Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Drive, Some Dinner, A Concert, And Slot Machines!

Just like my post title...everything happened in perfect order!

Yesterday we took a trip to Atlantic City to see k.d.lang in concert...she is such a dudette...her voice is amazing...silky...smooth...and she can literally sing any kind of song from country to pop to rock and roll...flawlessly!

We had a bit of heavy traffic...but got in in time for dinner...we scored a fab room...had dinner at Izakaya' that place because you can order great bites of stuff...we had tuna spiced cracker and Japanese fried chicken and raw tuna with tomatoes and even a little filet...sliced over sautéed spinach...if this sounds like a is just small plates that we yummy!

Then we gambled!!! Lol...if you want to call it that...we played penny slots and nickel slots and lost $20.00 and won $23.25.

Then after the concert we played $20.00 more and lost it had no clue what we were doing so even on nickel slots if you "bet all" you spend $2.50 per game...and the game is over in two seconds...we do not have the gambling all...
We bought waters, Den had coconut gelato...and we were off to bed and them home less than 24 hours later.

We left Lucy in charge because we were gone for such a short sitter...the minute we walked in there was squawking from her and the birds...too funny!

And Lucy is the master of the silent!

We are exhausted...but while there we scored Hall and Oates tickets!


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Friday, August 24, 2012

I Want These...

I love this...I really want it...

I love this...I really want it too...this very red scarf...with a few sparklies...

I love these...I really want them...

I want more...but that's enough for today!

Or is it...hmmm...I love this bag...look at the inside...yum...

Ahhhhh...that's what the hint of fall does to me...makes me crave big orange pumpkinny things...and seasonal clothes!

Reading this...finally really into's a big huge gob smacker of a book...but it is really good...four women, some bad relationships, broken hearts and money troubles...oh...some secrets, too...yum!!!

So...what is everyone up to today? I really need to know!

LG and I are chillaxing...for now!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Today? I Got Nothin!

I think that I am boring today...
I finished funny! I loved this book!

Scored these from Amazon Vine...

I trekked to two stores for stuff for one dinner salad...then trekked to a friend to give her all of the green tomatoes that I could find in the garden...and by the way... picking tomatoes makes me itchy...

I started this...

And that was my day...

How about you? Exciting day for you or a mundane ho hum hum drum kind of a day?


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Books!!!'s the thing...I never read what I say or think I am going to read...I easily uninfluence myself!

My Kindle is loaded...books come in the mail...egalleys pop up...and as long as I have not started a book I intended to read next...I grab the most recent one!

There is no way for me to keep track of me!

I just read this...only because it looked tiny and I wanted to finish a Vine book quickly...and it took my breath away because it was so sweet and so delicious!

This morning I started this...

and it's so funny and so clever and the narrator even emailed me...I loved all of Lemony Snickett's books but this one is so great! Better than great! Clever mixed with funny mixed with unique! The writing style makes me laugh inside while I am reading will love this book!

And I am still reading good...

I have surprised myself with this new two books at a time reading style I have acquired...

I wonder what's next for

Hmmm...Lucy and I could listen together!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Magical Day On The Pond

Yesterday there were no geese on the pond...which is now really low...but...there was a heron, a white egret, and a tiny sea or at the edge of the pond all day long.

They leisurely fished and exchanged places all day. Lucy and I even sat on the deck without them noticing us.

At the end of the day they majestically flew away...full and content. I saw lots of silvery little fishes in their beaks at various times. Nothing really distracted them from their job.

At the end of the day we heard squeaky soft quacking...the boys had arrived...goofy little male ducks who fill their little ducky tummies with corn and then collapse all over the lawn...

At various times our garage is filled with cracked corn, bird seed, peanuts, dried corn on the cob and sometimes even turtle and fish food!

But at the end of the day when the three of us sit out on the deck with a chilled glass of wine...well two of us have wine...and listen to all the's just so worth it!

The ducks are not available for photos...they scatter when they see me but stay put when Den feeds them...but there are regular ducks and two wood ducks!

Take care out there today!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Yummy Books...

Just look at these...aren't they lovely?
This one is about a girl, a Scottish island, and a battle between good and evil...kind of a ghostly witchy demony saga...sounds mystically good!

Thank you so much Devyn and Sapphire Star for sharing this book and some awesome others with me!
Amazon Vine was filled with lovely books last week! Too too tempting...I love that I am now really able to actually read two books at a long as one is on my IPad...this is such a big deal for me...I remain amazed with...well...with me!!!
I will always love very Englishy mysteries!

This one...a mysterious summer of discovery...secrets...and an old legend...yum!

Suspense? Secrets? A daring quest? I have such a fondness for books such as this one!

This one is described as "a tapestry of solitary souls coming together in the wake of cruelty and misfortune". Oh boy!

These are resting on my dining room table...waiting for me.
There is also laundry, cleaning, vacuuming, errands and dinner but...I know how to set my priorities!
What's waiting for you today?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cat Tricks!

I love animals but...I especially love kitties. I would love to rescue a kitten but I can not go near a shelter...I can't even look at the caged kitties in pet stores...I would be haunted by their faces...I am getting teary eyed just thinking about this. One of my flaws...

That's why we have a Tonkinese cat like Lucy Grace...she is spoiled, pampered, loved and treasured. When you choose a kitten you are really supposed to sit down with all of them and let them choose you. And they will. When we bought Lucy...we were in her family's living room with kittens everywhere...Lucy kept her eyes on me...circling, playing jumping...and finally resting with me...that was how I knew she was ours. She snuggled in my neck for the hour long car ride home and we've been tight ever since.

She loves Den, she melted for my mom, she will do anything to get my sister's attention and she seems to love babies and all of my girl friends. She likes what I like...she will eat yogurt and all fruits except citrus, she has dipped her paw into a cold cup of coffee...with cream...she carries around my jewelry...I have learned not to leave any sparkly things out...I once almost vacuumed up a diamond earring because she was playing with it. We wake up in the middle of the night with my hair ties strewn in our bed and once she spent a week carrying around a velvety sack of bracelets...did she think I needed them?

She has been loving, loud, loyal, demanding, inquisitive and mischievous from the moment we brought her home. When I open the door the first thing I see is Lucy down the hall to leap into my arms...a little bundle of purring love. It still tugs at my heart every time she does it.

Which brings me to my simply doesn't work to sort of just wave a toy around for Lucy Grace...she wants more. She wants a game plan, some sort of puzzle to solve and then action...lots and lots of action...and clever tricks from's what she has grown used to!

And there are times when I feel as though I don't remotely meet her expectations!
This is why our house is filled with kitty toys!

to the brim...

with kitty paraphernalia!

Holy Meow!!!