Friday, May 24, 2013

Oh Me Oh My...

After a lovely respite to read my very own book...I missed little self imposed deadlines that I sort of made for myself...

I had to bounce some books...but now I have to do these...ASAP! Actually they all should be done before May 28th...a book a day? Yikes!
Ripped I can skip because I own it...but the others...I am on it! Or am I?

Happy Saturday!

Random Thoughts...

Simply Recipes just posted this...I love this site plus now Elise Bauer...the site owner...has an app...her recipes are truly simply amazing!
This is Mexican Shrimp Cocktail. I kind of want it now!

Love Free People...the quirky Indie stuff that I love can always be found there. I want this's the kind you can totally live in!
Oversized, stretchy, easy to wear!

Getting these from Amazon Vine...
Love love love both of these authors!

I think my girls have each claimed a bed! Should I move the beds closer?

Happy Start Of The Holiday Weekend...Den is taking all of next week off but not to have way...we have stuff to do...planting, mulching, fixing stuff...ick!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Stuff I Love...

This dress...

These pants...

This bag...all from Madewell.

This book...

This kitty...

This kitty...

This dinner...from Kyoto.

This's a pop up giveaway! Lol!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Finished's about a devoted social worker who is drawn to a 3 year old little damaged girl and will do anything she can to save her. Lots of issues and tons of dysfunctional situations...all wrapped up in lovely writing...I read way into the night...could not stop reading it. And the author is working on another book with these same characters...I can't stand it!

Opting for one of my summer books today...this one...a reunion at the New Jersey shore for three women and all of their far it's really good!

Mildly hooked on's a nice break every once in a while...I use it as a reward only. I only play with my sister in law Kathy...but I find myself obsessively hoarding coins to buy more colors and bombs...bombs buy harder words to almost have the equivalent of a big box of Crayolas...oh me oh my!

We are expecting showers today...just when Den is landing...I need a ready made dinner for him, too...sigh!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Reading Wanting Needing...

Reading this now...amazingly good...British...haunted by nightmares social worker...lots of dysfunction! It's truly one of those books you just want to read and read without a stop!! Den wants me to wait for him until Saturday and we will go to our special Amish nursery but I just want to race out and grab flowers from anywhere and every where! The and only...thing stopping me is the fact that all of my pots are under one of the decks and I am "a scared" to go under there and get them...creepy crawlies could be lurking inside!


Need...a getaway!

Thinking of a nice sweet two day trip the "girls" would be forced to bond...this is near St. Michael's Maryland!

Wouldn't they? Wouldn't they turn to each other? Hmmmm...

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, May 20, 2013

It's All About Books!

Finished was truly lovely...a group of now elderly residents had literally spent their lives living in this lakeside community. They loved it so much that they didn't want anyone new to move in. Most houses had a water view, the houses were neat lovely old bungalows with lots of built ins and woodwork and big deep bathtubs. There was a clubhouse and beach and walking trails...everything any one would ever want. There was fishing, fires, marshmallow toasting...but as the residents aged they had to deal with illness, death and their children trying to get them to move to retirement places. The residents were totally outraged when someone new bought a house that they didn't even now was for them this was a travesty! This book was both serious and funny at the same time. Sad, too...

Reading's already sad...good but sad and thought provoking...

Now I must fit these in...yum! This came to me from Amazon Vine...

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Another Misty Rainy Day!

Yesterday was tile day...we actually got these little stone them!

We had to go to a specialty tile store for those and then back to Home Depot for the one last knob we forgot plus Den's bathroom faucet broke so we had to get new bathroom faucets, towel hooks and holders and a new shower head...

When will this end plus I have been to Home Depot every Saturday for the last four weeks!

I actually know what number the faucet aisle is...that's scary! Home Depot is not my favorite place to spend time. Sigh!

Den wants to do "stuff" today...but I am not in a doing stuff mood...I wanted to go to a plant store and get flowers...but it is misty raining out flowers!

Reading and watching Grimm and Elementary instead!

Baked tacos for dinner and fresh raspberries for dessert!

My new recipe comes from a blog I found called The Durfee Family Recipe is insanely amazing and filled with all kinds of recipes! There are 54 different Mexican recipes...even something called Chicken Enchilada Roll Ups...and Salsa Rice...and everyone who contributes a recipe is either a Durfee or married to a Durfee!

That's our Sunday!