Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday's Mixed Bag!

Love this seems as though everyone in this near perfect San Francisco based family is teetering on the edge of something! I was reading it at 5:00 this morning!

Fun stuff!!!
A fermented tea from Whole Foods called Pu-erh.
More noodles from Damndelicious...
Bracelets from my favorite...Chan Luu.
Shoes...slides...comfy ones...from Free People.
Spaghetti Pie from The Today Show. Whoa!
Oh my...Apple Fritter Bread from The Baking Chocola Tess! Making this tomorrow!
A totally impractical dress...from FP. I need to find a Ball to go to...heehee!
Fall! Just around the corner? A Free People favorite!
Lots of fall stuff from Buttermilk Basin!
Joy The Baker's Perfect BLT!
Love these from Ugg's.
My new desk lamp...shhhh...Bears At Work!
A sleeping beauty...
One more sleeping beauty...
A second book in a trilogy that I need to read...I loved the first book!
A book I want desperately...heehee! I loved the book before this one!
Signing off until Monday!




Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thursday's Thoughts...

Book thoughts...

Loving this entire family has one get Angela into Harvard!

Restless thoughts... is the problem with having the freedom to move literally anywhere...the problem is...too much freedom...we wake up every morning searching Zillow and Trulia and We ask ourselves what we want...Den says let's go down and clear out some bins in the basement...I look at my email, my blog, other blogs and start to read...and the basement is forgotten until another day...sigh! It's been so hot here...the weatherman says we are in our 28th day of temps in the 90''s cool in the basement and yet...I am not motivated to go down there...there are chores and kitty entertaining and errands and walks. Den goes into his study and makes lists...painters, tree trimmers, driveway oilers...gutter makes me crazy! Also...we really do love it here but we both want a new house...a little bit smaller and a little more custom and a little less complicated...if I knew where we were going would I be more motivated? I mean at seven different times in our lives we have dropped everything and moved where Den was transferred...but now? Is there such a thing as a moving coach? Hee hee! I am starting to love the little towns that we visit around here...little beachy towns in Maryland on the Chesapeake are so appealing to me but...they have their flaws...too. Would we want to live there year round? And here we are so close to everything! NYC, Washington, beaches, Trader Joe's, the bread ladies...oh me oh my!

Enough of that kind of moaning and groaning...sorry!

When we both think of our next house...these come into play...These are the styles we both love!

Off to maybe empty a bin or two? It would make Den so happy!





Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Watery Wednesday!

It's raining! It's pouring! Now the sun is out! This has been a crazy weather week! We managed to get soaking wet trying to go out for lunch! It was crazy! So...we picked up tacos and came home to dry out!

Reading this...oh is so good...takes place in the Bay Area...we used to live there...and my love for books about dysfunctional families knows no bounds!

From Amazon...

The Admissions brilliantly captures the frazzled pressure cooker of modern life as a seemingly perfect family comes undone by a few desperate measures, long-buried secrets—and college applications!

I love desperate measures and family secrets! Especially long buried ones! Yum!

My eggplant recipe yesterday...or rather Jamie Oliver's...sparked eggplant convo's everywhere! Den and I hate eggplant but this recipe was so different...nothing was fried or breaded...the slices were roasted...I used a really good jarred marinara...and I used this kind of eggplant. I don't even know if that makes a difference but the eggplant didn't need to be salted and just roasted and was really tender without any bitterness! However I did make the sauce meaty and I did add soft mozzarella slices to the layers...Den and I were in total shock and awe when we tasted was so delicious. don't have to believe me...heehee!
Off to read and play with Roxie and her newest toy!


Tuesday, August 18, 2015


I worked inside this morning...Den worked outside...watering and is still really hot here but storms are moving in for the rest of the week.

This is in the oven...Jamie Oliver's Eggplant Parmesan...

I really want to make this tomorrow...Spaghetti Carbonara from Damndelicious...I love that blog!
Books...finished this...kind of a Southern mystery.
Working on these...for the next few days...but one at a time...
That was my day...



Monday, August 17, 2015

I Am Back!

Love Monday mornings! Den is at work today...kitties are napping...I just tidied the upstairs and finished this book...which I loved! It was soooooo good.

After I tidy downstairs I need to make a tomato salad and this cake for dinner...I have made it a ton of times...everything goes into one has no butter yet it is extremely moist...and it only makes one layer which is perfect for us. I promised Den he would have a surprise...hee hee!
We are also having this easy barbecued chicken! From The Kitchn!
Once everything here is in order...I am finishing this...which is really good! Really really good!
New books...
Happy Monday!