Saturday, June 27, 2015

Rainy Days...Or A Rainy Daze?

We are being rained's almost like being snowed in without shoveling...we still can't sit on the on the flower beds...swing under the trees in the hammock...sigh!

I took a photo of my flowers from the dining room window...I miss them...

Finished and loved this...when last year I never wanted to read it!
Now I am going to read this...another book I don't "have" to read!
Oh my!
How is your week end going? Are you rained in?


Friday, June 26, 2015


Today was such an amazing day! I did not read one word! I loved it! I was present in conversations...I actually listened when I was on the phone...and I didn't even look at a book! It was delightful...and 7:52 I am going to read a year old book from the library on Overdrive! And...I am not going to review it! This one...and it's really good! Summery beachy fun and good!


Oh's such an incredible's the way I used to feel when all of my report cards were done...including comments for each of my students!

Now I am certain this won't last but...for feels so freeing!

Off to read!

Happy Friday!


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thursday's Fun!

Today we had a mission...we needed to find a peely white dresser for a way down the hall's the way down the hall bedroom that all of my overflow clothes are in...and rather than baskets and bins I wanted an actual we had to trek across hill and dale to the antique barn because I knew I would find one there. And I soon as I walked in the door my dresser was there...with a big old "HOLD" sign on it...but they let me buy it anyway!

And here it is...perfectly peely!

And this rooster! Den broke my beautiful chicken that was always on the island...he fixed it but we had to put it in a safer spot...and on top of my peely white dresser there was a big old white rooster! It was meant to be! he is home...guarding the island as a good rooster should!
And here is Lucy guarding the chair in our bedroom...
And here is Roxie guarding the bed...
And here is Den guarding his Wyebrook Farms...which is the most amazing place!
Wyebrook Farms...
I think everything we ate for lunch was grown on the now we are sharing a Wyebrook Farms oatmeal cookie! With their own strawberry jam in the center! It's a very big cookie...Roxie even stole a bite!
Happy Thursday!
Oh...and...every where that we drove today we had to drive around fallen tree limbs and trucks still trying to restore power! Some places on our route just got power back minutes ago. We had no idea that the storm was as bad as it was for our nearby areas!



Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wednesday's Stuff!

We took a drive today for supplies and parts of our area are really a mess! The post office was power...tree branches were everywhere...most people around us are still out of power. Just now it took us an hour to get all the components of our TV turned on. Wind! All because of wind!

This is my last stack of Amazon Vine books...I have 28 days to finish them...which is not a problem...I am saving that big fat red one for's 900 pages...I hope it's good? It better be good! Once these are done I am taking a break...seriously!

Interesting food...This is grilled asparagus smooshed inside of mozzarella sticks...rolled in Panko crumbs and baked! From A Beautiful Mess!
Reading this...sort of gripping!
I want a polka dotted dress...not sure why!
Or this?
This? I would love this on a dress! Teasing!
Perhaps a giraffe dress?
Off to read and relax! Have a great evening!



Tuesday, June 23, 2015

We Powered Down...

We actually lost power tonight but Den powered up our shiny new generator and we barely felt the loss! It was amazing! Of course it happened just as I was about to start dinner so dinner was not started...the power outages were from a lightening, thunder and wind storm and they were sporadically spread out all over town. Den raced to get gas for the generator and brought home tacos from our local taco restaurant...after dinner we just sort of read or played games and waited for the real power to come back on!

This was not going to be my blog today but...things happen!

Den is trying to explain to Roxie that play time is cancelled tonight because he is exhausted. It's not going over well...

Til tomorrow!


Monday, June 22, 2015


Edelweiss has granted me access to some really cool books! Once I finish my other non virtual books I am only going to read ebooks for the rest of the summer! Seriously!


He wrote Wicked!

He wrote Midwives...
New author for me...from Amazon...

"Remember Mia is a twisty, gripping read—beautifully written and impossible to put down."—Meg Gardiner, Edgar Award winning author

Looked like fun...
Really wanted this one...


In spite of a million places that we should go to today...I want to work inside... laundry, vacuuming, etc. and Den wants to work outside...mowing, weeding, car washing! I just don't feel like getting in the car to go's a beautiful sunny day outside...staying here is infinitely more appealing!
Reading this...loving it...a selfish neglectful mother, a lovely beautiful daughter with a love interest who just happens to have annoying's the perfect summer! My goal is to be showered and done with everything by 2 ish and reading on the deck!
I am outta here!



Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sunday Stuff!

I am determined to whittle down my Amazon Vine books...I will have them finished by the end of this week! Laurel-Rain! You are my inspiration!

Finished this...really good...a lovely mystery!

Reading this...its setting is Lake Superior...I am loving it!
Playing with this...Roxie claims any empty basket as hers!
Watched these two carefully...they were "free" for about 5 minutes...
8:29 PM...we are up in bed...showered, brushed, played with and calling our day...a day!
Nighty night!