Monday, December 31, 2012

We Don't Want To Go Out!

It still looks like this outside!

We just realized that we don't want to go out tonight...and we also realized that we don't have to...we spent the morning running errands and the thought of a long hot shower and getting into jammies and a robe later...getting some noodley dumpling takeout something or other for dinner sounds so rescheduled tonight's dinner, we are getting Chinese food and we are sipping champagne! And we are making jello with bananas and walnuts and Cool Whip...not sure why but we are! At midnight we are eating 12 grapes for good luck. If we manage to stay up that long!


Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Snowy Day And A Lone Goose...

We got just enough snow to make everything outside look very pretty! Everything was lightly snow plowing needed...there were wild geese with snow topped heads walking all over the yard.

From the sunroom...

Our snow covered deck...

Partially frozen pond...where the sad thing happened...

There was one lone goose in the frozen part of the pond yesterday...all alone...all day long...we watched him...we called the wild bird rescue place but they were not very helpful...we thought of going outside to scare him into moving...we thought he was stuck in the frozen part of the pond...but finally he turned and was facing in the opposite direction. But as it got dark...he was still there...but it was not cold enough for him to be that stuck! Quite a goose mystery and dilemma! Den has canoed out to rescue geese and ducks before but the canoe we use is gone so that was not an option. There was another goose sort of on the bank of the pond who seemed to be waiting for this one but then that goose left, too! And a flock flew overhead and the goose in the pond looked up but didn't even try to leave.

We all felt helpless. This morning...he was gone! Hopefully up up and away! The wild bird unhelpful lady said that he might have been injured or he could be just fine. She said that he might have just wanted to sit there and think about life and leave when he was ready.

I hope so!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Waiting...And Waiting...And Waiting Some More...

Soup is made...we are in for the day...where are you, Snow?

We are getting this...

But I want this...

I am obsessed with snow!

Happy Saturday!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Snow Soon?

I can't wait...we are supposed to have a very snowy day tomorrow...snow angels and snow kitties are on my mind...this mid west lake effects snow girl...just loves snow!

Today...we are stocking up on a few things...Lucy and Den are off to the vet for their check up...Lucy...not Den...usually Lucy and I do this but somehow two things were scheduled at the same Den and Lucy are off to the poor sweet baby!

Reading for now...

Have a fun Friday!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Windy Wonderfully Waffley Thursday!

Mid week waffles...yum...this is why I love the's cold here and wet rather than snowy.

Den found the video of my mom and dad that I wanted to see...and it wasn't sad! They were so funny...I think that stems from spending years together. It was Christmas morning and Den and I were the only ones at home. Lucy was a baby...and it was just too funny to listen to the four of us. Den and I making comments, my dad performing and my mom running from the camera...typical family stuff...I thought it would be so sad but it was too funny! And very precious!
The only sad surreal part was hearing their was sort of amazing!
Hearing my mom laugh and my dad say it was one of his best Christmas mornings ever and hearing them say my name...well maybe a teensie bit sad but a good sad.

Reading? This is my worst reading week ever! Who can read? There are so any other things to see and do! And reviewing anything? Sheesh...totally impossible!

Plus I don't care! How bad is that...I do not care what gets read...or not...or reviewed or not...

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Day After Christmas!

We are in all day...reading, playing, making homemade meat sauce and is what we do the day after Christmas...we are gong to watch another movie...we saw Batman yesterday...

I think I love the day after Christmas even more than Christmas Day!

Hopefully you are enjoying your day!

My new family member!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

We are sipping egg nog and reflecting on...STUFF! Lol...

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Traditionally Speaking...

We are off to Whole Foods early this morning to hunt and gather Christmas dinner. We are opting for little bites for tomorrow. Little skewers of beef, cold garlicky shrimp with a homemade sauce, crab and avocado something, a cheesy dip and baby kale salad.

This is the Five Ingredient Garlic Roasted Shrimp Cocktail from Fine Cooking.

Mmmm...sounds good! A very Christmassy chocolate cake for dessert. I am making that later today. Lucy and I have to stay upstairs while Den wraps his presents...actually my presents...Santa already has Den and Lucy's gifts wrapped and under the tree! My Santa likes to be on top of things...Den's Santa is more last minute plus I have to get all of his wrapping stuff ready for him...sigh! Tomorrow morning we will drive to a lovely old church for early Mass...then come home to bagels and smoked salmon and champagne. We toast our family and dear ones and slowly open presents. If we are at home...and lately we have been...we stay in jammies and try to make the day last as long as we can. We call our brothers and sisters and have a relaxing bittersweet day. I am used to being an orphan now but it's still sometimes sad.

We have a movie of one past Christmas when we surprised my mom and dad and it was just the four of us at home on Christmas morning. We had tons of wrapped stocking stuffers for them...we sat around the tree with Lucy diving for ribbons as they opened them...laughing and talking...I haven't watched that in a while...maybe never...actually...but I think I want to tomorrow...I sort of need to see them as more than just my memories. Sigh!

We either go out to Christmas Eve lunch or dinner. This year it's dinner. If we stay home I like to do a version of my mom's Italian five fishes which usually means clams and linguini. If we go out we have a fishy starter. Our restaurant tonight actually offers a five fish dinner option but I am not in love with every fish so I am sticking with my one fish! One nice safe fish!

Dinner is's a cool local place in an old old building. Getting dressed up, having a big old martini along with my one fish starter and my little filet! Merry Christmas!

Happy Christmas Eve Day! Stay good...dream of Santa! Have the best day ever tomorrow!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

I Almost Forgot To Write!

It has been a delicious day...I did not even leave the house! Den went to church and stopped for a few groceries...I put more ornaments on the tree and read all day while we watched football and played with Lucy!

It was a much needed do nothing day! Baked fried that even possible...for we try to get used to the cold temps we are having!

Finished this...yum!

Reading this...yum!

Playing with this...double yum!

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, December 22, 2012


We have a Patty and Dennis tradition of going to the King Of Prussia Mall during the last few days before Christmas. Today was our King Of Prussia day! Den fortified us with his speciality pre shopping ham on toast! Yum! Then...armed with cell phones and cross body bag...comfy UGGs and loose fitting clothing...we were off! It's about a 45 minute drive...we expected crowded highways, parking lots and lots of people and that's exactly what we got. Once there we separate and check in with each other at one hour intervals!

At the hour exactly we were both done so we met outside of Nordstrom's for a fortifying drink. We had a Roobios Chai Latte and a cup of edamames! We walked the mall one more time..bought Lucy presents and were ready for our lunch adventure!

We drove another half hour to El Sarape...a teeny tiny fresh and most amazing Mexican restaurant. Food is exquisite...margaritas amazing...and now we are loungey clothes in front of the tree!

Happy Saturday Night!

Friday, December 21, 2012


Our teeth are great...white and shiny and healthy...until July...we are safe until July!
This good news enabled me to eat two butter caramels made by local artisans and some peanut crunchy stuff that I would normally never eat. I probably started a cavity event and I will regret my weakness. Sigh! Oh well...there are still quite a few buttery caramels left! I will give them to the geese...later...

Today we are finally decorating the's been in the living room for over a week...plain, empty, sad! Today we will happy it up! I am considering allowing Den to use his beloved colored lights rather than my white fairy lights. This is still being debated...pleasantly...Den and Lucy want colored lights...Jake, Jack (finches) and Patty need more convincing! Lol...I love this holiday!

Have a lovely Friday!

Thursday, December 20, 2012


We have 6 month dental appointments today! It is just not right...because our dentist is far away and Den likes us to go together...we end up with checkups a few days before Christmas...and again at the Fourth Of not right!

No cookies or a bite of anything sweet for days because I am always sure that he can tell...there are far too many dentists in my family...I have worn wire braces with rubber bands once, Invisalign braces once and I will wear a retainer nightly for forever plus my bottom front teeth are wired the back...I know...TMI?


I have tooth issues from way back! I won't even tell you about my whitener addiction...mild but still there! Plus I am a constant brusher...I blame my mom for this one...I even brush on a plane!

Boy was this a difficult shot to take...but this is what wearing braces and a retainer and having your bottom teeth wired together will do! Lol...please do not laugh!

After the dentist we are spending the day decorating the tree...finally...and I am either making the Pioneer Woman's Short Ribs...

or...we are going to the Italian district to eat pasta and drive around to look at the lights...this is our favorite place...Mrs. Robino's!


Happy Thursday...I have dental anxiety!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I think that I am not going to read anything else that I am supposed to read until January...I just don't care and I really don't feel like it...I am not writing reviews or stressing over timelines. I don't feel like it!

It's the holidays!

I want to look at our tree and wrap presents and sit quietly and think about my mom and dad and how my dad loved Christmas and decorating and his kids.

I want to read what I want to read...whenever I want to read it. Hurray!
I have read over 180 books this year...isn't that enough?

We have movies to go to and traditions to keep and baking to do and menus to plan!
It's time to chill...

And we still have a bare tree and no candles in the windows!

The trip to Ohio made us postpone decorating the tree...then Den left for two days...oh me oh my!

Den has been away for a company event...his vacay officially starts when he walks in the door tonight with Mexican food!

And he will take off a few days in January...for movies when everyone is back in school!

Today I am wrapping presents and reading Dare Me...thanks, Kathy!

But...right now...I am snuggled in bed with coffee and the book I want to read! Feels yummy!

Our holiday front door! That darn pink thing is my IPad cover! Sorry! I was outside in my jammies this morning taking that photo!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Over The River...Really!

We were at my sister's house this week end...a 6 hour drive away...and really over a river! I grew up in the this small town where my sister still lives. We walked to everything in our town and everything we needed was there. I loved growing up there. The town was built because of a steel mill...USSteel which is now gone but it is sort of a bedroom community to other areas. Someone told me once that the high school in our town produces more doctors, teachers, and nurses than anywhere in Ohio because there is no other industry. Eventually more and more people move back there. At the present time there is not a lot anywhere if you want to build a house. There is an 11 acre parcel near the old mill owned by...yep...a retiring local doctor. Someone in my sister's husband's family wants to buy it...there is a house on the property and a natural gas is being offered for a's amazing...seriously. My sister's husband's family is filled with doctors...a staggering amount. They are all either living in our town or working to move back. sister's house is the hub...we were just there for 2 nights but there were people there partying all of the time! Eating, talking, laughing, eating again...I don't know how my sister does it! But it was so much fun. Exhausting but fun!

I am posting a few photos of her collections...Santas and snowmen every where!


Piano Santas...

Fireplace Santas...

Hutch Santas...these doors belonged to our grandfather...I have two of them, too. Her husband made her a hutch...mine are still peely white and I have mine leaning with quilts on them.

Bookshelf Santas...

Front door Santas...

Dining room Santas...

Reading now...boarding school, angst and bad stuff this kind of book.

I am exhausted! Lucy is happy to have us back...she had a sitter but she didn't see us for one entire day...we still have an undecorated tree, packages to wrap, and cards to send...but this is a down day. I am staying put and catching up.

Do you have a lot to do this week? Happy Tuesday!

Monday, December 17, 2012

I Loved Tempestuous!

My " in a nutshell" summary...

Miranda...schemer and creative thinker...has schemed herself into a punishment so horrible she can almost not bear it...she sells hot dogs at a fast food court at her local mall.

My thoughts after reading this book...

Hmm...a mall lock down due to a huge snow storm, sweet Geeky boys, Nerdy gamers, a home schooled new besty, mean girls, an ex boyfriend, a boy band impromptu concert, glitter and glue filled baggie warfare...are just a few of the hysterically funny events that take place during one evening at the mall! Did I mention a budding love interest, a surprising robber and deep fried hot dogs? And...seriously...I am just touching on the events of that night.


Miranda's status at her elite high school has been seriously downgraded from popular girl to pariah. A clever plan to pair studious students as tutors to popular not so studious students has back fired. She has lost her friends, her boyfriend and her freedom. To pay back her debt she is now working as a hot dog vendor at her local mall. The storm prevents everyone from leaving and while everyone is locked in...someone is robbing the mall's computer and jewelry stores. Crazy events ensue while Miranda comes up with a multitude of "sneaky plans and clever tricks" to get even with her old friends and catch the bad guy at the same time.

What I loved about this book...

The characters were my favorites in this book. They might have been a little over the top...for instance...ex besty Rachel's fear of Ariel...Miranda's new besty and co worker...steals a bunny from the pet store and places it in an elevator with Rachel...Rachel panics and the elevator shuts down. This plan is of course masterminded by Miranda. But the characters and their antics were fun. Their conversations were fun. And...there was a subtle hint of learning a lesson and doing the right thing and being more tolerant of each other. I liked that. Miranda had issues but I liked that she learned about true friendship and even did some real character building along the way!

What I did not love...

Hmmm...I think I enjoyed it was a fun clever book. The writing was spot on. I loved the book's fast pace. I engaged with the characters. I had fun!

Final thoughts...

I think this is a fun good book! I think it is probably appropriate for middle graders, too!
Great pacing and a lively plot makes it a must read!

Happy Monday!

We are driving home from Ohio right now...we have been at my sister's for a lovely visit. This includes caroling, food and imbibing of holiday drinks! My sister's house is the holiday happening house for friends and family! It has been a lively weekend!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Too Much Going On...

We are in and out...this is a busy week end.

We are visiting family and life is a bit rushed.

Things will be back to normal on Monday!

As a teacher...of small heart aches...that Friday after the concert at their school...the feel of the day would have been quiet should have been a beautiful day...a peaceful day...

Friday, December 14, 2012

A " Glimmer" Into Some Past Lives!

My " in a nutshell" summary...
Paige touches an object and sort of becomes that object's owner...learning and sharing and reacting as that person...for awhile.
My thoughts after reading this book...
Hmmm...Paige has the "glimmers". If she slips on boots, a ring, an article of clothing...she sort of becomes the person that the object originally belonged to. She experiences their lives. In this book she buys a pair of vintage boots and becomes Delilah...17 year old madly in love with William...Delilah. After this experience she is Paige again...doing a favor for her sister. She tries on her sister's engagement ring...and discovers her sister's secret. Yikes! Then...her mother brings her a family heirloom and she becomes Emma...her mother's great grandmother...I think. She discovers Emma's dilemma. All of these " glimmers" involve romantic issues.
Paige always comes back to herself and her glimmers don't seem to take very long but they are always insightful and the characters are connected. And for some reason after living Delilah's life she becomes an amazingly good cook!
What I loved about this book...
I truly enjoyed the glimmer episodes...especially Delilah's...her story was teen aged angst...lots of cooking...and I was left not knowing her outcome until much later in the book! I also loved the recipes at the end of the book. I actually enjoyed the writer's writing style. She was fun and I loved that!
What I did not love...
Romance...true not a genre I usually choose. I think because of the fantasy aspect I truly did enjoy my time with this book. I am not sure book two is in my future but I loved this one.
Final thoughts...
I found this book to be a fun romantic ( but not overly weirdly romantic ) reading experience. I enjoyed Paige's fact...I enjoyed Paige. She was a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister and a back in time traveler! So...if you love or need a fun romantic romp...this might be a great book to choose!

Patty's life...
Still decorating...still wondering about our tree although it is perfect...and it's me! It has one lovely branch that has sort of tied itself into a knot! I love that! There is something so lovely about a tree in the middle of a room!
See how tiny it is!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree!

Yesterday went as planned...we drove to the farm to get our lovely Fraser Fir! We loved the first one we saw but that still meant that we had to walk around and look for an even prettier one! We decided that we still loved the first one so we bought it and a spray for the mailbox and were happily on our way home!

However...we should have known that something odd was happening. It only took the farmer ( by helpers) to get the tree up on the top of the car, it didn't shift on the ride home and Den easily brought it in the front door by himself. It took minutes to put it in the tree stand. There was no yelling, dropping, sawing, and holding it up for hours in the stand while someone else screws and adjusts and screws it in again! We didn't even have to ask each other if we were sure it was straight was straight and it was far too easy!

Then we realized why...this is the smallest tree we have ever had! We have high ceilings so we usually get a really tall tree. If we put the tree in the sunroom we can get a 12 foot tree but lately we have been putting in the living room because we can then see it all of the time. Even in the living room the tree is usually big enough to cause yelling and hysteria! But not this year! I think this tree is still close to 9 feet but it looks small to us and the process was just too easy! Oh me oh my! I think next year we go back to the

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Love My Schedule...Still!

Right now...this moment...I am on schedule and loving it!

I am reading this...I truly didn't love this at first and stopped reading it but then I picked it up again and I love it...I hate giving up on a book.

Next I am reading this...I already sort of started it and it's fun!

And this...I love Christmas books!

In betwixt times...don't you love that word which I am sure I am not using correctly...
I am Christmas shopping...bin unpacking...and thinking about making cut out cookies...with icings on them!

Happy Wednesday!