Saturday, January 18, 2014

It's Saturday!!!

Here is what was supposed to go down today...

Whole Foods...
Lunch out...
Dinner out...

Here is what is actually going down today...

We are doing tons of laundry, Den ran out to get lunch stuff and dinner stuff, we are reading and watching TV and we are comfy and staying's what we want to do today...we think...

Indecision plagues me!

Reading this...really good! It was written by the author of The Boy In The Suitcase.

Happy Saturday!

The girls are handling today by napping...separate but!

Friday, January 17, 2014


How in the world can you not love a cowboy...last night we saw Michael Martin Murphey...


Here he is his free spirit days.

Here he is his cowboy gear...which I think is the way he dresses all of the time!

He is truly a cowboy! I am not even sure when his most famous song was popular. It was called "Wildfire"'s about a girl, a horse, and a hoot owl! It's the only song of his I know. He sang it last night and it still brought tears to my eyes. It was lovely. I have only bought it on iTunes and listened to it on YouTube 20 or 30 times since last night. Plus I listened to him sing it at all ages of his life...I truly can be obsessive.

Only about 40 people came to hear him. The venue for him kept getting smaller and smaller but he said that when his agent called to tell him how small this event would be...and asked if he wanted to cancel...he said no because a cowboy never goes back on his word. That's why I love cowboys! Totally...

It turned out to be a lovely intimate evening. He shared stories, he is a rancher and an advocate for farmers. I was captivated listening to his voice and his stories. was a beautiful evening. Plus I tried a new drink called a Scarborough Fair...yum!

Tequila, lime, rosemary syrup, soda...icy and delicious!

Den...originally from Colorado...where Michael Martin Murphey has his horse ranch...loved the stories...the cowboy hat, the guitar, the boots, plus I could sense him staring at me every time Michael Martin Murphey mentioned Colorado...sigh!

So...I guess the man can leave Colorado but the inner cowboy is always there!

Trying to imagine him in a cowboy hat! Yahoo!

Happy Start Of The WeekEnd!

Thursday, January 16, 2014


Bigamy...who knew? And...get's with the first wife's approval! So far...this is a very interesting book!

New books! I love new books!

Look at this one...described on Amazon as "an imaginary story of a woman caught in an alternate world-where she will learn the skills of magic to survive" this kind of book...and I finally bought it. Plus I love the cover! It's about this grad student...sort of plain and ordinary...dumped by her boy toy...who finds herself in an alternate world where she gets to be beautiful and of course has to learn magic to find her way out!

From Edelweiss...

Goodreads says this..."a 14 year old runs away and her parents turn to social media to find her-launching a public campaign that exposes all of their darkest secrets"...

This one is the sequel to The Beach House...

This one is all about dum...murder! I have read and loved this author's other books!

This one..."an irreverent story of family, love, friendship and lobsters! And it takes place in Maine! Yum! Love this cover! any of these books look interesting to you?

Happy reading!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Books, Thoughts And A Total Lack Of Adventures...


Almost finished with this...Will leaves his girlfriend Alison in America so that he can study for one year at Oxford. In spite of promises made...Will has a wandering eye...and...anything can happen to their relationship at this point. Love the writing, the story is engrossing and the book is very satisfying.


I really am pleased with the way I am reading this blog tours...less books read but that's ok...I am ok with that!

My total lack of adventures...

I just am not ready to leave Lucy with our sitter yet...she only takes one pill a day now but I watch her constantly...I make sure she eats...I brush her teeth...I brush her coat. I monitor her. I can tell each day whether she feels well or not. Right now...I just can't leave her. She has been such a loving caring kitty...I am her person. She lives to be with me. We have cancelled and postponed and rescheduled trips just to give me more time...but I can not shake the feeling that she will not do well without me. I could let her stay with the vet but then Roxie would be in this big house alone and that's an entirely new stressful matter! I can't even imagine it.

Yesterday Roxie jumped behind the washer in the laundry room and was stuck! This morning she was bouncing off walls...flying down the steps, through the house...knocking pillows from sofas and almost crashing into the sunroom windows.

The very sad thing, too, is seeing Roxie's young muscular active body in comparison to Lucy's more fragile gently aging one...sigh!

I have not traveled in months...seriously...we have given away concert tickets and postponed a few things because of this kitty dilemma. I really don't know what to do and I am sure it has more to do with the way I feel than how they would be if we left them with the sitter for a few days. We probably should start with a short practice trip? But right now I am missing a trip to Florida and a trip to Denver...sigh!

Happy Reading!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I love clothes and the style I love and wear never seems to from Eileen Fisher for Spring!

I would add this

Free People...I have this one in black, a wine color, and a sort of deep green color...comfy and easy to wear, of course! I love this one!

Want these potatoes! They are smooshed...yum!

In mad love with these voices...Robert Downey Jr. singing with Sting! It's amazing!

John Newman...23 year old singer from the UK...he was on the Today Show last week and also on Jimmy watching and listening to him! I can't embed from my iPad but you can find these on YouTube...if you want to.

Reading this now...back of the book quote..."Charles Finch brilliantly captures the landscape of his alma mater, Oxford, in a sweeping novel about an affair that will change one man's life forever." Yum! I hope! This is my last overdue review! But I love that Amazon Vine keeps me on a doable schedule!

Happy Tuesday! The girls and I are in all day and loving's a rainy mess outside and freezing cold!

Time for Cheerios and blueberries!

Monday, January 13, 2014

I Can See!

I love our eye doctor...he is so sweet and so kind and so patient...I am trying out different combinations of contacts so that I can stop using reading glasses...I think the ones I am wearing now are working...I can read an actual book...and switch to my iPad or Kindle without an issue! I may even be able to chop veggies and do other kitchen prep without putting on reading glasses!

I feel free! So

This book is making me crazy! Y is having sex with this man all over London! Yikes! She doesn't know what he does, he calls her when he wants to and she seems to willingly do everything he asks her to do. At the beginning of the story she is on trial...and so is he...whomever he's so good! I did not read Fifty Shades Of Gray so I don't have anything to compare Y and her "friend" to...but...this book is a sort of steamy mystery? Not overly steamy so far but still slightly steamy? And the shock factor is that she is 52 and a scientist and married...oh my!

I kind of hope the sexual stuff stays where it is now...I am a product of Catholic now I am thinking I am kind of one of my blogger friends didn't warn am's not that steamy...hmmm!

Off to plan is to finish this today!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

I Love Sunday!

Now we are really all done with Christmas...the tree is gone, the wreaths, we even tucked away all of the holiday mugs...all that's left are the pine needles that we will find for months...I have exactly one half of a can of Pier 1 Christmas room spray left...and when that's gone...the smell of Christmas is gone, too.

Stilling reading my three books...

Sort of trying this out...

Made all veggie soup from Food is so good!

Toying with the idea of making rice pudding for Den...but...I probably won'

Happy Sunday!