Friday, May 13, 2016

When Kitties Forgive...

So...we were in Bethany Beach for a few days...exploring, talking, getting another "feel" for this place that we never even knew existed...again...barely 2 hours away from us. We love Shannon...our realtor...her advice is sound and invaluable. We love Sherri from the gourmet store...we listen avidly to her story of relocating from Philadelphia to the beach. We chat with Ruthie at the hotel. She moved from a town minutes away from us and has been at the beach for we listen and we learn.

Then we drive home...chatting all the way. We walk in and expect to be greeted by kitties who are sad and lost and miserable because we have been away from them for two whole nights...even though Aunt Donna has been attending to their every need for three days. Aunt Donna thinks Roxie is the sweetest kitty she has ever met and very needy without us there. I think it takes Roxie two seconds to forget us and replace us with Aunt Donna!


These two barely acknowledged our absence! Our presence?


Roxie came down and sort of glanced at us. Lucy never even came downstairs. They made us suffer for about two hours. They walked around us but ran when we tried to touch them. They looked at us disdainfully. And then they pounced! After long brushies and special food and playtime...they forgave us!


All is well for now!


I don't even know how to classify this book...but it's insightful and good...really good.

I need to read this one over the week end...


We are off to clean and tidy and do laundry! It's a gloomy rainy day here today. But we are basking in the light of kitty forgiveness!


Have a festive week end!

We are only hoping for a glimpse of sun!




Thursday, May 12, 2016

Beaches...Beachy Books...Beachy Foods!

Why can't we just buy this room at the Mariott? It has everything I need! Cute little kitchen, two huge flat screen TVs, Starbucks in the lobby, a new friend named Ruthie The Hostess, another new friend named Uncle Frank The Concierge who will happily tell you he is the oldest employee at the hotel, great walking trails and the beach right in front of my face! There is nothing like sleeping along with ocean sounds...although we have not seen the sun in two or three days! I feel like Eloise! I could seriously live in a hotel!
The hotel...
View from our deck...
View from our room...
So...this weather is soooo conducive to reading...I randomly grabbed this one and I can't put it down...of is about high school...but this book starts with an "incident" when these kids were 13...
And this one, more of a fantasy...I am saving Serafina for later...
Have a great and awesome day!

I almost forgot about beachy foods! It's so chilly here that I had chicken noodle soup for dinner and Den had chili! I did eat a crab cake...I guess that's kind of beachy! We have been so in love with our room that we have been going to this great place called McCabe's Gourmet and bringing food in!

Too rainy and cool to go out!



Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Catching Up!

This book!


We had no wifi or phone for hours yesterday so I am playing catch up today!

Reading's intense! Raw, rough, edgy...but writing that definitely has me trapped...for now...but I can't wait to be done with this book. These girls are so messed up! Lacey, Nikki, Dex...I don't like, drugs, mind games..these three are toxic! This is this author's first adult book...her specialty is YA but it's all about these three high school girls...add a bit of Kurt Cobain into this mix and you have disaster. This book reeks of cigarette smoke! Literally!


This plant!

The whiskey barrel that this plant is in...sort totally collapsed but this plant grows on! It's amazing!


The next book...I really need to read a book that is sweet and pure and clean after Girls On Fire. I loved the first Serafina book!

I am off to clear email!




Monday, May 9, 2016

A Multitude Of Books... it a special gene that book lovers have? I have always loved all of their real book shapes and real book forms and even in all of their magical Kindle libraries that I can carry with me everywhere! Carrying an entire library in my bag is what sold me on my Kindle!

I love smelling that weird? I love and cherish hard bounds...but...I love and cherish my Kindles, too. I was the kid who couldn't go anywhere without at least one book...well maybe two. And on trips I had a stash of books that needed their own carry all. And along with the books I had notebooks filled with titles of future books that I needed to read with notes about them and notes about authors...I was book crazy!

I am still book crazy!

My parents were mystified by me but fed my reading addiction. I got at least one new Nancy Drew every Saturday!

Summery Sunday afternoons...this is how it went down...instant Lipton Iced Tea, a plate of Windmill cookies...maybe these are known just to Ohioans...and me on the glider on our enclosed front porch...sipping, nibbling and reading my day away!

And now...

Just a few new books from NetGalley and Edelweiss...aren't these covers just soooo lovely? I love when my books range from lovely to creepy!

Summaries from Amazon...


The stunning sequel to Maria Dahvana Headley’s critically acclaimed Magonia tells the story of one girl who must make an impossible choice between two families, two homes—and two versions of herself. I loved Magonia!

Three Dark Crowns...

Fans of acclaimed author Kendare Blake’s Anna Dressed in Blood will devour her latest novel, a dark and inventive fantasy about three sisters who must fight to the death to become queen.

The Tea Planter's Wife...

#1 International bestselling novel set in 1920s Ceylon, about a young Englishwoman who marries a charming tea plantation owner and widower, only to discover he's keeping terrible secrets about his past, including what happened to his first wife, that lead to devastating consequences.

The Memory Of Lemon...

The author of The Cake Therapist returns with another sweet and emotional tale featuring Neely, the baker with a knack for finding exactly the right flavor for any occasion...I loved The Cake Therapist!


New York Times bestselling author Tosca Lee brings a modern twist to an ancient mystery surrounding the most notorious female serial killer of all time. A fast-paced thriller for fans of Lee’s Books of Mortals series with Ted Dekker, Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code, and BBC America’s hit series Orphan Black.

The Wolf Road...

The Wolf Road is an intimate cat-and-mouse tale of revenge and redemption, played out against a vast, unforgiving landscape—told by an indomitable young heroine fighting to escape her past and rejoin humanity. OMG!

Okie Dokie!

I am linked up to Book Date so if you have a minute...check us out!