Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Here we are...both of us without our's sad...we both sort of got used to it...and we both think of them every day...but it's always sadder on Mother's Day...the ads, the flowers, the commercials...sort of get to us after a while and we just get a little bit sad. Photos, videos, and memories...sometimes just aren't enough. Sigh!

We get over it but just for this one day...this one moment in time...we both wish we could see what our moms were doing to make us giggle and laugh the way we did in these old photos. I was never far from my mom because I hated not being with her when I was little...and Den...hmmm...Den...he was never far from his mom because she couldn't let him out of her sight for even a minute! Both of us had moms who were our biggest fans...they thought everything we did was we have to cheer for each other.

Here I am on my wedding day with my mom. I wanted an unconventional wedding...with lots of flowers. My dress was a designer STRAPLESS gown but I had to wear a cape in church at

And here Den is on my wedding day with his mom! Everyone argued with me but I did not want a tuxedo clad

To Louise and Helen...

Nobody gets us the way you both did...we miss and cherish the time we had with both of you.


P & D

Relaxing...It's What We Want To Do...

It's Saturday! I love Saturday...even today although its raining and it's muggily humid!

So we are going to watch movies...Den wants this...I know...we have not seen it yet!

Lucy, Roxie Blue and I want this...

Hmmm...3 to 1...I win! We win!

Reading this...

Then this...


and finally this...whew!

Happy Saturday!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Fun With A Fyrelocke Giveaway!

Reading this...mysterious, creepy, with a multitude of yummy dysfunction...and about disappearing girls...I seem to be reading tons of that lately!

Finished this...more disappearing girls...intense...and more family dysfunction.

Also finished this...loved this book...loved it! Now I want a horse! You have to read this's that good!

Here is my wonderful very special giveaway! I loved this's fun and effect for any kid...big or might know! Probably best suited for middle grades but I hate to label it...I loved it!
It will be signed and sent to you by this very special author!

Just comment and I will grab a winner next week!
Have an awesome Friday! We are mowing...Den...and deck reading...Patty, Lucy Grace and Roxie Blue! Every day they get just a little bit more relaxed with each other! Whew!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Salad Frenzy?

Love this book...just got's so easily organized. We truly eat tons of greens...and salad for dinner is what we do much of the time. I love it because I can do all of the prep ahead of time...when Den comes home...all I do is pull it out of the refrigerator whenever we are ready!

Allows us the time to chat before dinner!

The salads are not all...last night we had Salad Nicoise...a simpler version than I was used to...extremely good.

Tonight it's a Cobb Salad! In fact it's chilling right now! All of the salads have lovely easy to make simple dressings...yum!

So...are you a salad eater and if you are...what is your favorite salad?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I Have A Thing For Summery Books!

These have caught my summery eye...even though its pouring outside!

Summer should last forever! What summery book is on your mind?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I Simply Hate Waiting For Rain!

It's supposed to rain but the sun is out...Lucy and now Roxie remind me of our summer routine...daily...

They like to sit outside in their tent while I read. They like to listen to ducks, geese, and birds. They love watching the squirrels. They can see and hear everything from their screened in meshy they can move around, drink water and spar occasionally!

They each have a unique way of telling me that we should be on the deck...Lucy has mastered "the look" while Roxie has mastered "the squeaky chirp". Both are relentless in their quest for what they want me to do.

Of course they always win...I am mush to!

Dogs probably bark to get what they cats patiently wear me down! Right now I can barely type. Lucy has placed herself on top of my arm...gently tapping it...Roxie just knocked down picture frames.

Time to give in!

Still reading this but I will finish it later is so good I can't stand it! What is it about that era...the twenties...that is so fascinating...riding camp, elocution, dances...fifteen year old Thea has been sent away to Yonahlossee. The book so far is a teaser...a lovely teaser...about what she did to make her family...her close knit this to her...they do not want her home for a year! She has left her twin brother, her horse, her mother and father for the first time ever. She has never even gone to school...she was homeschooled! They won't even call her...I am going crazy trying to figure this out...even the odd clues and flashbacks are not helping!

Deck time!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday! Monday!

The funny thing that my kitchen is functional...I still am not really cooking in

I want to simply simplify my life by organizing shelves and drawers. The study is still semi filled with utensils that I used to keep out...antique pitchers filled with wooden spoons, etc...that I now want in drawers. I am asking myself why I have 18 was all we needed this week end...for eggs and quesadillas.

Hmmm...but can I part with the other 17?

We are also getting used to granite...right now we are setting things on it very gently...sort of waiting for something to crash. Plus Den came up this morning to tell me the new sink was scratched...

Really? Life is too short...I gave him a mini lecture on embracing imperfections!

Finished this...good...long...really's the kind of book that I really enjoyed but I couldn't wait to finish it. Have you ever felt that way about a book?

Reading this...finally...I read an article that said it will be this summer's hidden gem?
I will let you know...

Picking out tumbled marble later today...

What do you typically do on a Monday? I really didn't like Monday when I was teaching...we were forced to stay an extra hour for Monday is still a slow start blah kind of day for me! I am trying to get over that feeling but it's hard!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Happy Cinco De Mayo! Yum!




Wanted these but we couldn't find the blender...Frozen Pineapple Margaritas from a blog called TasteLove&Nourish!

Finished this middle grade fantasy...I loved it...

Reading this...really good...

Watching this...really good...

Happy Sunday!