Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

Why is a  Friday such an amazing gift?  When you come home on a Friday...there are an infinite number of possible activities that come to the our husband usually brings home dinner...sushi from our favorite Japanese restaurant or if we are even too lazy for that...we will order delivery from our favorite local Italian bistro...we love this place and we have never placed one foot inside of it...we would never physically eat is our place for delivery or takeout and the food is amazing...they have even delivered crispy hot spicy calamari to our door and it has been perfection.  Their pastas are delicious and they make a fish stew that we crave...

In nice weather we sit on one of the decks with a yummy drink and chat.  Then we head in to watch previously DVR'd tv...I watch my husband take a nap while I read or watch TV...dinner is later...much later. 

Friday holds all of the anticipation of the coming week end...and it is such a delightful thought...we can do anything in the world that we choose to do...until the Sunday night blues and total reality hit us one more time...but that is what life is all about...

What sort of promise does your Friday hold for you?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I Want A Cupcake!!!

This site is one of my favorites...some of the best recipes for brownies and cakes and cookies are on this site...I think that I am making these today!!!

They just look so good...not sure about the Amaretto but why couldn't I leave that out?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fall Is...Heavy Reading Time?

I am not a reader of nonfiction...I love fiction and fantasy. But I loved this article about transitioning into less summery reading.  It just makes in light beach reads for more substantial reading material...bigger, longer, more complex books to read as I munch my crisp fall apples and sip my savory soups!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Reading slump? is the thing...I am in a reading slump and have been for a few days now ever since I cried over the ending of Stiltsville.  My reading slump has not affected my book purchases...I think I am buying even more...just because I can't focus on a book to read.  That is always such an important can I love all of the books that I own and still not be able to settle into one book to read right now?  Weird...isn't it?  I apparently won an entire Susan Isaacs library...I have reviews due...and I can't read!!!  This does not often happen to me...I have sort of even started reading three different books and nothing is appealing right slump is still there...I have no clue what to do other than just to ride it out...for a little while longer.  I don't even feel comfortable without a book in my hands...or rather a Kindle fired up and in my hand...