Saturday, November 16, 2013

Serious Eats Makes Stuffing Waffles!

I love this amazing site called Serious Eats. I even have their cookbook. The entire site is simply a foodie's heaven.

Yesterday one of the topics was this...Stuffing Waffles! OMG...could we possibly just have these for dinner? I am trying to imagine a stuffing that is crispy on both sides. It just sounds really awesome!

Den has been away all Minnesota...he is home and we are relaxing...sipping coffee and prepping for our day.

Reading this still...but I miss The you ever get that a book so much that it's hard to get into the next one? That's what I am going through now...sort of unsettled reading.

Happy Reading!

Thursday, November 14, 2013


I did not want this book to end...I am still thinking about it...I really do love really good fantasy!

I want to have a salad bar lunch and invite you...all of my blogger know who you are!

I am looking through cupboards now to gather up all of my clear glass pieces! This one is called the Farmhouse Salad Bar!

Doesn't this look like fun? Let's set a date! Lol! I think I will have to do this soon with my local peeps.

Here is the URL for these amazing salad recipes...!-Serving-Ideas/Farmhouse-Salad-Bar

Reading this...I have read some really interesting things about this book and this first time author...I know it's dysfunctional because it starts off with a woman living away from her children...yum...not for that but because it just drew me in from the first few pages.

Happy Reading!

Thank You, Martha!

OMG...I love these! Yesterday's email from Martha's Every Day Food talked about Sheet-Pan are a few! There are about 14 dinners in all and everything bakes and roasts on one cookie sheet. I have new sheet pans and old ones, some that were my mom's and some that were my Aunt Annie's...Den always wants me to toss them but I love them...the darker they are the better they seem to roast things.

More than anything I love cooking dinner on one pan...and I am not a huge fan of casseroles! These seem nearly perfect!

Here is the URL...

Finishing this wonderful!
It just got better and better! Kara...main as wondrous as Harry Potter!

Happy Reading!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Reading And Reading And Reading!

Today is my day off! I won't make dinner, I am not doing laundry...I actually am not doing anything I don't want to do. I am relaxing. I did so much laundry yesterday that I was numb from folding and really really tired! We both wear too many outfits in a day. If it's a workout day there is a workout outfit, then an after shower outfit and then a bedtime outfit...oh my!

Reading is everything a book like this should be...Kara and her brother Taff...sweet "almost" orphans living in a village that despises and hates them. Their mother was tried as a witch and their father is a shell of himself. Taff is sick...Kara is bullied at school by a horribly clever classmate. Everyone in the village is waiting for the witch side of Kara to make itself known. Plus the Thickety...the scary forest part of the village is getting closer and closer to everyone. This book is so good. I am invested in Kara...she is what is holding her family together.

Possibly up next? I am in a fantasy kind of mood!

Happy Reading!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

It's Snowing!

How can I describe it? It's flurries. It's blowing. It's scattered but it is snowing! It is getting colder and colder.

Time to pull out the mittens!

Reading this...loving the writing, the story...the action!

Just finished this...oh oddly fascinating.

The girls are sleeping together! It's a miracle! One that will ultimately end in an uproar but for now it's peaceful.

We are having chili topped baked potatoes for dinner...just like at Wendy's but I am making the chili with very lean organic bison...for some odd reason we love chili topped baked potatoes! This recipe and photo are from Southern Living and! But ours will look just like this!

Photo: William Dickey; Styling: Cindy Manning

Today is yet one more day of all day laundry! Today I am doing sheets and towels. Yum!

It's a day long battle of trying to wrestle hot sheets and towels away from heat seeking kitty girls!

Happy Reading!

Monday, November 11, 2013

A Week's Worth of Books!

I am so out of order with books and reviews BUT I just got this and I want to read it now! Here is a quick summary that came right from the author's excited!

"A dark, forbidden forest. Vicious beasts. Deadly plants. An evil spellbook. Secrets. Mysteries. A Forest Demon. Witches both fair and foul."

Welcome to the world of The Thickety...and I think there will be more books in this series! Oh my! I love, adore, and totally go crazy for this kind of book!

I have these, too...which just came...yummy yummy yummy books...more fantasy and a historical fiction...which I am also learning to love. Plus who wouldn't love a Christmas book about! And dragons!

Dragons...dragons! I love dragons!

I love these covers!

Today is my fave kind of day...I am doing laundry all day long and reading in between...making an easy dinner...grilled cheese and tomato soup...with a homemade caramel apple from The Produce Place for dessert!

Happy Reading!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Aftemath...LOL...

The papers are read, the Starbuck's coffees are gone, Den's fab scrambled eggs and ham are devoured as are the cinnamon rolls from Talulah's Table...dinner has been determined, lunch is whatever...and football is in our lots of good reading time for me...

Reading this...

Playing with this...

Watching this...

Happy Reading!