Saturday, November 26, 2016

Well...It Happened...

First I thought my hair looked thin...then it really was thin...and now I just have fuzz. It broke my heart, I cried, I wailed, I think I might have screamed a bit but as long as I have hats...I should be ok. Well...not really ok but reasonably ok. My sweet caring doctors keep telling me it will grow back. Den...well...he has always loved my hair. People always tell me I have my mom's beautiful hair...but now I think I look more like my dad...with his tiny little bald head. It's ok. I can do this thing. I can and I will!

I am vain, and embarrassed about my hair...or rather my lack of it...but I will get over it...I really will. I am at home and comfy and getting antibiotics every 8 hours and doing what I normally do. I am learning about life and the kindness of strangers and the awesomeness of neighbors who put yummy black bean soup on our doorstep and who always ask if we need anything. And another neighbor who packed up an entire Thanksgiving little throw away containers that we could toss...we had yummy turkey sandwiches for lunch today from that dinner.

My heart is full. Den asks why I cry sometimes for no apparent reason...but my reasons are that my heart is full of the kindnesses of others and I pray that I can be as helpful to others as others have been to me.




Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Oh My!

I have been a little quiet...a little feverish...a litttle out of it because I am in the hospital. My port has to come out...dammit! Tomorrow morning...out Port out! But it will be ok!

I will be ok...I am reading and relaxing and puzzling. I just can't get to every blog for comments so stay with me please! I would miss you all...way to much if we parted ways now! Be patient with me! Give me some big old virtual hugs!


Drugs are making me sleep a lot...

Hugs until next week!





It was toasted cheese, French fries and chocolate puddin'...I know...I know...but Den ate half and the bread was whole wheat! Heeheehee!