Saturday, September 7, 2013

What Is Our Problem?

We/I have cancelled no less than three dinner reservations in the past three weeks...I make the reservation...tell Den...and then the day of said reservation I don't feel like going! So I cancel it! In the words of the great Jerry Seinfeld...I know how to make a reservation but I don't know how to keep!

We always call and cancel but now with Open Table...I can cancel in a second without feeling compelled to come up with the perfect excuse. And these are restaurants that we love!

I have to think about my actions and figure out why I am doing this. Hmmmm...

It is just so nice to be at home...we have windows open and the weather is so lovely and I am making soupy stewy things and I just don't want to go anywhere! So that's it!

Making a fallish vegetable soup for dinner from my new cookbook! The soups inside are amazing. I am going to make every single one unless fennel is involved...not a big fennel fan...too black licorice-y.

Reading fast romantic boy vs girl kind of book...very relaxing!

Happy Reading!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Not Reading A Word Today!

I don't think I spent a minute today reading! I know...what's up with that? We are all exhausted from last night's amazing football game and I didn't even watch it! I don't have a clue what record breaking thing Payton Manning did last night and I know Den explained it to me twice!
Maybe three times!

Plus this was Roxie's first night football game...and she was totally confused by the fact that I was upstairs and Den was downstairs. She and Lucy spent the night going up and down the stairs. They were trying to herd Den upstairs. It was so funny! Den said they would sit in front of him and stare at him...then they would come back for a bit...discuss the situation...and go back down to stare at him some more. Things were not right in their world! My sweet kitty babies!
The is the "stare". Not many of us can resist it! Lol!

Nails and toes done today.

I went to the orchard for apples, tomatoes, peaches, cantaloupe, eggs, potatoes, garlic, sweet onions, and big beautiful mums!

I did not read this at all.

This is for dinner. It's pasta with cherry tomatoes...from the orchard...and herbed ricotta cheese plus the pasta is handmade. Did you know they cut sheets of handmade pasta dough into whatever kind of pasta you want at Whole Foods? Ours is linguini! This recipe is from Serious Eats...I love that site!

Happy Eating!
Happy Reading!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Today Is An Exciting Day For Half Of Us!

It's the first football game of the season and it just happens to involve the Denver Broncos! Den from Denver is beyond excited. Way beyond. Really beyond. Truly beyond. I wish I could share his enthusiasm but while he is downstairs watching football the kitties and I will be upstairs watching Big Brother, Project Runway and Dance Moms!
I am making these for dinner...steak tacos from Serious Eats. Add to that salsa, guacamole, and chips...and Den will have a Football Fiesta!

I am tossing in a Kale Salad for good measure! I am thinking he might need a little iron or whatever kale does for you. This one is from SmittenKitchen.

And this ale! Just because the bottles are so darn cute!

Reading and really enjoying this..

Off to prep for dinner...
Happy Reading!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Just Stuff...

We did see Mortal Instruments yesterday...we loved it. There were only 4 people in the theatre. One of them was talking on his phone...sigh!

Still reading this...just when I want to put it gets really I read on!

September must be the month for lots of new book releases...books are popping up everywhere! These look particularly delicious!

I have this one...a teenage girl does not want to accuse the teacher who abused her.

I have this one...a fast paced mystery in San Francisco!

This one sounds amazing...a family epic.

This one is by the same person who wrote The Pilgrimage Of Harold Fry.

Is there a book coming out that you really really want to read?

Happy Reading!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It's Den's Turn! Hurray!

We have an extra vacation day today and we are starting the day with 8:00 AM visits from our landscaper and the furnace/air conditioner man! But the best part is that Den is home dealing with it! Lucy and Roxie and I are sipping coffee upstairs in bed! I love it! I am so grateful! This is usually my job and it is so nice to not be the one to do it!

When everyone leaves we are either going to a movie...Mortal Instruments...I know...not the best choice but we aren't expecting it to be award winning...we just want fun!

If we don't do a movie we are driving to IKEA...which is about an hour away...and then to this tiny amazing Mexican restaurant for lunch. We shall decide in a bit. Meanwhile...more coffee and perhaps a toasted bagel?

Still slogging through this...not really loving it and parts are really scary...sigh! But I will finish it today...

Next? These...I am in the mood for family/ friend books. So...perhaps one or all of these?

Happy Reading!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Stopped By Fog!

We were all set to drive to Fifer's Orchard in Delaware this morning! Our thoughts were filled with the acquisition of farm fresh veggies, the almost first local apples and freshly made apple juice.

But here we sit! No juice, no apples, no veg! We literally talked ourselves out of going.

Her is why...

1. It was miserably foggy this morning.
2. It's an hour and a half drive through fog.
3. It's near beaches so we thought we might get stuck in beach traffic...this is probably illogical but made sense to us at the time.
4. We got lazy and looked at each other and said...we are driving 2 hours for a carrot?
5. Lucy and Roxie were too cute to leave.

Cute Roxie...

Cute Lucy...

Oh well...

Finished this series and their recurring characters!

Working on this...once I finish this...I have much needed breathing space! Yahoo!

Happy Reading!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

It's Football Time Again? So Soon? Already?

I guess it must be. I have requests for chili and other sorts of football foods. It's a fun time of year. This is little Roxie's first ever football season. She doesn't yet get it. She isn't used to Den's wailing, screaming, shouting and jumping. When he jumps...she jumps. If I go to another room she runs back and forth trying to be with both of us. She isn't quite sure what she should be doing. Lucy hasn't been able to show her how to snuggle in a take a long football! the start of the Penn State game! the start of the Penn State game!

Lucy...explaining football procedures patiently to Roxie.

I love football...I get a ton of reading done during games! Finished this...could not stop reading it!
For some's mysteries right now for me.

Working on both of these...I am going to be two books at a timing it until I am caught up! It's working! Sort of. I read Julia Keller's first book...same characters as this one...she writes beautifully. Small town prosecutor, small town sheriff, family issues, old quirky diners, off the wall characters...very yummy! This one is a real book and, again, I am only reading it in the family room. Less confusing. It stays on the red coffee table until I am done!

This one? From NetGalley...I have not read an Andrea Kane book in ages...this is so good...seriously good...missing lovely auburn haired college girls...a creepy guy in prison with a weird connection to everyone!

As soon as one of these is wrapped up...this one takes its place. I read and loved Chalk Girl...the Mallory novel before this I am really looking forward to this one! It's mysteries all around!

Making a spinach and tomato frittata for breakfast and staying home all day! Yum!

Happy Reading!