Saturday, October 18, 2014

Simply Saturday!!!

I could not resist asking the awesome vet techs to get a photo of Lucy in her goggles. She has to wear them when she gets her laser treatments.

And...then a friend sent me this photo stating that Lucy has a very steampunky look!

Oh my!

This one is called The Observer by Winardi and it's at a blog called Steampunk's a Victorian Steampunk Kitty!

Normal Saturday routine today...leave raking and lawn mowing! Absolutely nothing for dinner and no all! Winging it...

Reading's by the same author who wrote The Summer Of Dead's really good!

Happy Saturday!

I made the mistake of sitting down for a moment and now my lap is filled with I have a break before vacuuming! Hurray!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday's Fun!

I have not been happy with walking on my treadmill's boring...I have TV...a stand for my book/ipad...but it's just not Lucy thinks any trip outside of the house is to the vet...I grabbed Roxie Blue...put her in the stroller and off we went!

However...we have one problem...our entire neighborhood consists of two blocks that don't order to get to the other block I have to cut through someone's yard...there is the pond and common ground in between...I didn't want any surprise dogs to scare Roxie...or we just walked our street today...which really is sort of a nice hard brisk kind of walk. This is one of the reasons that we will most likely move...I want to be able to walk and bike freely...we are on those narrow country roads with no bike paths...a few months ago a biker was actually killed at the very end of the road that sort of is our exit it's not anything we do.

I took photos of our walk...down the tree lined street we go...Patty and Roxie Blue!

Our neighbor bought two lots...this is their barn...

A lovely pond view...the houses beyond the pond are the other block.

Walking down the street...leaves are everywhere...this is our neighbor's umbrella tree...

This is the farmhouse that belongs to the barn...totally remodeled but the farmhouse style was kept intact.

The end of the road...

Someone put little flags by our mailboxes this summer...

The other end of the road...a farmer is planting something!

That's our issue with moving...we love it here but something is missing...the ability to get out and walk without getting in a car! We are looking at Portland, Maine...Nashville, Tennessee, Asheville, NC...certain parts of Colorado and tons of other places.

It's exciting and scary at the same time...

Who knows where we will end up? We don't!

Reading this...a lovely dystopian book where young women are bought to be surrogates...lots of hidden secrets and evil and who knows what else is lurking behind all of these separate walls!

Oh my!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thursday's Thoughts!!!

Reading this...and while I had to make myself immune to the language...and the situations...
I am really into this book. It's quirky, weird, fun, and thought provoking. It's kind of like a train wreck of a a funny good way...I can't stop reading it! I have read that readers loved this author's first book and the articles she writes and it seems as though readers either love this or don't love it...I think I am feeling both of those ways.

We are having a quiet morning but I will soon have to wrestle Lucy into her carrier and into the car for the five minute trek to the vet for her 3 1/2 minute cold laser therapy treatment...which is helping her immensely. She will grumble, growl, stress out and be mad at both innocent Roxie and me for the rest of the day...sigh! She looks so sweet but she is such a complainer! Did I mention that she wears goggles in the laser room?

My anniversary present...from Den...we were away on our anniversary so I didn't want anything on that yesterday he surprised me by bringing this home...I am hopelessly addicted to these bracelets...I now have the perfect zen number...three! There are mittens...and a pumpkin on this one...and the wing means something...and the pearl is an anniversary thing. I think I like them with charms spread out on each soon as I can figure out how to open them I will rearrange the

I wonder why three us sort of a magical number? Everything looks better arranged in threes!

Wish me luck with Lucy!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wednesday's Winners!!!

A salad from Bon Appetit!

A shredded salad from Heidi at 101 Cooks!

A chopped salad from Two Peas And Their Pod!

Coats from Nordstrom's!

A t-shirt dress from ofakind!

The book I am reading now!

The book I just finished! Sad, sweet, and mysterious!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tuesday's Thoughts!

The looks!

I just now sat down to drink a lovely cup of coffee before I start putting the house in order. Both Lucy and Roxie are sitting exactly in front of me. Lucy has pulled down my hand every single time I take a tiny little sip of coffee. They both are looking at me...watching my every move. Seriously! They look as though they expect me to do something amazing. I just also ate a banana while they both watched me. Lucy...again...pulled my hand down and actually took a bite of banana. Roxie looked at both of us in disgust. I reading way to much into their kitty body language?

I think I make my life too!

Reading yummy...I am in the mood for book after book of this kind of stuff...women...complicated lives...simple solutions!

Off to clean...and freshen up this house!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Monday's Mysteries...

The mystery of Monday is that it is always mildly depressing to was always the school day that my district required us to stay an extra hour. It didn't matter that as teachers...all of us stayed and worked all kinds of extra was that insult of the district forcing us to do it on Monday...after a long start to the week...when we all just wanted to go home. I guess I am not over it yet...Monday just gives me that mildly unsettled feeling...until I distract myself...with these two! Lol...

New lovely books came in batches! Batches and batches of yummy books!

Finished this and it was so good...sort of reminded me of Dollbaby and CeeCee Honeycutt and The Help! It was pure Southern Comfort!

Ok...Den is off today and has a yen to go to Trader Joe's...the mystery is that I don't want to...I want to stay here and tidy up this house...polish off some pumpkins...make a cake? But we are off!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday's Schedule!


Sunday papers...check!

Craving for tiny fun sized candy bars, tiny milk duds boxes and orange Tootsie Roll Pops...unchecked!

Football Pregame shows and actual games...ongoing...probably all afternoon...BUT...I have books to read, games to play and lots of other stuff to do while the games are on!

Reading this...this was this author's first YA book after writing a few not YA books and it was really different...had really complex quirky characters...had unique humor...and an explosive shocking ending. I loved this book!

Reading this now...a down home Southern family book...

I wandered through our house to photograph favorite pumpkin heads...I love pumpkins!



Crate And Barrel!

Local crafter!

Funny gift store that closed before it opened...almost!

I made a bunch of easy!

This one is chenille!

A gift from a friend!


More yarn!

A pumpkin purse!

What could be better than a kitty with a pumpkin?

I consider myself a Pumpkin/Jack O' Lantern afficianado!

Happy Sunday!