Saturday, March 7, 2015

Saturday Stuff!

This day so far was spent organizing our weekend...are we going to dinner...what about groceries...putting my new white set of drawers together...I want it done now and I wanted stuff in it yesterday. Sigh!

Finished this late last night...just a sweetly sad relationship book that was really good...a young widow with four young children and the single neighbor who moves in next was surprisingly appealing and very satisfying.

Reading's very tense but very good. Jane loses a little girl she is caring for and it follows her for all of her life...

Reading this on my it's my middle of the night's also really good.

Den and I are both having trouble sleeping lately...I usually do not fall asleep early but I have been and that makes me wake up wired...last night I woke up at was awful...and the night before...Den told me that he woke up at 1:30 and was up all night.

What is happening? We want to take an Advil PM but friends are scaring us about them...sigh! So right now the only thing putting both of us back to sleep are our Kindles...

Have a lovely weekend! I will be back with more book talk on Monday!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Digging Out! is digging out day! Schools here are again closed...we have not a thing to eat...but yesterday I made homemade cinnamon bread, salmon patties that were so good...and a salad made from every last fresh vegetable in the bin! I pulled a dinner out of my hat! But today...nothing! Too much cooking in one day!

And now Den is outside snow blowing up a storm...a snow storm...

Just finished was so lovely...I love lovely sweet books that are beautifully written...this was just that kind of book!

And sounds so good but it's on the horror thriller chiller side...

Wish me sweet dreams after its!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Totally Deleted My Snow Post!

There was such a major issue with those photos! So irritating! Nothing changed on my part...I took photos the same settings stayed the same...and yet the photos were massive!

I am so mad!

I am baking more cinnamon bread...the rolled one that is so delicious...sipping green tea with lemon grass...clearing emails and watching the Great British Baking Show...and...snow is still falling...falling...and still falling!

Reading this...this is a mad man agency...NYC...kind of book...funny and good...perfect for a snowy snowy day!

And this later...

No clue what we are going to eat today...we have to raid the freezer...or else just have cinnamon bread! Schools are closed...everything that is open is delayed.

Happy reading!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Just Waiting...

We have had...according to a friend of mine...25 snow or ice or sleet predictions this year but all of them have either missed us or were was so rainy and foggy and freezing cold all day long today that we chose to stay in and gamble that we could get out for provisions tomorrow...we are supposed to have lots of snow. But...usually when the forecasters say lots of snow we barely get any! We have nothing in the house...we are having big baked potatoes stuffed with cottage cheese for dinner and broccoli dipped in the Pioneer Woman's Cheese Sauce which...seriously...has Velveeta in The Pioneer Woman said to...I put Velveeta in the sauce...but it made the sauce so good! I am praying that there aren't too many chemicals in Velveeta! I am also praying that we can get out of the house tomorrow! It just seemed so much more romantic and fun to shop while snow falls than to run around in an icy cold rain! Plus lunch out during a snowfall? My fave!

I think Den and I are always trying to match a lunch experience we had a few years ago. We stopped for lunch at a beautiful restaurant called Simon Pearce which was along the Brandywine River. It was at the start of a snowstorm and we were the only people in this beautiful place and they were closing after our lunch so everyone could get home safely.

They have since totally closed and there is only one Simon Pearce restaurant left in the entire country. They were glass blowers, too. Artisans worked right next to the restaurant and you could buy the most beautiful pieces there. Sigh! It was such a cool restaurant...everyone crashed their Cheese Soup and tiny little biscuits.

See the baby biscuits?

Finished this...really beautifully written...

These are up next...

Stay warm!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

More Book Love!

I am so surprised that I love this book! It is historical fiction and about Aurore Dupin as she leaves her husband and starts a new life in Paris as George Sand. Lots of sexual of head lice...lots of mistresses...tons of adulteries...lots of soldiers...but really good!

Other new books...

All I can say is yum! Except for the Lisa Genova book which is going to be's about a man with Huntingdon's disease...sigh!

We are getting pelted by something that sounds like pellets...tiny little icy things! This is a stay in kind of night!

Happy Reading!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Oh My Monday!

I have been kind of offline over the weekend...Den and I just got new iPad Air 2's and it's been fun...not so much fun...prepping them. This involves lots of phone calls to Apple...lots of emails and directions...and quite a lot of handholding...with my new BFF's...Anthony, Amanda and Kendra. Thank goodness for case numbers and patience! There is really an easy way and a hard way to set up a new ipad...especially when you want it just like your old ipad...unfortunately I chose the difficult way...first...but once I re chose the cloudalicious was good again! I freaking love the cloud! I freaking love my new makes my older one look like a dinosaur...a really old dinosaur! Then because Den and I are took us days to get just the right covers...oh my!

And mine really needed to be pink!

Ok...enough of that...this book...was such a lovely heartfelt incredible story of Ari and and sister who are homeless for a few months...and...just a few months of being homeless make this story so sad, so beautiful...and...all because this author has created the most special little girl in Ari. Ari carries folders of cutouts with her...cutouts from Pottery Barn catalogues and Boden...any catalogue that helps her create her lovely wistful paper things. I loved this book! Beautiful...wistful...heartbreaking...joyful...a total learning experience...probably a must read although I hate telling people what to!

Off to have lunch!

Happy Reading!