Saturday, September 14, 2013

Today We Went To Glen Willow Farms And We Bought...

Bright yellow tomatoes...

Big green grapes...

Local Fugi apples...

Local fresh spinach...

An Amish apple pie...yikes...did I really pay $ 9.95 for this pie? Oh my! Oh well...

And my very first pumpkin of the season...isn't it beautiful?

Happy Saturday!

Friday, September 13, 2013

I Am So Off Of My Self Imposed Schedule!

Den came home at noon today because he is still sick! Coughing, conjested and annoying!

My sister and I are like our mom when family members are sick...we want them to keep quiet and go to their rooms until they feel better. No matter how long it takes! We will make them soup and bring them tea and juice but we prefer that they not talk so much about their illness, ask our opinions about their illness or ask us if their head feels warm. Sigh!

These are easy rules to follow! Right, Den?


Reading this...changed my mind from yesterday and literally am caught up in this one...but it's so good...weird but good!

Staying in tonight...making Den a comfort food dinner of cornflake coated chicken strips, stovetop macaroni and cheese and honey balsamic roasted carrots! We are not starving this cold! We are feeding it!

The carrot recipe is from my other new cookbook! This one!

Happy reading...oh...stay healthy!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

First The Heat...Then The Rain!

I guess my dreams for crispy fall weather are not going to happen...yet! Everything here is humid and sticky and wet. Oh my!

Finished this...who knew gargoyles could be sexy? This was such a good book!

Reading this now...just started this so I have no opinion yet!

Den is home sick...he really should have cancelled his appointments. His history is that flying exacerbates any illness he has. Not sure if this is allergy related or what but he is ten times worse today. It did not help that his plane was in Philadelphia at the airport just sitting. They could not get to a gate because of some new rule. So he got home starving and coughing hours and hours later than he should have.

My sweet boy is napping now...I am off to get my grays colored...whoopsie...did I say grays...forget I said that! Lol!

Happy Reading!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It Is Still Getting Hot In Here!

Today will be the hottest day of the week...and then a cold front pops in...thank goodness.
Not that I want cold...I just want a teensy little morning chill and a reason to wear something with sleeves.
And a reason to sit on the deck with a hot mug of something in my hands.
And a reason to stop watering! And mowing! And sweating! And running the air conditioner!
I am so ready for crisp air and spicy smells!

This book was so good...and she is a first time author!

Reading this good! Gargoyles who are bound to save humans but they change from their gargoyle form to a beautiful human one...this book started out deliciously and is staying that it's in that era of servants and big long dresses and carriages. Add danger and mystery and I am hooked. I love this kind of YA!

I am still kind of starting this...I read a few pages last night and I am not fully engaged...yet! But it's good...different...I think I was expecting something totally different so I have to sort of regroup and give it a fresh start.

Off to rip into my day!

Happy Reading!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It's Getting Hot Again!

The temps are's hot and humid here for the next few days and then down into the 60's over the weekend! Oh me oh my!

I just bought this lovely book!

And made this for dinner last night! It's a saucy chickeny bake in the oven thing that we ate on top of polenta! It was so good!

Making this for Den later...he believes he has a head cold or a sore throat or allergies! Or all of the aforementioned illnesses! It's a soupy beany cabbagey minestrone! Yum! I love this book!

Reading this...Thank you Laurel-Rain for reminding me I had this through your lovely review! This book is most likely every parent's nightmare and is so good! Cannot put it down for very long! I raced through all of my tasks today in order to read this all day long! And of course it's not what I planned to read this week at all...but who cares?

Happy Reading!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Simply Books!

Just finished this and it was really fun! Katherine and Laney were best friends forever until life sort of tore them apart. Laney stayed home...Katherine went off to NYC...years later they are reunited at the reading of a will...the book is about their families, their issues and their dysfunction! Quite yummy!

Reading these next...

Have you read about this one? The author is a student at Oxford...this is the first of 7 rights already...the next J.K. Rowling? I have read all of that about this book!

Happy Reading!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

This Is Our Sunday!

Papers, coffee, scrambled eggs, NYT Book Review!

Kitties sleeping!

More coffee!

Happy Reading! Happy Sunday!