Saturday, July 8, 2017

Miscellaneous Thoughts?

I have been trying to do a Friday wrap up post and then not post again until Monday. I like the idea of posting on Monday, Wednesday and Friday but here I am posting on a Saturday! The girls and I are in our bedroom... my favorite place to chillax...watching Grantchester...a PBS Mystery. It's so good. Really good. Exceedingly good. And the priest who plays Grantchester was the worst bad guy ever in another Netflix series that we binge watched last year...I think it was called Happy Valley. Den loves Bosch...we are in the midst of Season 2...I snuck in a Poirot yesterday which I thought was hugely fun! Our taste are so different but somehow we work out our differences...bribes? That usually works for me! I am always up for a bribe.


Can't put this one's the second one in the Hampton's mysteries...innkeeper Antonia has a knack for murder...or rather finding murdered people. She also loves breads and pastries and pastas and cheeses and really yummy foods. It's going to be easy to binge read through all three of these!


I think that I could happily live on these grilled vegetables for a long time! Stuffed in a pita? With some cheeses and a good ciabatta bread? Yum! Thank you Damn Delicious!



This is my week for buying new soft floral printed night gowns. Last year I only wanted black sleeveless ones...this year it's all about flowers!

These Eileen West ones are soft and fluttery and comfy!


Two new tunic y tees from Free People! So comfy and wearable!

One sweet photo of my little bed buddy...

The best root beer ever! Thank you for finding it, Den!


The chair Roxie claims as hers...

The cake I need to bake immediately!

So that's my mixed up Saturday!




Friday, July 7, 2017

A Lazy Day...

Today I have a mouse hunter crawling up into the attic! We don't even live near woods! We just live near fields so it hardly seeems fair that we get these periodic invasions of ducks, geese, squirrels, and now mice. I am ready to move to the city! Maybe it's time for an airtight house where mice and squirrels can't get in! There are always ducks under our decks! Last year a duck layed eggs under the white part of the house and a turtle laid eggs close to the front door! What am I to do? I just want to walk around the house and pond without getting bitten, stung, or pecked by anything! And we not only have sweet turtles but we have snapping turtles, too! Oh woe is me!


I am so glad to have finished this...I can't say that enough! It was good but just so involved! So long! So complicated!

I think I am reading this next...from Edelweiss's summary...


"Twisty and powerful, ingenious and moving, The Woman in the Window is a smart, sophisticated novel of psychological suspense that recalls the best of Hitchcock and an unforgettable thriller that Louise Penny describes as “a tour de force"...oh boy!

That's my day...I promised Den some sort of noodle either for lunch or dinner...he just has to decide what he wants. Pasta noodles or Sesame noodles but we both need noodles!

My week has been really disordered because of the fourth...I woke up this morning not even knowing what day it was!

Off to think about noodles!




Thursday, July 6, 2017

Way Too Excited!

Intense...really intense reading finally allowed me to finish this was so good and yet way too complicated but I had to finish it. You wouldn't believe me if I tried to tell you what Elanna could do...with stones and rocks and dirt!

I doubt if I have enough energy to read a sequel...whatever happened to vampires? Likeable vamps? I want them back!

So...up next...who knows...but I need a break from intensity and seriousness in fantasy. Here are some potential choices!


It is so dark and dreary could rain for days!

We are engrossed in a new Prime Suspect and Broadchurch and Season 2 of Bosch...soooo good!




Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Finally Finished!

My goal yesterday was to finish these two books...and I almost did it! My Hamptons mystery just kept getting better and better because certain characters got increasingly annoying! But these characters got annoying in that really good way where they think they know everything and it's up to Antonia The Innkeeper to put them in their place. Plus she has to deal with a creepy local reporter who wants to date her...this book has its humorous sides, too. I love it and I will joyfully read the next two!

And I will be done with my fantasy momentarily! minutes!

My outside are growing! Especially our zinnias but we are afraid to cut them...they look so wild and bright and pretty!

Hydrangeas! OMG...I love them!

We are still in the midst of getting trees trimmed!

New watering can lights...I love them!


We did have sheetpan salmon was so delicious.

Today we are trying Weggieman's BBQ just pop it on a sheetpan and it bakes on its own in the oven. The fish guy at Weggieman's said it was really good...I guess if anyone should know about BBQ it's the fish guy!

Weggieman's is a delightfilled place!

What to read next? No clue!

Perhaps this?

Lucy gets to choose!





Tuesday, July 4, 2017

A Lazy Day!

It's a semi sunny day here today. Den has just come in from Weggieman's. We are having salmon for's what we were both hungry for.

I think we are going to try to compromise on a movie to watch or binge watch more Bosch. What is it about me that makes me love mysteries?

I really love this book and love that it's a series. I love reading about the Hamptons and the stores and the foods and Antonia. Antonia is a delightful innkeeper and an entertaining sleuth. These covers are weird but the books are really good!

Have a Happy July 4th!





Monday, July 3, 2017

Big Beautiful Books!

I am still reading this book and as much as I love fantasy...fantasy takes a long time to read. Unpronounceable places and that often have to be read twice because they seem impossible because they are impossible...plants growing out of nowhere and rocks coming alive...I love this book and its heroine but I want it finished! Now! an attempt to read something normal over the weekend...I literally stumbled upon these!

They all take place in the Hamptons at an inn run by Antonia...a chef, amateur sleuth and transplanted Hamptonite. The first book is filled with mystery and incredible food descriptions...these books are cozy and fun and so relaxing to read. My first two came from Edelweiss and the last one is on NetGalley. This is the kind of cozy mystery that I could binge read...just pick up the next one as soon as the one before it is done.

My self imposed exile continues. I just can't imagine going out to a movie or dinner or anywhere wearing these hats...I wish I was less self conscious but I am here I my house...with my kitties and Den. I feel so bad because Den is kind of isolated, too...and it's not fair and it's easy for me to get sad and frustrated but I am stuck in my exile for a while longer. I can feel fuzzy hair on my head but it feels weird and wild and I will probably never have my regular hair back again...ever! Sob!

I walked for 21 minutes on my treadmill on Saturday. Today I am going to try for 22 sounds so weird to think that at the end of 22 minutes I am exhausted.