Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hot! Humid! Tired!


Den and I went to see Jackson Browne last night in Atlantic City at our usual hangout...The Borgata...yes...we were just there last Friday for America. All I can say is that we are sometimes stupid...I did not want to go from the minute I woke up on always stay over but we did not factor in that it was a sort of holiday...and a ten year anniversary for the Borgota. That made our yummy room about $500 for that night...seriously so not worth it so we thought we would drive back home after the concert. We are about an hour and a half away but it's a scary highway at night...tons of traffic...just not a pleasant drive late at night. But we did it and are ok...just totally exhausted. We actually tried other great hotels in AC but...we had to take a jitney to get to the concert, reviews said some had recent...OMG...bedbug we nixed other casino hotels. Plus even the Borgata had a smash and grab robbery at a jewelry store this past Monday at 8 in the evening...thieves took $500,000 worth of stuff. It's a store that you have to walk by to get to the hotel, restaurants, casino area and concert venues. We always felt safe there...but last night there was a guard stationed at the store's front. I guess there is never such a thing as being totally safe.

The concert was great...he is amazing...his opening act was someone from NickleBack...awesome BUT...the longest concert ever...I was so tired of sitting!

The girls and I are not drained! When we go to bed at 2 in the morning they go to bed at 2 in the morning...but feel compelled to wake us up at 5 ish for breakfast!

Reading this yummy mystery...almost finished...

Bouna Lettura!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Hot! Hot! Hot!

I need this! On my way to Williams Sonoma for this slushy maker. You can put anything in it and get slushy icy drinks! Sigh!

Yummy cold slushy stuff!

I think I need this...too!

To make these...

and these!

We are going to eat only icy foods today!

Reading this...sooooo good!

Buona Lettura!

Thursday, July 4, 2013


Happy July 4th!

I realize I need to start getting Roxie Blue in these outfits and I will!

We are...well...Den is...mowing! Our "hood" is a quiet one but you can hear lawn tractors all around us...everyone is hopping on their John Deers' trying to get their lawns cut before it rains again! And that could be any minute!

Finished good...I think this was an amazing book...I do believe I liked it more than "Gone Girl"...

Up next? Hmmm...probably one of these...

Buona Lettura!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fireworks...Distractions...And More Rain?

I hate to go into this weather thing one more time BUT it is raining...again! We have not done one outside thing all week other than dash in and out of a car...we can not remember a summer like this ever.

And in spite of thinking that all of our outside beds are dressed...the mad mulcher that I live with ordered 3 more yards of mulch that is sitting wet and steamy in the driveway.


Still reading this...I am realizing that when Den is home...I read less! I don't like this. He is distracting. I can read through TV, movies, and sports...but Den with earbuds off laughing at YouTube videos drives me to distraction!

This book is so wrought with dysfunction...I love every word! Hmmm...perhaps I need to get off my dysfunction loving kick and read something wildly dystopian?

The rest of my day involves a trip to Whole Foods and lunch out. July 4th was always a holiday my dad loved...picnics, fireworks, family...all in my parents' back yard...even when we were grown and gone...we all came home for the 4th of July at my parents' house. Much to my mom's dad had a garage refrigerator filled with night our back yard was so full of smoke we couldn't find each other. Someone...mostly my brothers...would get hurt. Only small towns in the Midwest get away with this stuff...

Buona Lettura!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I Love A Good Staycation!

We are at the tip of another staycation...I fully admit to not yet being ready to leave Lucy Grace and Roxie Blue...thus our staycations! We just noticed that they each sleep with a special toy. So sweet...I thought it would be easy to leave for trips because they have each other and the cat sitter...right now I can't imagine leaving them for any reason!

Changed my mind about what I am reading...and I am reading this...really good...kind of different...mildly disturbing.

We have a lull in the rain...the amount of rain we are getting is amazing. It's dark or almost dark all of the time! I miss the sun! My hydrangeas are smooshed down from so many downpours! And one strangely odd tall one is spiking out from the center!

Making pesto stuffed chicken for dinner...from Kalyn's her recipes...this is her photo. The chicken is stuffed with pesto, sour cream and mozzarella cheese.

Off to read!

Buona Lettura!

Monday, July 1, 2013

It Just Happened Again...

My blog post just disappeared for the second time...I know I published yesterday's and it I moved away from the page for a minute and today's disappeared. I could seriously scream!

Yesterday's post was so cleverly written, was witty, insightful...full of fun filled was a unique demonstration of my humor...and it had banter and fun repartee. All three of my readers would have loved it! Five on a good! I go again for the third and hopefully final time...oh...and I hate missing a day...I love posting...sigh!

Finished Nantuckety! My only issue was I needed more girl fights and dysfunction!

Now reading fierce!

And the best thing happened! Some angel at NetGalley gave me this...if you were here at my house right now? You would see me dancing and spinning around everywhere! I can't even believe I have it in my hot little hands!

Buona Lettura!