Friday, January 14, 2011

Blog Hop And A Giveaway, Too!!!

This is such a fun blog hop with tons of very cool giveaways.  All that you need to do to enter on my blog is to leave a very fascinating comment.  Please be sure to leave your first name and email.

I am thinking that this is as easy as pie!!!

This giveaway starts right now and ends on Januray 17th at midnight!!!

I will choose the winner on January 18th and post it immediately.

Hmmm...have I forgotten anything?  Oh yes...the prize...the teaser...the fun part...

A $25.00 Gift Code to Amazon...I will email this to you...where you can buy even more books!!!

Good luck everyone!!!  And...if you click on this link you will find over one hundred other bloggers offering great book related prizes!!!

Happy Hopping!!!

What do you think of my very first giveaway?  Does anyone know how to use  Just teasing!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Want This...

Ok...this is the most amazing pepper grinder ever and I want it.  Look at the color.  It is red...lovely delightfully Valentiney red.  Every fun appliance I own is red.  This is a fun appliance and I need it.  Really I do...I can stir with one hand and add pepper with the other...this will make me even more efficient.  I have been a terror in the kitchen lately...I am organizing and discarding and cleansing and making my life brilliantly efficient and highly organized.

Back to this eclectic electric pepper grinder...I wonder if there is a matching salt grinder?  Yes, there is...I think I may need that, too!!!
Here is the link for this beautiful salt grinder.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Lovely Offer From Amazon...

Amazon Daily is a bookish blog from Amazon.  It is totally free and I subscribe to it in an email as well as on my Kindle.  One of my favorites is Omnivoracious.

Amazon is holding a contest that has as its prize all of the above books.  Click on the link to quickly comment and enter if you want...I hope you win!!!
I am always feeling about you?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Chillaxing...Lucy Makes Three!!!

This is our Sunday afternoon ...each of us has our own special spot...I am on the big comfy sofa...with pillows and a furry coverlet.  Dennis is sitting in the overstuffed big red chair with feet propped up on the ottoman...Lucy is on the antique mission rocker...but she is on top of a tiny little heating pad and a soft baby blanket...there is a stuffed handmade Christmas snowman on the chair with her...she seems to like far...if she decides she doesn't like him...I will find him face down on the floor.  I am not quite sure what is on Lucy's mind in this photo.  She seemed to be fondly looking at the mantel.  For damage...she suddenly loves chewing on anything that looks like pine...time to put away Christmas.

It snowed yesterday...big soft flakes and tiny furious flakes.  After a quick trip to mail some things...we stayed in...we snuggled up to a fire and had Slow Cooker Taco Soup for dinner.  You must try this...easy and amazing.  From is the recipe...actually just click on the link above.  I did not have a packet of taco seasoning.  I usually do not use this but add instead cumin and chili worked perfectly.  We always have ours with taco chips and sour cream and avocado slices on top.  I also throw in frozen corn and any bean I have.  I think what I am saying is you can reasonably alter this recipe and it still tastes like tacos.  I did not add canned tomato sauce but rather fresh frozen from our garden.  It cooks all day and is superlatively wonderful for dinner.  Truly a messy taco only you can eat it neatly with a spoon.

Keeping her distance from Frosty.