Friday, October 28, 2016

Oodles Of Noodles!

So...this has been a week of noodle eating! We had Singapore noodles on Monday...pappardelle on Wednesday...and for lunch today we are having Udon noodles with either chicken or we get to use chopsticks!



I stayed at home while Den ran a few errands...he just sent me a photo of his cart...without me there he is a much more efficient shopper...with a very organized cart! Who knew? But he gets easily tempted by certain foods...and today Whole Foods was filled with things to sample and taste. So...he sampled and tasted! And purchased stuff that was not on the list...sigh!


I love this book...but I also started Winter's short and fast paced plus it's a library book so I want to read it now and send it back...and it's just so easy and light and Christmassy. I still am incapable of sleeping through the night...I might sleep for a few hours but then I wake up wired at around 1:00...we have tried everything...trying to sit up in bed to fall asleep later...camomile tea...a scary prescribed sleeping pill that didn't seem to make much of a now Den and I both wake up at around 5:00 AM! Then the girls wake up, too, and our day starts so early! I used to be able to sleep so much later...sigh...I seriously hate waking up in the middle of the night but I don't know how to stop it from happening!

Breakfast anyone?
Have a great weekend!


Thursday, October 27, 2016

I Am Up To...

15 minutes on my treadmill...I even inclined it a bit today...and I walked a bit faster...and I did's my personal best for now! It is still scary amazing to me how exhausted I can still get...I am still careful around stairs...going up stairs is still a little tough...but I try to do it at least 3 or 4 times a day...and I am cooking! I made this for dinner yesterday and it was must be popular this week because I have seen it pop up on lots of blogs. I used Pinch Of Yum's recipe and the white stuff is a huge spoonful of a really good ricotta cheese. Sooooo good.


Reading's all about libraries and magic and dragons and I loved the first one so much and now I have all three! I love when wishes are granted!


Now this sounds really strange but I am making it for dinner...I think the recipe came from the's white cannelini beans and tuna and gruyere cheese and some other stuff...I think cream and Panko bread crumbs...made into a Gratin! It actually has a formal name...Breton Tuna And White Bean Gratin!

It is totally dismal here today...coolish and rainy and Den doesn't feel well...headache and other he is resting. Since he put himself under a fluffy white blanket the kitties are jumping all over him...even Lucy!



Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Random Stuff...

Yesterday I was moaning and groaning because I didn't have the middle book in this series. The lovely Kayleigh from Berkeley just sent it to me...I am so thankful! I am no longer groaning or moaning!

I am caught up in this book...the subject matter is sad...two little boys disappeared ten years ago when they were six years of them has been sighted in London but as you can imagine...his life during the ten years he has been missing has been miserable and sordid. The main character...Myron bigger than life. He has been in a number of Harlem Coban's books...these books are always edgy, fast paced and enjoyable. This book follows that vein...

My girls...why are they watching me? The bed hopping they do is amazing!

Dinner's in the slow cooker...we only have to cook the's a flank steak and seasonings and crushed for hours until the steak shreds right inside of the slow cooker. There is a scoop of ricotta cheese on top! I have actually been cooking! This recipe is from Lindsay Ostrom at Pinch Of Yum.

I am so cold lately...I am forever looking for soft fleecy warm tops to just wear around the house and out and about...although my out and about is still limited. I found these at Nordstrom's online...they are amazingly soft and warm! It's cold here today!
Den is making us cups of green tea. We are each allowing each other to have two Halloween candy bars...and then I am taking a nap!


Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Books...Deadlines...Series Order?

This, silly, at times even over the top ridiculous but still so enjoyable to read. Inns, Nantucket, dysfunctional family members...I started this yesterday and finished it this morning. It's not for everyone but if you have a yen for all things Nantucket...this is the book to read. Characters either have it all or are losing it all.'s a series so you would need to read the next two books. Light easy fun reading if that is what you are in the mood for...but the first book does end abruptly and I am now craving some sort of seafood soup. Chowder? Bouillabaisse? Lobster Bisque?

And...dare I say I am next in line for these two books on Overdrive?

But I realized I had this one so I released it to the next person...

But what is happening is that now I will have a ton of books from Overdrive that have to be read in 14 days! Yikes!

Here is another series dilemma...

I read and loved this book...the first in this series...

I missed getting a doc of this one...the second in the series...and I cannot find it at my libraries yet...they have the first one but not this one...I refuse to pay $11.99 for the ebook...I just hate it when ebooks are priced that high.

I just got this one...the third in the series...I don't want to read it until I read the second one. Thus my series dilemma!

Amazon Prime has now included books and magazines in its subscription services. I just read the newest editions of these...and there are so many more! I love reading magazines on my iPad. The book selection is good, too!

Ok...time to do my snail's pace treadmill workout!





Monday, October 24, 2016


Overdrive finally came through over the weekend with this book. I am happily reading it now and I will return it the minute I am done! As everyone should!

I read and loved these two over the weekend. Small Admissions was so good! It was clever! It was funny! I loved Kate...the dysfunctional main character. I loved reading about all of the parents and applicants to this private school. It was really different and immensely entertaining. It takes place in NYC. Kate has embarrassing college professor "hippie" parents and a "normal" sister who worries way too much about Kate. In spite of her lack of experience being an admissions navigator...Kate is really good at it! Plus...her notes about the candidates...priceless! Behind Closed Doors was really good, too, but the creep factor...that would be Jack...made me want to finish it fast!


New books? There were a few...

This book is based on a Russian folk tale.

From Amazon...

"Elinor Lipman may well have invented the screwball romantic comedy for our era, and here she is at her sharpest and best. On Turpentine Lane is funny, poignant, and a little bit outrageous."

"In this spine-tingling tale, a girl fights to save her home and her life from a mysterious stranger."

"Set against the construction of the Eiffel Tower, this novel charts the relationship between a young Scottish widow and a French engineer who, despite constraints of class and wealth, fall in love."


I am unable to resist Christmas this time of year. It's the same way that I can't resist beach books in the summer. So...

This one is by the same author who wrote The Bookshop On The Corner.

And of course I need to read these Christmas this order! They are sappy...I am certain...but still fun to read! I am relying on Overdrive for the last those 18 readers ahead of me better start reading!

Have a great Monday!