Saturday, January 9, 2016

Sometimes YA Is The Answer!

This book is soooo good. Here is why...

It mostly takes place at an old prestigious East Coast boarding school...Hardwick Hall!

Honor is the perfect mean girl. She has mean girl 'tude and money. She is masterful at that mean girl sneer!

Wren...short for Wrendle...perfect name...perfect newcomer...she is a new student from the West Coast and Honor simply hates her because for some reason they both have the same black diamond anchor charm!

Horses...there are horses and Wren has already fallen off of one!

Honor hates Wren...this is worth saying twice!

Horses! Did I say horses? Sleek shiny golden black horses with names like Rain Maker and Sparkle Plenty and Jasper!

Boys with three names and an ending like II or III...but who have snazzy nicknames like Chazzy!

This book is soooooo good!

I swear that reading a really awesome YA book is better than Botox...not that I would know...heeheehee! It's like being 17 again!
Totally different subject coming...
My Christmas booties have to go back to Nordstrom's...Fly London is my fave shoe brand...they are the most comfy shoes...and they always fit me...always. However...I did not listen to the 45 other reviewers who said that this particular Fly London Bootie runs really small. But...they were right. Taking them back is a total shock to my system. I love shoes that are clunky and quirky. But wait? Nordstrom's does have the next size and they are holding it for me bootie tale will be continued...heeheehee!
So far all of my Christmas presents are still in the living room...neat and tidy in their boxes...I love putting them away one at a time...Den prefers the next day all up in his closet method...but for me...opening them up again one at a time makes me surprised and delighted all over again! to Ulta for Den's shaving cream...then out to lunch...then home for football and more " Adventures From Hardwick Hall"...



Friday, January 8, 2016

End Of The Week Stuff...

The FireStick is up and running! So far!

Here is how life works. We have been on the phone...for over an hour each less than three separate times this week...about this Firestick which is supposed to make life easier. We revamped our week this week because after talking to the elite group of Tier Two Techs at Comcast...twice...they wanted to send a tech here today between 9 fix us. But of course...and I bet you know where this is going...there was no appointment ever made by Comcast. Apparently Tier Two Techs know how to promise appointments but they just don't know how to actually make the appointments. Anyway...a fresh new Tier Two Tech fixed us over the far...we are good. It's all about the Firmware, people! Sigh!

Too funny! Sigh!


Have you ever chosen a book...which shall not be named...that was so graphic about certain things that you absolutely could not read it? But...everyone else who has read it loves it? It's not even a book like Shades or anything like's real literature but I can't read it! What to do? It's making me feel really badly. Sigh!

Den is still feeling poorly and still talking about how poorly he feels...sigh!

We haven't really done anything wonderful or fun or cool this week. We were going to see Joy BUT it's only showing in Fork and Screen where you can't put your feet leg rests. And...nothing good is showing in Cinema Suites where there are leg rests...I am never going to see Sisters, Revenant or the other cowboy one by Quentin Tarrantino. Sigh!

Plus Den has asked me if I would refrain from buying anything in January which is fine with me because I have not even put my Christmas stuff away...and I never buy anything in January anyway so he shouldn't even ask me! Sigh!

How many days are left in January? Sigh!

I love my Christmas bag...but I love cross body bags. This one converts to a clutch, too!

And all of this stuff fits's awesome!
Okie dokie...I am off to not buy anything!
Unless my life gets more exciting...I won't be back until Monday. This week has been a week of tons of new ebooks and not ebooks...tons of awesome new titles...that's why the book I can't read has me rattled because I actually thought I wanted to read it...sigh!
Have a lovely exciting and diversified week end! I think I need a trip!
Hugs from Patty



Thursday, January 7, 2016

Just Stuff...

Yesterday...Ina's soup helped everyone's stuffiness.

We could not get our Amazon Firestick set up at all! We continue to get an error message saying that we are not connected to the Internet! But we are!
This month I am really into Korean Skin Products...from this website...Refinery...
Lip balm...I love this container!
Steel cut oats made overnight in this tiny little slow cooker were amazing!
Reading's magical and reminds me just a teeny bit of Deborah Harkness's a good way.
Finished this...a short little book that was really good...Captain Kidd...a 70 year old who was taking Johanna to live with her aunt and uncle after she had been raised by the Kiowa...was my hero...I knew this book would be a little sad and it was but it was really good, too. Their relationship was endearing.
Off to tidy this messy house! to see Joy!
Have a good one!




Wednesday, January 6, 2016

It's A Spicy Chicken Soup Kind Of Day!

See this lump? This lump is Den. Poor Den. He thinks he has a scratchy throat and a stuffy head! He needs soup! Powerful homemade chicken soup to help him mend.

See this smiling girl? This is Patty. She feels great! She will make the spicy chickeny soup that will help Den mend. Den will owe Patty! I love this part of my story! Heeheehee...this has a bit of a cackle added to it!

Reading's about an aging in itinerant newsreader...I am not even sure what that is...anyway...he is hired to take a little girl back to her family after she has been raised by the Kiowa Tribe. Moral questions arise when he delivers her to her family. This book takes place around the time of the Civil War.

Other stuff...


We just bought this cute little tiny slow cooker yesterday! It only holds two quarts and our plan is to use it to make porridge...well really oatmeal...the Irish kind...but I live saying porrrrrrrridge...every night! Then we will have hot porridge every morning! This little pot is soooo cute!

Off to make soup!

Have a great day!



Tuesday, January 5, 2016

All Better Now!

I love Dr. Cummings! He is sweet and gentle and professional and excellent at his craft! I am fixed! I will never ever ever bite a lobster claw again! Ever! I may never eat anything crunchy...ever again!

Please excuse the close up but there was a sizable divot between my two front teeth...but look at my teeth now! Don't mind my messy hair...I am not flat ironing it every day...


Sort of reading both of these...

And this is up next...from Amazon...

"A tapestry of guilt and acceptance, growing responsibility, and reluctant heroism, Hanneke's coming-of-age under heartbreaking circumstances is a jarring reminder of how war consumes and transforms the passions of ordinary life. Every devastating moment of this beautiful novel is both poignant and powerful, and every word feels true." -Elizabeth Wein, New York Times bestselling author of Code Name Verity...

Have a joyous Tuesday...we are trying out an Amazon Firestick later today...Den and I are both very curious about it!


Monday, January 4, 2016

Joys And Disappointments...Sigh!

First of all...joys!

Loved this quirky book! Funny, different and unique...

Loved this Atlanta based crime drama...
Seeing the dentist tomorrow about my tooth catastrophic event...I think it's a joy but not totally sure...
I really did not love this book although lots of other people loved it...I wanted this book more than anything but it felt flat...for me...
Getting ready to read this...from Amazon...a thriller that involves a missing autistic boy...
I have put off hitting the treadmill for hours so I am on my way to hit it...hard.
How are you spending your day today? I spent an hour talking to a realtor in Charlottsville, VA...looking at houses and finding out what the area is like. At least I know that a Wegman's is being built there and we can take a train to anywhere!
Off to work out!