Saturday, April 5, 2014

Saturday...It's Wide Open!

Roots gone!

Book finished...soooooooooo good!

New one begun...

Friends to play with...

Even a dinner date!

Happy Saturday!

Friday, April 4, 2014


Reading this...why is it when the esteemed headmaster ( Arthur Winthrop ) of a private school in Vermont takes shall we put this...special interest in an eighteen year old scholarship student...again...why do we know this is going to lead to...something! Yes...something...creepy, wrong, sinister, secretive...all of these does not share the same bedroom with his wife any more...hmmmmm. All she does is bat a tennis ball around!

This school is like Hogwart's...everyone comes to eat in the dining hall...teachers, students, everyone...breakfast, lunch and dinner. And the headmaster watches Betsy. And I am only pages into the book! But again...I love this kind of it!

I am sort of on schedule with the books I want to read...sort of but...not
I really need to read these next...

I love Elizabeth Haynes mysteries and I cannot wait to read Moth And Spark.

If Den is not around and I give Lucy and Roxie a teeny bite of salt wild the middle of the makes them a rare treat...and I can get a ton of reading done!

Dinner...not at all sure what we are hungry for...which really means what I am hungry of these perhaps?

All are meatless...

I think I am making the top's a creamy tuna/spinach combo stuffed into shells, from Everyday Foods.

Or this...from Can You Stay For Dinner? It's a white bean puttanesca with garlic bread.

Or this three bean chili from...Smitten Kitchen.

Off to watch a Dr. early morning wake up...

Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Seriously? Books Are Everywhere!

I should know better than to announce any reading plans I think I have...I never read what I think I am going to read...

So...I am reading good! I love this author! Loved Year Of Fog and this one is just as good.

Then I am reading this...because I don't mess around with Amazon
I started this one and it's awesome, too. It's one of those books with lots going on but you don't really find out until the there is time for lots of surmising. Plus it starts out with someone running naked through Central Park...running away from something he did!
Plus I can never resist boarding school books...ever!

So...Roxie set off the house alarm by breaking this this morning...I had to drag it into the garage. I have no clue how she did this. I think she jumped on it...knocked the big pillar candle that was on it off...the alarm went off but the pillar was still standing...when I touched it...this happened! Oh my! to vacuum, dust, prep for dinner, workout and then finish Golden State!

Happy Day!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sandal Season!

Finished of those books that surprised pretty much had everything I love in a book like orphan girl who is really a dragon...or a is hungry all of the time...she can turn into whispers of smoke, she is funny and has to deal with mean girls, a love interest and saving a what I mean? It has everything! It was so good!

Now to sandals! It's almost time to wear them! Here are some of my finds...from Nordstrom's and Ugg's and Zappo's and Free People, and even Birkenstock's...did you know that now some Birky's have soft soft foot beds? Yum!
For some reason I love the black and tan ones.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Tale Of Two Dresses!

I can be a bit obsessive about clothes. Clothes sort of talk to me. I love clothes. If I really love something...I sometimes buy more than one of it. I love Eileen Fisher harem pants...I love Free People tunics...I love Indah dresses...I love Alternative Apparel tees.
I love Sweaty Betty yoga pants...I live in them. This brings me to the tale of my two dresses...

These...I know...I know...dresses only I could love...but I bought the bottom one from Free People a few months ago. It's the kind of dress I will toss on all summer long...with flip flops...for shopping, travel...anything...I seriously love it. It's from an Australian company calked Tigerlily. Then by accident I saw the top one but it was only sold in Australia at a shop called SurfStitch. It was on sale...and the way it's sized almost any size fits...and SurfStitch had only sold out ASAP. Apparently Australians have my taste in clothes! Lol! Anyway...I bought it on Thursday and it came yesterday...all the way from Australia with free shipping! It's perfect and lovely and the only flaw was when Den asked me if I paid in Australian currency or US dollars! Who knew to even ask? But it was on sale so that should count for something...right? Awwwww...

Reading this...

This is dinner...only with twice as many clams...Den is a clam lovin' boy! This recipe is from Simply Recipes! Love that site!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, March 31, 2014

It's Monday!

This week I am setting a goal...just for me...filled with action, realism, murder and fantasy! Wow!

I want to read these...this one would be a vivid fantasy...

This one is set in 1892 and is also a fantasy.

This one is murderous activity involving a swim club.

And perhaps even this...because I am overdue for a beach book and I do not have the new Elin Hildebrand or Nancy Thayer books...yet!

Well...that's that!

Happy Monday!