Saturday, December 29, 2012

Waiting...And Waiting...And Waiting Some More...

Soup is made...we are in for the day...where are you, Snow?

We are getting this...

But I want this...

I am obsessed with snow!

Happy Saturday!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Snow Soon?

I can't wait...we are supposed to have a very snowy day tomorrow...snow angels and snow kitties are on my mind...this mid west lake effects snow girl...just loves snow!

Today...we are stocking up on a few things...Lucy and Den are off to the vet for their check up...Lucy...not Den...usually Lucy and I do this but somehow two things were scheduled at the same Den and Lucy are off to the poor sweet baby!

Reading for now...

Have a fun Friday!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Windy Wonderfully Waffley Thursday!

Mid week waffles...yum...this is why I love the's cold here and wet rather than snowy.

Den found the video of my mom and dad that I wanted to see...and it wasn't sad! They were so funny...I think that stems from spending years together. It was Christmas morning and Den and I were the only ones at home. Lucy was a baby...and it was just too funny to listen to the four of us. Den and I making comments, my dad performing and my mom running from the camera...typical family stuff...I thought it would be so sad but it was too funny! And very precious!
The only sad surreal part was hearing their was sort of amazing!
Hearing my mom laugh and my dad say it was one of his best Christmas mornings ever and hearing them say my name...well maybe a teensie bit sad but a good sad.

Reading? This is my worst reading week ever! Who can read? There are so any other things to see and do! And reviewing anything? Sheesh...totally impossible!

Plus I don't care! How bad is that...I do not care what gets read...or not...or reviewed or not...

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Day After Christmas!

We are in all day...reading, playing, making homemade meat sauce and is what we do the day after Christmas...we are gong to watch another movie...we saw Batman yesterday...

I think I love the day after Christmas even more than Christmas Day!

Hopefully you are enjoying your day!

My new family member!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

We are sipping egg nog and reflecting on...STUFF! Lol...

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Traditionally Speaking...

We are off to Whole Foods early this morning to hunt and gather Christmas dinner. We are opting for little bites for tomorrow. Little skewers of beef, cold garlicky shrimp with a homemade sauce, crab and avocado something, a cheesy dip and baby kale salad.

This is the Five Ingredient Garlic Roasted Shrimp Cocktail from Fine Cooking.

Mmmm...sounds good! A very Christmassy chocolate cake for dessert. I am making that later today. Lucy and I have to stay upstairs while Den wraps his presents...actually my presents...Santa already has Den and Lucy's gifts wrapped and under the tree! My Santa likes to be on top of things...Den's Santa is more last minute plus I have to get all of his wrapping stuff ready for him...sigh! Tomorrow morning we will drive to a lovely old church for early Mass...then come home to bagels and smoked salmon and champagne. We toast our family and dear ones and slowly open presents. If we are at home...and lately we have been...we stay in jammies and try to make the day last as long as we can. We call our brothers and sisters and have a relaxing bittersweet day. I am used to being an orphan now but it's still sometimes sad.

We have a movie of one past Christmas when we surprised my mom and dad and it was just the four of us at home on Christmas morning. We had tons of wrapped stocking stuffers for them...we sat around the tree with Lucy diving for ribbons as they opened them...laughing and talking...I haven't watched that in a while...maybe never...actually...but I think I want to tomorrow...I sort of need to see them as more than just my memories. Sigh!

We either go out to Christmas Eve lunch or dinner. This year it's dinner. If we stay home I like to do a version of my mom's Italian five fishes which usually means clams and linguini. If we go out we have a fishy starter. Our restaurant tonight actually offers a five fish dinner option but I am not in love with every fish so I am sticking with my one fish! One nice safe fish!

Dinner is's a cool local place in an old old building. Getting dressed up, having a big old martini along with my one fish starter and my little filet! Merry Christmas!

Happy Christmas Eve Day! Stay good...dream of Santa! Have the best day ever tomorrow!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

I Almost Forgot To Write!

It has been a delicious day...I did not even leave the house! Den went to church and stopped for a few groceries...I put more ornaments on the tree and read all day while we watched football and played with Lucy!

It was a much needed do nothing day! Baked fried that even possible...for we try to get used to the cold temps we are having!

Finished this...yum!

Reading this...yum!

Playing with this...double yum!

Happy Sunday!