Friday, February 17, 2017

Warmer Days!

It is really warm here...for February...and will soon be getting warmer. We actually took the duvet from our bed and replaced it with a lighter quilt and extra blanket. It's weird weather for February! Den says he is going to do yard work this's been cold and windy all week and all of a sudden we are going to have temps in the 50's and 60's!


Finished this was really really good...Kate, Jenny, and Aubrey meet in college and spend way too much dysfunctional time together. Not friends that I want in real life but so good to read about in a book. This was the kind of book where the pages just kept flying.

Reading this one now...

Perhaps reading this one later over the weekend...just because it sounds like fun!


This is one of my lazy kitties...the other is nestled deep into her heated bed. All of us were so tired today! We needed naps! Tea and yummy snacks and good books and naps! That was how we spent our Friday.

Have a great weekend! Ours will be another quiet one...
See you Monday!


Thursday, February 16, 2017

Oh My!

I guess I didn't blog yesterday! I do everything on my iPads...but I have a big iPad and I have a baby iPad...I take my baby iPad to Oncology...yesterday I got "chemoed"...and I didn't write my blog post! We were at Oncology from 10:00 until almost 4:00! I call it Big Chemo Day. And it is exhausting even though I just sit there! Bag after bag of clear liquids go into my small body...I have to drag my stuff/bags/equipment to the bathroom every hour! I get Benadryl which does not put me to sleep but makes me sound literally "drunk" and makes my body jerk for an hour...then an anti nausea bag...then a steroid bag...and then the big guns...the chemo bags! But my no nonsense Oncology doctor says all my numbers are trending really well! I even hate putting it in print for fear something will change but he will never lie to me...he is one of the best in his field and he came out to tell me because he knows I am a worrier/panic attack person. Actually everyone there knows that about me...sigh...I just can't help it! That's why every third Wednesday we bring them a treat from "Weggieman's"...yesterday it was a beautiful carrot cake! When we were done and walked in our door I had enough energy to shower and drop into bed! I didn't fall asleep but just rested and read...but by 7:00 ish I was out...Den woke me and literally made me eat dinner...and then I fell asleep until 2:00...woke up and found Lucy in my sweet comfort kitty...and she put me back to sleep until morning. I think she knows when I need her...


We go back today at 3:00 to get a Neulasta shot. I have to have that 24 hours after Big Chemo and it makes white blood cells grow and protects me from any infections but it hurts! Joints ache for a few days because that's where it goes...I guess. Again for me it really hurts!

Enough of that...I am sorry but I just wanted to share my day! more beautiful Oncology doctor always tells me I am beautiful...which makes me cry every single time...slouchy hats, no hair anywhere...the growth I had fell out again from Big eyebrows or eyelashes...I cry every time I look in the mirror but when he tells me that it breaks my heart. Den tells me that, too, every day but he has to...right?

I tell everyone it's Mac really red lipstick...the only makeup I can wear!


Loving this alternates between the college years of Kate, Jenny and Aubrey twenty years's all secrets and lies and maybe even a death/murder and how they are dealing with them now. Oh...and their lives now are pretty much a mess!

Love books like this!

So...I am still tired today so it's a "down low" day...I will finish my more of this's so good, too...magic and goblins abound...

Most hopefully reading this one next...

Again thank you for reading my "tales of woe" posts!

Have a great day!

Virtual hugs to everyone!



Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Cat In Charge Is...


I think that our room turning into a shared room with the kitties happened because of me. I love our room and being fatigued from chemo made me want to be in it more than ever. Comfy chairs, big TV, big comfy bed...all made me feel better. Because I spent more time in our room...the kitties spent more time in our room.

It seems as though they have their own "kitty corner"...heated beds, kitty tree so Roxie can watch the birds, scratchers and a Feliway Kitty Calming Plug-in that I swear calms Den and me more than the kitties. And we all seem to cater to Lucy.

Enter the new kitty steps...


It seemed to us that Lucy was having trouble getting into our bed...she would jump on our newest chair which I thought was ok until I saw pulled threads. So her route to our bed was chair, nightstand, finally our bed...and it seemed to be getting more and more difficult for her and the scratching sound of her jumping on the chair was irritating to me. Sigh! So...we bought the steps thinking it would be an easy fix.

Lucy does not see it that we block the chair she will use the steps...easily. If the chair is not blocked...she will use the chair...sigh! Roxie just jumps over everything including the stairs. Yesterday we "enticed" Lucy to use the stairs with a white grape as her reward. She walked up the steps easily to get to the grape and to get to me...her other reward! But she has yet to use the steps on her own...she does not see the point to them...double sigh!

So...the step saga goes on and on...and probably on some more!


Almost done with this...which I chose instead of...

this...but I think I am reading this next...

Find me is interesting...a girl commits suicide but her BF believes she is still alive. Lots of conspiracy theories abound because Jar...the BF...believes he sees her in all kinds of places. It's all very mysterious.

Happy Valentine's Day!





Monday, February 13, 2017

It's All About The Books!

Finished was good...really good...a very small town girl is murdered...this book is a fascinating "who did it".

I think this might be next but I am still deciding...

A few new books...the cover of this one was so intriguing. This is just the kind of fantasy I love!

From Amazon...

"In the lush and magical tradition of Naomi Novik’s award-winning Uprooted comes this riveting debut from brilliant young writer Callie Bates—whose boundless imagination places her among the finest authors of fantasy fiction, including Sarah J. Maas and Sabaa Tahir."

From Amazon...

"A beautifully written novel about love, class differences, and betrayal playing out over the course of a fractured American family’s Long Island summer from #1 New York Times bestselling author Ann Brashares, author of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series."


From Amazon...

"From National Book Award finalist Deb Caletti comes an emotionally riveting story of a woman falling for a man who may be hiding a dangerous secret—perfect for readers of Jodi Picoult and Kristin Hannah."

From NetGalley...

From Amazon...

"Dare to Remember is a tense journey into one woman's struggle with the aftermath of a vicious attack that killed her best friend. I found myself frantically turning the pages, desperate to uncover what happened on the night of the attack. Susanna Beard is a thought-provoking, skilled debut writer who will no doubt win a new army of thriller fans with this clever novel." Tracy Buchanan


We apparently lost power in the middle of the night last night...after the Grammies...we only knew about the power outage early this morning when Lucy started screaming because her heated bed became cold. Yikes! She knows that Den is the one who goes downstairs first to turn up the heat and get us coffee in she climbed over me...I didn't even hear her...and screamed...really screamed in Den's ear. Roxie and I rarely wake up for these events.

Now we have incredibly strong winds until 6:00 tonight. It feels as though the roof and shutters are flying!

Den is working in his study and I am up in our room in my big cozy chair watching TV and getting ready to read. I have to admit to being a bit sad today. I think about how carefree and happy I was before this year and all of this stuff happened. This Wednesday is the third Wednesday and it is long chemo day. No less than five bags of meds are infused into my pick line and it takes hours...we are there so long we have to bring snacks! Right now other than my lack of hair...sob...I feel almost normal...but after Wednesday I will be fatigued, I will hate eating...and I will joints will just ache and ache. Den stays with me the entire time...he will not leave me. I sit in a comfy chair under a warm blanket and watch TV...he sits in a hard chair and watches over me. I really don't even deserve him. Well...I do but I am trying to be noble.

Forgive me for being sad! I just want to get better and stay that way!