Saturday, November 15, 2014

Saturday Stuff!!!

Basically...pretty much...we had coffee in bed...went grocery shopping...went out to lunch...zipped into the wine store for wine and Pier One for a furry warm cozy throw...
My new throw looks like it could be in a sleigh in a fairy when Lucy is on it she fell asleep and we could not find her...she matches it! We also think Roxie is afraid of it! I "Thanksgivinged Up" the fireplace, too...gobble gobble!

My turkey's

Reading this...eating homemade macaroni and cheese in minutes...and watching Grimm soon!

Happy Saturday!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Fab Fun Friday!

First...Al The Tile Guy came to seal the shower tile in our bathroom. Roxie Blue helped him by getting into the shower with him and doing somersaults! When she wasn't doing acrobatics she just watched him...

Then...Den made me breakfast!

Next I read more of this...I have seen mixed reviews but it is really good...there is something going on under the brings some of Lianne Moriarty's books to my mind.

Then...Lucy had a cold laser treatment...she griped the entire time...seriously?

Then we went to The Whip Tavern for lunch. I get the same thing every time...the Tavern Salad with grilled chicken and Stilton dressing...and we share house made gravlax on potato pancakes. These are amazing! Den had fish and chips and mooshy peas! I ate one before I remembered to take a photo! Sooooo good!

Now we are home chillaxing for the rest of the day. I am showered, kitties are all around me...Den is napping from his lunch and Laurelwood, Colorado IPA beer! I am examining my roots from!

Making this for dinner...from prouditaliancook...its a cabbage cake!

Unless I get frustrated and turn it into this...same ingredients...different look! It's basically an unstructured cabbage something or other...but Den and I love cabbage!

Photo by Marc R. but this photo and recipe are everywhere...Pinterest, Allrecipes, and FB...

Happy Friday!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thursday Thoughts...

Reading this...a wife/mother steps right out the door and leaves her life behind! She even leaves her wedding ring in a train station bathroom. It has three diamonds! Lol!

It's hair day to get those roots tinted...sigh!
I need a magic potion!

Roxie protects Lucy...I really think that Roxie and I are in tune to every sound Lucy makes. We look at each other as if to she ok? Lucy is a very noisy kitty...and just a tad cranky in her elder years. A squeak, a sqawk, a chirp...Roxie and I come running! Is this a comforting paw?

Those are all the thoughts I have right now...

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wednesday's Wonders!

Just finished this...sooooo good! Why did I think it was going to be a cozy Irish mystery? I should not be allowed to read book summaries. It started off so slowly but turned into a wild intense ride! I loved it! Rea inherits her uncle's house...and finds a locked room loaded with nightmarish secrets! And an eerie scrapbook that tells all!

And then bad things really start to happen...oh my!

Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tuesday's Trivia!

We saw Interstellar yesterday...not at an IMAX. I think if I had seen it any bigger or with any more movement...I would have needed a Dramamine...seriously. was so good. There was a part where this quiet well-behaved girl literally screamed out loud...and then there were really sad parts. I loved this movie!

This part freaked me out...what if there were holes and they fell in? This movie had tons of stuff that really freak me out in it...worm holes, other galaxies, sleeping in water! Love Matthew McConaughey's voice...whether he is piloting a space craft or driving a car!

Today...I am attacking the closet in one of the guest rooms...this one is filled with what I call "at home clothes"...sweats, night shirts, flannels, nightgowns, robes,'s ridiculous...time to cleanse!

Reading far...but I just opened it a few pages... to get started!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday's Mission!

Den has the entire week off so we have various flexible plans/ideas for the entire week.

Plans possibly include...

Seeing Interstellar...the IMAX version.

Getting long swingy flowy puddling draperies for the sunroom...I think I am tired of the blinds.

Taking a drive to the " salmon place" to get wild caught Alaskan salmon as well as their house cured salmon.

Flu shots...ick.

Lunches out...I think I love lunching out better than dinner out...sometimes.

Getting outside pots put away and trying to get the last of the leaves raked.

Walking...a walk a day at least.

Deciding what to do about Thanksgiving...sigh.

Those are the plans!

New books!!!

I love this series!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday's Scene!

We have nixed a walk, said no to going out to lunch, and are not in the mood for a movie.

We had a big ole'breakfast...thick toast slices from a loaf of seedy organic bread...literally slathered in local butter and jam...blueberry for Den...apricot for me. Turkey sausages...again locally made...dippy local eggs...yum! But breakfast today was all about my new toy! My slicer! Love this thing! Only we did not realize that there was a shredder blade on the side so we used this spiral blade and had spiral home fries...still delicious but quite funny looking!

Reading this...

Having these for dinner...we love baked tacos...these our so we are using bison...yum!

That's Sunday blues...everybody around me is napping...

Happy Sunday!