Saturday, May 10, 2014

Which Witch!

Finished this...freaking loved it...but I am a huge fan of this author and this series. It's vampire rabid madness and I could not put it down.

Reading this...there are a number of witch books by this author but my sister Paula says that they are not really connected so you can read them in any order. So...I am reading this one sister Paula loves these books. I think I do, too! The covers are always lovely!

That's all I have today! We are relaxing...doing some yard work...Den is getting us tostadas for lunch and we are having a Big Italian Salad for dinner and just staying home today...tomorrow we are driving about an hour away to a neat Farmers' today is our resting day...

Our salad recipe is from The Cozy Apron...this is her photo but mine will duplicate hers...I love her recipe!

Happy Saturday!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Summer Stuff And A Groupon Date!

Summer stuff I love...

Long flowy dresses...these are from Swell.

Short flowy dresses...these are from Ilana Kohn...

Yoga shorts under cool tunic tops...Marika is my comfy and on sale now...

Eileen Fisher...flowy everything...these are in navy!

Creatures Of Comfort...special summery LBD...

Date night tonight with a purpose...using a Groupon before it expires!

Hello, Moro!

Reading this...scary good!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, May 8, 2014


Finished this! Whew...rough...raw...but soooo good!

Scored these...thank you NetGalley and their awesome publishers...I am chomping at the bit to read Cutting Teeth!

And this one...

And this one...

There is no real order to what I am reading lately...I am in my summer reading mode and I seem to randomly choose what I choose...I seem to read even more in the summer...not sure why...decks and kitty sitting...the perfect reading combination...

Den is on his way home from a three day trip. I am making pizza and salad for dinner and a welcome home chocolate cake! Recipes are from the lovely Martha!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Ok...So...Maybe I Do...But Only In The Summer!

I am admitting to reading a guess...romance...books...but nothing graphic...I think I like the "girl doesn't like the boy but the boy wins her over" kind but they have to have cooking or an inn or a bully somewhere. That's my formula and I am sticking to it...

Back to this one for a had all of my requirements and was really good...lots of cooking, too.

This one had a broken engagement and lobsters.

This one had food, NYC, and fantasy.

Now...kind of like only eating veg after eating something decadent...
I am reading a scary dark vampiric novel...I am only in the first few pages and already an entire village has been drained of blood! Just what I need!

And a raw rough dysfunctional the first chapter there is lost virginity at 15, a broken toe and a death! I need a book like this now! And it's only going to get worse!
Even the cover screams dysfunction...bad relationships...scuffed knees...and more!

Happy Wednesday! But as soon as I finish these two...I am reading these! Lol!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hmmm...Questions? Yes! A Day Of Questions?

Is it weird to have tuna salad for breakfast? I hope not! I had tuna on toast for breakfast this morning...with my favorite Italian tuna.

What do you think of this rendering of Lucy? My artist friend...Diane De Marco...who did it...calls it "Sinister Lucy"...oh my!

What came next...a snuggle or a fight? Lol...this one is easy!

What book is next?

Are you having a lovely Tuesday?

Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday Monday!

Did these...

Saw this...

Shopped here...

Reading this...

Looking forward to these...

Happy Monday!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

I Love Saturday Night!

We needed date night! So we headed to one of our fave places...

This is Bill and Merry! We love them!

We had amazing dinners...we each had a lovely drink...mine was so delicious! It was like a margarita/martini with lovely tangerine flavors!

Den had a filet...I had salmon...we forgot photos...we were! But we saved room for dessert.

Mine was called Cakeandberries! And it was just that with some raspberry foam!

Den had Mango Panna Cotta...with beignets! OMG! We really do rarely have dessert or we split...but...we could not resist these! Den ate half of mine I think I had dessert with half the calories! I am so learning how to make panna cotta!

Finished this...I have to say I loved this book...Abby is trying on her wedding dress when she finds out her fiancé dumped her on Facebook! The book is cleverly and "funnily" written. It's about her summer of drinking and is seriously funny!

Starting this now...more thoughts's my upstairs book.

Starting this's my downstairs book...

Happy Sunday!