Saturday, October 11, 2014

Saturday Stuff!

We should have zipped to Whole Foods or Trader Joe's...we should be up tackling something? Cleaning, laundrying, anything but what we actually are doing...which is watching Gotham, sipping coffee and making up excuses to not do anything at all!

Well...that would be me...Den is ready to tackle the entire house!

But it is Saturday, it's rainy and cold and it feels so good to be warm and toasty and immobile...just for a teeny bit longer!

Finished was a beautiful book...

Now reading this...

And...trying to come up with a few more reasons to delay moving!

Happy Saturday!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday's Fun!!!

Today was a festive kind of day! I had nails and toes done here...thank you, My! You are so good with nails!

Den and I met here for a bison burger for me and a venison burger for him...we love this place!

Then we had a latte and an oatmeal cookie here!

Now we are at home binge watching TV and chillaxing while I finish this lovely sweet sad and powerful book!

That's my Friday! Lucy is binge watching with us...Roxie chooses to be alone in our room...I think that sometimes she needs her

She puts herself in here for quiet time!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thursday's Trivia!!!

Den is home today!!! We just spent a part of our morning staring at all the parts of the basement that we want to sort, shred, save and giveaway. We have decided to conquer it a section at a time...but not today...whew! It's sort of already divided into doable sections and if we decide to move where there are no basements...we will be ready. We will be more than ready! No hoarding here!

So...Den cleaned the basement a bit and ordered the sections...and I brought up more pumpkins! Lots more pumpkins!

I had to tie my witch's legs together so Roxie would stop jumping for her shoelaces!

I am in need of tiny little Snickers Bars...itty bitty boxes of Milk Duds that only have three duds inside...and Tootsie Roll pops...but just the orange and purple ones!

Love Halloween kitties!

Jack o'lanterns! Love them!

Reading this...still...and every character is so totally annoying...but I kind of love the book!

Den is out mowing...the dishwasher is humming...the laundry is drying...and I am free!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wednesday's Wonders!

It thundered and stormed all night last night but I never heard it!

There was a red moon last night? My friend Peggy took this picture from her porch...isn't it amazing?

Finished this...probably the most relaxing book I have read in a long time...a young widow, a cake shop, a new love and a mean girl! Yum!

Reading this now...really good...

Making this chopped salad for dinner...from a cookbook called The Family Dinner! I will be chop chop chopping all afternoon! We are adding tuna rather than tofu!

Those are my wonders!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tuesday's Thoughts...Random, Of Course!

It's most definitely fall...our house is in that clump of reddish trees! They were so tiny when we first planted them!

Where is our house?

When we first moved onto this one had any trees...we never raked leaves and we were very sad! Lol...not any more! We have a million different kinds of leaves everywhere!

Finished this touching and heartfelt! The conversations between Douglas and Seth and Henry...oh my...sad and lovely and funny! The premise of this book is that Douglas...a taking a summer trip in an RV to scatter his son's ashes at Yellowstone. He takes on two young brothers as a favor to their father...the story is lovely! Sad but not too sad...more bittersweet!

Reading this one, light, and sassy!

Making this for dinner from KitchenDaily...tomatoes and veggies and chickpeas and pasta...yum!

I am still pulling out bins of October stuff! One of my favorite wreaths!

Happy's kind of wet and chilly and dreary here today...a very good stay at home to make soup kind of day!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday's Modifications? Kitties And Books!

I have recently realized that our beloved bedroom...with its peely white furniture and quilts and white wicker and paintings...from Maine and other special not just our room...but has also become "their" room. My two fave paintings...can you tell why and can you see how the artist drew stuff when she signed these?

Any way...I digress...

I no longer sit in my pink ticking chair to's Roxie's!

I no longer sit in my wicker's Lucy's!

There are soft catnip toys scattered everywhere...a cat scratching tree in front of the window...and two scratchers that they love tucked away in corners. I have to pick up toys to vacuum!

I don't even know how this all happened. But...kitties are sneaky like that...whenever they aren't with us...they are in "our" room! Oh my! They even get excited when we open our closet doors...they always walk inside to check it out...every single time! Oh...I keep a closet full of my clothes in a room that is way down the hall...when I walk down the hall to get something...I am always trailed by the two of's so funny. It looks as though I am leading a parade! A kitty parade! And Lucy is always first with Roxie right behind her...they never change their order! our room has been modified by these two sweet kitties! We also think that Roxie has learned to be a little princess just by watching Lucy...oh yes she has!


Reading opinion yet!

But I really want to "drop it like it's hot" and read this one...oh my how I LOVED the first one! And J.A.White is a amazing teacher!

Oh...just a note...I am still stuffy but totally hooked on this new Lemon Vicks!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday's Surprise!

We woke up to a temp of 37 degrees! Oh me, oh will get to a sunny 70 today but right now it is freezing!

Den zipped out for church and bagels...I am snuggled with kitties and there is not anything I want to get up for right now.

I did not even cook dinner yesterday...I had a weird allergy thing going on...sneezing...stuffiness...I felt awful all day! Better today but still stuffy! I hate seasonal allergies! Hate them! Ick!

Reading this...perfectly dysfunctionally lovely...just what I need in between sneezes and feeling as though I can't breathe!

Vicks is my best moms remedy of Vicks on a few Kleenexes and just hold it and breathe it in...did you know that there is Lemon Vicks? I love Vicks!

These are up next...this one is a sweet, sad middle grade book.

This one is sort of L.A. Dysfunction...yum!

Time to sniff Vicks and breathe!

Happy Sunday!