Friday, June 3, 2016

Just A Few Books...

Finished's amazing but you have to love Julie Kagawa and all of her YA fantasies...this one is all about dragons and dragon wars and people changing into dragons and then back sounds trite but it's a truly brilliant series...


In the middle of this one...also YA...I think...but Jill and her best friend were in Italy with a study group when a terrible accident occurred...Jill has no memories of it but her wealthy father has whisked her injured body back to the US while things get figured out...great writing...great's just a really good book.

Today...we woke up to rain...gentle plants are doing beautifully with all of this gentle watering. I couldn't sleep last night so I left our room and wandered down to the bedroom at the end of the hall. In our bedroom I can never really hear the rain fall because of our high ceilings but in the way down the hall room I could hear it and the bed is right below big double windows so it was like waking up in a tree house. It was quite a surprise to find that Roxie followed me and was cuddled next to me...sound asleep. Den hates when I do this but when I am restless I just need to find my own little spot...and either watch TV or read to fall asleep! Roxie seems to have a sort of sixth sense when it comes to finding me! It's soooo sweet.

This is a low key week end...just staying around town and relaxing.

Have a great week end!

Big hugs until Monday!



Thursday, June 2, 2016

Trivial Pursuits...

It's so unlike me but I barely read yesterday...barely...I just was not in the mood. Den was outside putting more smooth rocks under the deck and I had to literally force him to stop...he was exhausted...and then...well...then I started watching Diagnosis Murder where Dr. Mark Sloan was at his beach house while eventually all of his friends popped in to chat and solve murders. I love this ridiculous show! Today Dr. Mark Sloan and Jessie are quarantined at the beach because they tried to save someone walking on the beach who has small pox. Yikes!

They are running out of things to do!


And now...I need a cookie! And I don't feel like making any and we don't have any cookies...not even cold hard store ones. Not even a lonely Oreo or a sad Chips Ahoy. Or a Tate's...have you ever tried Tate's? OMG!


Ok...back to Dr. Sloan and this book...neither are as much fun without a cookie!




Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Is It Sandal Season Finally?

Okie dokie! It's time! Finally! Time to flip flop sun dresses, sandals and shorts for all of my long sleeved tees and yoga pants. It's a quick change out for me because I just switch out one dresser of winter stuff for summer stuff. Everything else is already in other closets, drawers...etc. I have a ton of crinkly summer sundresses that I love to wear at keeping them bunched up in a drawer is not an issue at all! It's my toss and throw method of changing out drawers.

Then I need to change out winter shoes and booties for strappy slides and sandals. This is a weird year for me for clothes because I have not liked some of the stuff out I have been I have tons of stuff from last summer to wear. But...I did just buy them...found them at Revolve.

So...books...I finished my two YA from yesterday...
But I am still working on these...
Soldier is total dragon fantasy...
With Malice is a mystery...with a twist...

Plus I have a new and weird tv addiction...I think I have seen every Columbo by now but I am totally fascinated with something called Diagnosis Murder! It stars Dick Van Dyke and his son and they live at the beach and solve murders. It's totally addictive. So...they happen to be on the Hallmark Channel...a channel I usually never watch but they have these cool mysteries called the Bake Shop mysteries and the Tea Garden Mysteries...I watched one yesterday that was so much fun! What have I been missing? Plus all of the mysteries are based on cozy mystery books. And new ones begin on Sunday!

Off to attack summer!



This is what I see when I put down my iPad...apparently Lucy feels that it's her lunch time!




Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Books And Cookies! Well...Actually One Cookie!

So...I just now finished this book. It's a book about a student and a totally dysfunctional professor/author and the relationship they had over a long period of time. Isabelle was Daniel's writing student...Daniel was her agoraphobic writing professor. This book was intense, lovely, and thoughtful. This book surprised me because I loved it so much.

Up next? These...

And that cookie! The recipe makes just one big chewy cookie...thank you to Chelsea's Messy Apron for the photo and recipe!

Have a lovely day!





Monday, May 30, 2016

It's All About The Flags!

My living room is always Memorial Day ready! I have collected flag stuff forever...although I have stopped collecting anything right now! I have a little too much of everything!

But here are a few of my flags...


Happy Memorial Day!