this!

New books! Can't wait for these...


Off to do lots of important and non important stuff!