Friday, January 15, 2016


Well...everyone is home from incredibly long flights and freezing cold weather in Minnesota and this little family unit is intact again!

The girls missed's really funny because when he is gone...they sleep on either side of me in our big bed but when he is home...they seem to tuck themselves into their own cozy beds.

We are relaxing today...binge watching TV... I am making Den's requests today for lunch and dinner...which means these for lunch...Hot Ham And Cheese Sandwiches from RecipeDiaries.
Slow cooker Enchilada Soup from Crockpot Gourmet for dinner.
Dessert! These! These are made from Greek Yogurt! 120 calories! A bar!
This book is totally engrossing and disturbing. Helen and Eleanor are twins...5 year old twins. They want to fool their mom for a day and pretend to be each other. Ellie is a mess...messy hair, chewed collar tees, not good in school and has no friends. Helen...smoothly braided hair, lots of friends, smart in school and the fave of their mother. Helen is even dressed differently...princess dresses that are never bought for messy Ellie. But after one day of being Helen...Ellie refuses to switch back and when no one believes the real Helen...she becomes more and more Ellie like and stays that way even when they are grown up. How can this happen?
Up next?
Have a great week end! See you on Monday!



Thursday, January 14, 2016

So Far...

Den has been away all week but will be home in minutes...literally. So far since he's been away...he left on Monday...this is what has gone down...

A massive bug appeared on the wood trim in the upstairs hallway. Literally about a hundred legs and weird...and fat...and grotesque!

Of course this one cornered it and I had to wrestle both of them!
The bug is in a jar waiting for Den.
A car was parked in front of our house. Moments later I heard knocking at the front door. A man with a clipboard was standing there. I was upstairs so I opened the window and asked him what he needed...he proceeded to tell me that he was an official government employee and needed to know if I understood things about my social security number! OMG...did he think I was going to share it with him? I told him I was good...and wouldn't be chatting and he continued to try to ask me questions! Moments after he left I really did call our local police and they came to talk to me and make sure I was me...I have all alarms on, cameras on and I am not going outside for any reason! He was not a good guy. The police said he could have been checking to see if anyone was home! Yikes!
Not a fan of the bad guy!
A huge fan of the good guy!
Then...both kitty girls were perched in front of the pantry doors. I swear I heard weird squeaking/chirping? They looked at me. I looked at them. We had no clue what to do. I have not opened that cupboard since Tuesday! It sounds like a bird! In my pantry! I ate Cheerios out of a drinking glass!
I am not helpless but certain things get the best of me...I bet this is the same mouse that lived in our grill last winter! Sigh!
The only good thing that goes on when Den travels is that I plow through books.
I finished was really good...mobsters and magic...kind of cool!
Starting this...does it look good to you?
I am kind of tired...early morning kitty room service, Lucy's meds, brushing kitties, playing, cleaning three litter boxes, trash, tread mill, laundry,'s all on me...normally jobs we share in addition to all of the other house stuff that needs to be done. Roxie is young and needs play time...chasing and romping to wear her out...Lucy occasionally relieves me but Roxie is a fan of the games people play!
I haven't even made dinner for Den because I am afraid to open the cupboards...
Take care!



Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Mullings...Sort Of...


I wake up everyday thinking about where we should live. We've been excited about places...and then ruled them out. We only know two things for sure. We both love all four seasons. We want to build again. And we love this part of the country. We thought we were excited about a townhouse/condo in a town not far from here. I may have mentioned it. So we visited the condo on Saturday. If we decide on a condo/townhouse we want a corner one and a big one. So...this one is beautiful inside and out is on a busy street! All we would hear is cars stopping and going. Sigh! And there are tons more townhouses behind it with very little space between them...sigh! We looked at this corner one...really lovely on the inside...but...see that little sidewalk? There is a four way stop sign to the left and the stream of cars never stopped.

Now...I know I mentioned this before...we are looking at Charlottesville, VA in addition to a few other places in Virginia...we are going in a few weeks...and we will either love it or rule it out, too. So far we have ruled out Charleston, Nashville, and Denver. I sort of love the houses in Charlottesville...and there is a ton of building going on. But we are reserving our real excitement until we get there. Plus living in Charlottesville puts us closer to my sister...
Here is a house we love...
I really love the back of it...
And I really love the inside but I need a white kitchen.
Hopefully this will motivate us. We want less land, a master bedroom open floor plan downstairs and just two bedrooms upstairs with a Jack and Jill bathroom. Charlottesville has a really cool downtown...
I talked to a builder today who moved to Charlottesville from where we are living right now...he loves it. Farmers market nine months out of the year...lots of foodies and locally sourced food...he said great restaurants...remember when I showed you another place in Virginia a while ago...research showed us it was too close to Dulles Airport and in a really busy corridor...too close to Washington, too. Sigh! But we aren't giving up!
I can't tell you enough how much I loved this book...soooo good!
Tonight I am reading's supposed to be a little like the Night far it has my attention! And it is really magical!
My's cold enough for them to cuddle...



Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Ruminations...Sort Of...

I am obsessed with Doctor Who...

I want my hair like Clara's...from Doctor Who.
I still want this baggy dress but I want it to go on sale.
I want a mini horse...have you seen that Amazon Prime commercial?
I want to make these for dinner but then I would have to actually go outside.
I can't stop eating Cara Cara oranges.
My iPad mini won't let me use my Xfinity app...I am so tired of calling Comcast. Every other iPad in this house works!
This should count as a serving of citrus. It's from bakeat350!
I want a cottage.
Den has spoiled these two so much that they won't even come downstairs to breakfast! It's been a tray upstairs in our room! And...we have to say "kitty room service"...
This book is incredible! It's the first translation I have read in ages that I love. I would read more from this fascinating Swedish mystery writer.
I am all finished ruminating...sort of.
It is freezing here today and it's supposed to snow...fingers crossed!


Monday, January 11, 2016

Bowls And Books...

I think I am a fan of bowl food...which is a far cry from the compartmentalized food of my youth where nothing could touch...ever.

Take these delightful one bowl salads from Smitten Kitchen. Be aware that the link only goes to one salad. I am not sure why.

Perusing this one...a quest, a fantasy, a little bit of science fiction?
Starting this one...
Itching to start this one...all in good time!
That's all I have on this busy Monday. Today was my day to do every chore!
I am ready for a Cara Cara orange...yum...some strawberries...and The Bachelor!




Sunday, January 10, 2016

Poppin' In On A Sunday!

Finished my YA boarding school was just yummy...yummy...yummy!

Now I am reading this...

Description from Goodreads...

"Balanced on the razor edge of moral ambiguity, this sexy and seductive debut novel asks: How can you find out that the person you love is a killer…and continue to love him anyway? Perfect for fans of Karen Rose, Sandra Brown, and Erica Spindler."

Next topic...potatoes! Awesome recipes from The Kitchn...I love potatoes!
Sad news...on our way to our fave new restaurant we always see these awesome creatures...grazing on a farm...only to discover that they are on the menu! Sigh! On flatbreads and in chili! Meatloaf, too!
New bag...this was from Santa, too...from's a small cross body bag perfect for night time...dinners...concerts. I love hands free bags! This one is perfect! I even like this on planes and trains for cash, cards and an ID!
Thanks Robert Redford!
Off to read and watch us some football!