Saturday, December 7, 2013

D Day...LOL...Decorating Day!

Decorators at this house need a yummy Saturday morning breakfast...cheesy grits, eggs, bacon...nitrate free! As you can see...the table is set, cheesy grits are made, bacon is in the oven and everything is prepped...

Missing is Den...who was supposed to zip to the vet's to pick up meds for Lucy, zip to somewhere else to get new outside tree lights...and zip home for breakfast.

Who knew he was going to walk in with another breakfast...egg sandwiches and my favorite Christmas coffee from Starbucks...sigh!

Kitties this morning were awfully chummy...for 10 minutes! Why can't we all just get along?

Finished this...soooooo funny and really good!

I am about ready to crawl into the crawlspace to throw down the Christmas bins!


Happy Saturday!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Home Sweet Home!

Den is home...he has been in Minnesota all week where it is freezing cold and snowy. Yesterday morning the power was out at his hotel for hours! The staff brought in Starbucks for everyone and Den shaved and showered by iPhone light...his shower was mildly warm...Den is not a fan of cold/mildly warm anything!

He actually didn't get in until after 10:30 last night. The girls and I were snuggled in our beds watching Elementary. Often I have a snack ready for him when he comes in late at night...but yesterday he insisted...insisted...that he wanted to just come in and get to bed...he would grab something at the airport. So...for the first time ever I listened to him...prepped nothing...had nothing...and he came in starving! He made himself a peanut butter sandwich and a vodka...explained to Roxie that she he wasn't playing...told Lucy she had to go back to the study...and literally collapsed!

Sad playing at 11 at night...

Sad Lucy...back to the study until morning...

But he is finished with travel until late January! Yeah! We plan on saving movies, museums and "mayhems" then when everyone is back to school and theaters are empty!

Reading this and it's English and yummy...these detectives solve "peculiar" crimes...really! It's funny and clever and oh so good! I will be done by noon...that's my self imposed

I should be...hmmm...doing other things...but I really just want to read!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Yummy Late Start!

I was up at 5:00 AM today!

Lucy is still spending her nights in the study but once I get up and go downstairs she can roam freely all over the's just the thought of her falling or getting hurt at night that keeps her in the study...but she is so sweet about it...usually at around 8 at night...she wanders down the hall to the study and puts herself to bed! I get the feeling she has had enough of Roxie and me by then and wants to just go to her room.

Lucy's special sleeping spot...

We had to replicate it for Roxie...sigh...they were fighting over it. They both had to have the same fuzzy throws,!

So...after getting everybody fed...we all went back upstairs to sip coffee and finish this book...which is so good I can't stand it. Harry Dolan certainly has a way with words and plots and scenes and characters. This book was so smooth! There were no boring was just an incredible reading experience. And apparently...there are two other books in this series. This book is a prequeI which I don't usually like but it totally worked with this I have to read the other two books...sigh!

Now reading this...on this rainy, wet, foggy day! It's almost balmy outside!

Happy Reading!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Favorite Holiday Things...

I am sharing some of my favorite places to shop during the holidays...wonderfully magical stores and sites!

Lovely wrap bracelets from Chan Luu!

Sweaters, boots, bags, stuff...from Sundance! Every year Den asks for this red truck!

Yummy clothes...Nordstrom's has them, too!

Anthropologie! Ornaments and tons more!

Free these booties!

I hate malls and shopping...but this is the time of year I love to wander around shops...and just soak up Christmassy stuff! Yum!

I think I need to make a teensie batch of cookies...these are Bacon Fat Gingerbread from!

Finished this...oh's a creepy scary Jack The Rippery mystery! Actually someone ( or something ) is killing and dismembering "girls of the night" at the same time that Jack is doing his nasty stuff...again...creepy good!

Reading this...another murder mystery...really good, too!

I am almost caught up...these are left...I hope to be caught up by Friday...

Happy Holiday Wandering!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Real Me? Lol!

This is my style...all of these are from Planet Clothing. They are soft, comfy, pack able...I can wear them with leggings, tights, jeans...I will have them fact most of what I wear is stuff just like!

But...I think I have a hidden side because I love this stuff, too! Oh my! These are all from this quirky Indie store called "gudrunsjoden" which is Swedish. There is an online shop and one in NYC! Maybe I should move to Sweden?

Which one is the real me? Lol...who knows...

Finished this...loved it but it was such a difficult reading many unfamiliar names to track...Norwegian hard to pronounce names...

Reading good! It's described as a " moody whodunit with a horrific twist, set in London during Jack the Ripper's red reign...wholly absorbing."

Happy thoughts all day long!

Look at my girls...I think they are starting to love each other and it's only been...hmmm...what...10 months?

Monday, December 2, 2013

I Am Reading As Fast As I Can...Again!

Oh my...I don't know how I let this happen...yet's that irresistible temptation to read and gather books! Yikes!

Reading this now and it is so good. My only complaint is that the book is so heavy that it is very hard to hold...especially with two kitties in my lap...Lucy will only let me prop it on her for a few minutes and Roxie is useless as a bookstand...too squirmy!

I much prefer egalleys. I have mastered the art of holding kitties while touching the screen on my Kindle Paper White to turn pages.'s so light I can easily read and turn with one hand and hold and pet with the other.

These are due and overdue...sigh! But I am just going to focus and finish them when I can!

Wreaths are up! We actually did what we said we were going to do and went to the orchard after church and got them...a Starbucks Miso and an eggie McMuffin on the way home helped. We were there really early!

I will spend parts of this week just getting bins out and decorating.

It's Roxie's first Christmas with us so we aren't quite sure how she will treat the tree. Climbing toy...shiny things to indifference...or somewhere in between. We never use tinsel, we don't get poinsettias and we don't put curly ribbons on presents...these are all lessons learned from Lucy.

Off to put things in order and read Police!

Happy Online Ordering!

Bye bye, Turkey!

Hello Santas!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

It's Over!

One of the most relaxing holidays ever is over. Our leftover turkey is in pieces...I have three packages of...hmmmm...turkey bones and turkey parts and turkey things to use for stock for soups. They are frozen and tucked away in the freezer.

Today we are having this...Southwest Turkey Chopped Salad from Barefoot In The Kitchen! I love her recipes! The salad dressing is a mix of Ranch and Barbecue sauce...sounds odd but I am counting on it tasting amazing! It's what's for dinner!

Tomorrow I may make this turkey has a different sort of Italian twist. It's from a blog called Mary Makes Dinner. It has tomatoes, fresh basil and cheese tortellini in it! And turkey! That will end our turkey cravings for a long time!

Reading this today while Den watches football...

Den has two games to watch today. He always tells me that these are the only ones he cares about but somehow others sneak in...oh my!

Happy Decorating!