Saturday, September 18, 2010

I am not quite sure how to describe this book other than the fact that it was fun…I love change of pace YA books that have quirky mouthy main characters…and this book certainly had that in the form of Ana…who might or might be a really bad witch or a really good vampire or actually half of each. That was the funny part. Her father married her mother in order to stop a vamp/witch war and Ana’s mother has never told her one thing about her vampire dad until he sort of just appears in her yard on her sixteenth birthday. The book was really good and really funny. Ana considers herself a geeky nerd who is a failure at being a witch. She has no clue about her vampire part until she accidentally licks the blood off of the face of a classmate in a freak gym accident. And there is a weird naked vampire who says he is betrothed to Ana while at the same time she is sort of involved with Nicholai who is a witch and a vampire hunter and in a great band. You have to get the drift of this book…just action packed and mysterious and really really funny at the same time…Ana sort of reminded me of Rachel from Hex Hall. Cheeky interesting geeky main characters who are fun and brave and get into major scrapes.

I have not heard anything at all about this book…I think I just randomly Kindled it one day while reading about the author on someone’s blog. But the author writes cleverly and skillfully and I would definitely be up for another book or two in this series…

Friday, September 17, 2010

Scones, Meatloaf and Gingerbread?

I have been totally immersed in a book world of Angels and Vampires and Immortals and Werewolves. And…when I wasn’t reading tons of YA Fantasy I was reading lots of women’s fiction that contained tons of family dysfunction and lots of sadness. I really love both of these genres…they are intense and relaxing and enjoyable to me.

However…just a few days ago I became aware of a delightful author named Mia King. I read one of her books…Good Things…and totally loved it. It is refreshing and fun and includes recipes!!!  And it was just a romp to read. It takes place in Seattle and the main character is Deirdre... who just happens to be the host of a local television show that airs daily and focuses on decorating, baking, cooking, floral crafts, fashion, style and more. Deirdre is happy in this role…and loves her life…she buys Manolo Blahniks on Ebay…and considers spending $300 on them a bargain. She spends nearly every cent she makes without thinking about her future. She shares an apartment with her gay best friend and is happy…very very happy and secure and content. She doesn’t even miss not having a love interest in her life because she is so happy with her gay best friend…they cook and clean and literally do everything together. Life is good for Deirdre.

And of course you know that this is going to end…swiftly, messily and sadly for Deirdre.

She ends up alone, jobless and homeless faster than you can whip up a batch of homemade scones.

Enter a chance encounter with a stranger…Kevin…who of course is handsome, wealthy and a bit mysterious. He comes to Deirdre’s rescue by offering her his vacation home in a town about four hours from Seattle called Jacob’s Point.

Jacob’s Point has its own cast of quirky characters…a delightful diner named The Wishbone…a mysterious lake…and the chance for Deirdre to discover who she really is and come to terms with her life.

Simply put... but the book is so much fun to read…I literally could not put it down and read it in a day. The food and the people of Jacob’s Point and Kevin’s family and Deirdre’s baking were all quite enjoyable. Of course, Deirdre and Kevin’s relationship has a steamy side but that only added to the charm of this book.

I loved it and look forward to reading more from Mia King.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Spoonfuls Of Fudge...Oh Boy!!!

I just actually received an email about some unusual chocolate of them happens to be a jar of extreme goodness called Spoonfudge.  It is actually fudge in a jar with an attached spoon that you eat by the spoonful.  Of course I had to try some so I ordered a set of chocolate caramel and chocolate peanut butter cup and dark chocolate and a marshmallow chocolate combo...four little jars in all...Spoonfudge was sweet enough to give me a 10% off code...blog1011...just type it into your order and you will get 10% off...enjoy!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Sense Of Style...

Clothes have always been a very dear love of mine.  People have always told me that in whatever state we have lived my style is just a tad different from everyone else's.  I think that that statement is most probably true.  I tend to like comfy things that you can wear with a bit of trendy jewelry and a scarf and maybe even a hat...I love boots and will collect them and wear them as much as I can.  My things last for a long time...I don't buy things that will ever be out of style.  I am a bit trendy but not in an obnoxious way.  If I find something I love...I will buy more than one of them.  I love leggings and tights with dresses and tunics...that seems to be my statement style.  This week my love is this top from an online website called Calista.  I have fallen in love with this tunic...called the Jaimie Gingham Tunic.  The fabric is soft and knitted and lovely...the tunics are beautiful and of buying can never buy just one.  The green one and the blue one are now mine.   It is a sickness...but with black leggings or baggy knitted haremy and a of my go to winter outfits is ready!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Angels And Devils...Who Knew?

Halo is a book about angels. Specifically the angel Gabriel and his sisters…Ivy and Bethany. They have come to a small seaside town to begin to try to save it from some very dark forces that are threatening to take over all that is righteous and good within the town. A house has been readied for them…clothes are there and the three angels just sort of appear…wings tucked in and as normal as anyone can be. They do have to learn a few things and they do have to hide a few things. They don’t have navels…who knew? They have creases in their backs where their wings must stay tucked and they don’t understand why they get lightheaded at noon…they actually have to learn how to eat!!! Plus they have amazing hair and gorgeous glowing skin and they don’t leave footprints in the sand even in human form.

Gabriel is the head of the household…get it? The Angel Gabriel…he is flawless and perfect in every way and he becomes the new music teacher at the high school. Of course the number of girls who sign up for music grows tremendously due to his beauty. Ivy stays at home but involves herself in tons of volunteer work. Bethany becomes a student at the high school and tries to assimilate into the student body. People in the town have no clue that they are angels other than Father Mel…the local pastor…and the three angels go about their lives quietly changing the town.

Good things happen…people start to care more about the poor and the elderly and the sick…and then Bethany becomes more involved with a classmate, Xavier, than a heavenly body should and this is where stuff starts happening. A new mysterious student comes to town and very bad things happen when he is around and there is prom…and a huge major confrontation…and that is all that I can share…seriously…or you will know more than you should before you read the book.

I found this book to be fascinating. The entire premise of angels…and major ones at that coming to live and work in this lovely seaside town was intriguing. The idea that angels are agents of a higher power was fascinating. Gabriel acted with the blessing of a Covenant and could be powerful yet merciful at the same time.

I know I probably say this too much but the death of my parents makes books like this really appealing to me…angels guiding souls and levels of heaven and happiness in a hereafter world…are what I want and need to believe right now. Apparently there are mixed reviews about this book but I honestly loved it. It was a slow and delicious reading experience for me. It reminded me of spiritual things that I sometimes forget. And I learned that I don’t want my own personal guardian angel to be spread too thin…so I am going to try to be a less demanding person for him…or her.

Monday, September 13, 2010

More Fall Reading...

This site...Gawker...usually does not remotely mention books and reading but today's email from them has a great article on Fall Books...what is out and what to look forward to through November.  I still do love articles like this because I always worry that I am missing out on the next great book and as far as newletters go...this is a good one.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cheerios For Sunday Supper?

This was my husband's most anxiously awaited day of far.  He loves football...loves it...did I say he really loves football?  So...I gave him today...I made him steak and eggs for breakfast...homemade pizza for lunch...and stone ground taco chips and 100 layer dip ( just teasing about the 100 layers ) for his half time snack...I read an entire book from start to finish.  We put a small heating pad on the ottoman in the family room so Lucy would stay with us...and we have not moved...literally.  It is now 6:30 and any plans I had for dinner have been discarded and my husband has just asked me if spending today this way was ok...I find this amazingly funny.  So...dinner will be a bowl of cheerios and bananas...and one more football game...OMG!!!

Lucy and I have plans to retreat upstairs for this last game...we think we have had enough football for the official first day of the season.