Saturday, August 24, 2013

It's A Beautiful Day!

Today we have divided duties! Den is putting the deck in order, washing the sunroom windows and hopping on his tractor to mow the lawn! Lucy and Roxie are going to sit in the sunroom and supervise! Lol! Don't they look supervisory?

I have not chosen my role yet...I have to flat iron my hair...tonight is date night. I should organize something...I should dust something...or do laundry...but I could supervise Den, too...that might be more fun! Supervising is the role I was destined to do! I love supervising!

We are going to dinner because Den is craving dinner here...we have not been here in a while...The House Of William And Merry...yum! After all of the supervising I will be doing today...I will need a reward! Totally!

Finally reading this...before I see the movie...not stopping until it's finished! I will read it in between supervising Den. He will love that...I am sure!

Happy Reading!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Dull! Dull! Dull!

I have to admit to boring myself lately...after a hectic three weeks...we have not done anything exciting lately...sigh!

We haven't felt like going out to dinner...too much eating out in Denver.

No shopping...end of the season and I am into Fall Stuff!

The endless painting...literally put me on edge.

I slept until 10 this morning. So did my girls! See! When Den leaves to prep for work...Roxie Blue does a flying squirrel leap onto his side of the bed...a few nights ago she flopped to the floor and woke us all up...Lucy plops on whomever she wants to...we are still courting her to make sure she loves Roxie so she gets anything she wants...this is a new $12.00 cat toy that she loves more than Roxie! Lol!

I feel very peaceful today. Den is back home. We are going to put the house back in order and perhaps even go out to dinner tomorrow night...but then again...staying home sounds so good!

Reading this and it is awesome...a psychotic killer on the loose in the English burbs...but no one believes that his victims have been murdered...they are found alone and badly's creepy good! I did not love her last book but this one is unputdownable!

That's my day!

Happy Reading!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

It Was So Refeshing!

So...the painters were done after Monday...Tuesday was my first alone day in weeks...yesterday was another totally alone Den is back and hopefully we can relax for the rest of the summer...

I finished this on devilishly good.

I finished this this creepy good.

Contemplating one of these for today...

But...I really want to read this before the movie...

So...I am off to prep the house for Den's return...we are having homemade Macaroni And Cheese for dinner! With stewed tomatoes! Which is a weird Pennsylvania tradition which Den Not so much!

Happy Reading!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Home Alone!

This has to be the best morning I have had in over three weeks! I have nothing to prepare for...painters are finished...I think...everyone here is fed and napping or off working...I may not move for hours and hours and hours.
The deck is a mess...carpets and furniture everywhere...there are other workers who have to come in...furnace check up...the washer is making funny noises...but it can week is soon enough!
This book is so good...if you have never read YA...this is an awesome starting off book...Luke, River, Violet, Sunshine...big old run down mansions...guest descriptions that are making me crave omelets and dippy River just an ordinary boy or is he something more...hmmmmm...

I feel as though I have barely read in weeks...barely...

Just found these books floating around some sites...I am in the mood for mystery!

These look so good! I want them all!

Happy Reading!

Oh My...It's Another Day With Painters!

OMG...I am even boring myself with this painter's just that my daily life is on's not just me...Den finally got it...on Saturday when there were painters painting...the pounding...the faces in is so weird! The deck isn't mine, I can't water, I can't garden, I can't sit outside...there is plastic hanging from windows and on Sunday I saw a roll of tape on the way high up roof! I should also share that we have never lived anywhere long enough to need a new roof or a house painting...that might be why this all unnerves me!

It's not that the painters are not good...they are just sort of messy...and they keep saying that when they leave it will all be perfect again...I guess they really want to restain the deck. Lol...

Still reading my two books...these...I actually love both of them...

This one is a serial killer mystery...weirdly fascinating...he only goes after couples.

This one is a YA goth...bad boy...could he possibly actually be the devil kind of book...yum!

I am off to pull down blinds and shut doors so I can have a little bit of privacy...not that anyone is just feels weird!

Happy Reading!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Peace...A Lovely Day Alone!

This the first time in 3 weeks that I have been on my own. No is heaven...or my idea of heaven. I love people but I cherish my alone time...Lucy and Roxie Blue and I have a daily routine that we does not include painters, workers, or Den. Lol...sorry, Den! is good...tomorrow chaos, pounding, and spilled paint will reign!
But right now as I cherish this day...tomorrow seems a long way away!

Thank you!

Finished was so good. A boy named Will, a girl named Maren and a train named Boundless! The train is huge and miles and miles long and filled with magic and surrounded by various disasters just waiting to happen. There is even a Sasquatch...actually a few Sasquatches...Sasquatchi? It won't be out for months and months but it is so good!

Still reading this...semi scary!

Choosing my next Kindle should be this but it's too much like A Dark Mind...

So...what to do...what to do...or this...more magic and more of the stuff I this one just might be a little like Deborah Harkness's books...which I adore! to vacuum on my only alone day this week!

Happy Reading!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Messy Breakfast For Everyone!


Here...yummy looking, isn't it? Organic grain free tuna/duck/pumpkin soup!


Bagels with tomatoes, smoked salmon, capers...yum!

Local melon...not ordinary cantaloupe...something different and really sweet and icy cold! I think it was a Crenshaw!

Den brought me a special treat...a simple plain Starbuck's flavors just coffee and white stuff! Yum!

Raining painters but not even close to being done...I so need a quiet house and time alone...



still reading's a real book for Amazon Vine...not a Kindle book.

Reading this on my Kindle for's a middle grade book about an amazing train adventure and a boy. This is the only way I can sort of read two books at a time...different kinds of books and really different genres. And one has to stay in the family room...I am not quirky at I? I have really just begun both so no real valid thoughts...yet.

And although this started off had an equal amount of really boring parts...just enough to make it a so-so ho-hum kind of book...I loved the main character but hated that era.

Happy Sunday!