Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sometimes Body Language Works Much Better Than Meowing!

I think she wants a walk or a bit of time on the deck...this is her old stroller and the pink blankie is there because she fell through it the other day and could not get out!

We...Den...mulched...and I planted more lovely mums today...tomorrow we are sleeping in and getting NorthBrook Farms Apple Cider Doughnuts for breakfast!

For some reason this excites me!

Happy Saturday!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Hmmm...A Guilty Pleasure? main man...was away all week! To put this in perspective...we got back from Colorado late Saturday...Den had to mow the lawn on Sunday and then watch the Eagles and the Broncos play some sort of football...he went to work on Monday...came home...packed...and has been gone all week...he just now landed at the Philadelphia airport and is on his way to the office now...and will arrive home at his usual time.

Patty...on the other hand...has lounged around, read, shopped a bit, sat on the deck with Lucy, did bits of laundry daily, read in bed, read on the deck, read in the sunroom, read in the family room, watched a marathon of Real Housewives Of Miami...yikes...I am forever changed from that...organized a downstairs closet...taken the week off from real exercise, ran the dishwasher once, ate crackers for dinner once and spent most of the week blaming our trip for putting me behind in everything. I also played with and brushed and coddled Lucy far more than ever because of my guilt for leaving her. I fiddled around outside, changed out wreaths and blogged. I spent umpteen hours following a random discussion on Amazon, too.

In my own words...I had no focus! is mad dashing around day...I need to empty trash cans and dust and make a fabulous dinner and get back in gear from my week off after vacation.

Whoopsie...I also must go buy stuff for that fabulous dinner! Oh me oh my!

Oh...and I still haven't unpacked my Colorado bag yet! Or put away toiletries!


Can you bounce back from a trip better than I can?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's Etsy Time!

I love is generally filled with the most beautiful and unique handmade yummy lovely prices. I usually buy Lucy's toys from Etsy...they are handmade and always well done...using the best fabrics...and usually cat tested!
Yesterday I bought this...not for Lucy...for me...I love scarves this time of year! This one is from BluebirdsFlyBoutique. I even love the shop names

And sometimes I find the most amazing designers who make the kinds of clothes I love at really nice prices...I love this dress! This is from BlushFashion.

And this flowy top...from LeMuse.

All handmade...all lovely!

Lucy is going to be a carrot for carrot hat came from a shop called bitchknits...I apologize for that but it is the shop's name!

So...these are jst a few reasons why I love Etsy's quirky, a bit different and surprising!

Reading this...trying to work down my Vine books...this one is really good...another lively mystery!

Off to lunch!
Have a great day!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pumpkin Pudding Or It's Pudding, Pumpkin! is the season for soupy things and stews and pumpkins. I had one Starbuck's pumpkinny drink only to realize I don't really like it! But I do love Green Mountain's pumpkin K-Cups...go figure!

And...we love pumpkin pie but hate the soggy bottom crust that I invariably much so that I think I want's a Breville Pie Maker...from Williams -Sonoma. For some reason the idea of crisp little baby pies is more appealing than one massive soggy mama pie. It was on sale and I missed it so I am waiting for it to be on sale again!

Now...because we were totally craving anything pumpkin...I saw this...from a food blog called MamaLovesFood! This food blogger has the best slow cooker recipes...I made her recipe for Tortilla Soup and it was amazing.

Back to this pudding! It's really a can of pumpkin and a half of a can of sweetened condensed milk. MamaLovesFood used plain pumpkin and added vanilla, cinnamon, ginger and other pumpkin pie spices...I accidentally used the made for pie one and didn't add anything but the milk and it was literally just whip it together and chill...I didn't even get out my electric mixer...I just made Den

Oh...and because every once in a while I crave the Cool Whip of my childhood...we topped it with Cool Whip and crumbled have to make this and check out Mama's blog!

Books...finished good...I love a good mystery...short chapters...a dynamite story...a big book...loved this one...

Reading this now...yummy...

Take care!


Today is finally a normal sort of would not believe how much laundry I have to still do...I am not completely unpacked...hmmm...maybe I am not as on top of things as I thought I was...

Oh well...

But we have fresh fruit and vegetables in the house. I made homemade chicken tortilla soup. I am less tired. Lucy is not screaming her little Tonkinese head off every time she does not see me. We have time to calm her down before our next family car trip and hotel stay! We are home until the three of us take off for Maine and the Berkshires in October!


Some new books that found their way to me...don't they look amazing? I mentioned this one yesterday...Florida in the sixties and a very feisty main character...I love it!

This mystery...with yet another feisty main character...

This one is described as " dark and moving...the story behind a young girl's suicide and those she left behind".

So...I am really into organizing and some fall clean up...and so happy to be home!

Have a great day out there!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Stuff I Bought In Golden, Colorado!

When we go to Colorado...we stay in's a great little mountain ish town...not far from Boulder and Littleton and Denver and Parker...where our family is.
We love the hotel...the town is sweet...great shops and walking trails...our favorite coffee shop...and we hit homemade cinnamon roll Friday! We love it!

It also gives us a vacation like feel...especially after spending some of our time with Den's dad at his assisted living...we sit and chat with him and his friends...we might have lunch with him...there are tons of activities...I stay in the big downstairs room...there are quite a few rooms but I love the one with the huge bird cage...I think I accidentally stole someone's wifi...and I clear email or blog or read. After that we escape to Golden and dinner or a walk...sometimes a drink...a much needed one!

Golden is filled with neat little shops filled stuff! I bought some cool stuff...of course!

I bought...a fish for Lucy...made out of recycled soda pop bottles!

Lucy also got a Denver Bronco scarf!

Patty got a handmade bracelet.

Patty got a scarf. I love this is soft and wide!

Patty got a felted pin. Excuse the tail.

Notice that Lucy loves her fish! She is holding it!

Just finished this...a little behind was translated from Dutch...intense and sad...a family in turmoil...a little bit reminiscent of Defending Jacob.

Reading this...don't you love this cover?

Off to tidy the house! If LG will let me!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Home Sweet Home! spite of a somewhat relaxed vacay...are we exhausted today? No food in the house, a lawn to be mowed, flowers to be watered, bags to be unpacked, clothes to be laundered, and a demanding diva ish Tonkinese to be calmed!

The flight both ways was relaxing...we had great comfy seats, WiFi if we wanted it, even a Bloody Mary or two...but I am so tired!

My body actually aches!

I will need a week at least to put our lives back in order!

Maybe longer!

Lucy will not leave me...I get up...she is up...I am at the sink...she is at the sink...Den actually stepped on her...poor baby...because she is so underfoot.

We are so happy to be home!

And LG is happy that we are home, too!